23 Dec 2012

Update on Project Europe

I'm in research mode for my Europe Trip next year. In fact, that is all I can think about for the last two weeks. So, I already made up my mind that I'm going with Kelana Convoy Highlight of Europe from 4 May to 12 May. I might be going as early as 29@30 April and coming back on 17@18 May. 

So, my draft plan would be to go to Fussen, to visit my dream castle and back to London for the tour. Then after tour will be staying back in London for sight seeing and shopping of course. Ok, so I got draft plan right but I'm so nervous and quite frighten right now, why? well, I found out that there is big possibility that I might be travel London by myself. Well, it seems that my brother maybe will not be there during my trips because until now his doesn't graduate yet. Yeah, talking about all the bureaucracy in his university that he might not be flying to UK soon. So, I need to increase my accommodation budget and face possibility to go by myself.

On top of that, I also will be going to the countryside, yeah Cotswold. I fell in love with this place when one of the senior traveler in Forum Cari told be about this place. Cotswold has the most beautiful English cottages villages in England and one of them is Bibury Village. I want to visit the place such as Stow-in-the Wold, Bourton-in-the-Water and Broadway. I even got the photos of the villages as my wallpaper.

Bourton -on-the Water

My dream castle, Neuschwanstein castle

Stow-on-the Wold (I guess)

Combe Castle

Broadway (My current Wallpaper)

At first, I wanted to go a day tour as the place is only 90 minutes from London by train. Then, I was thinking,  why not I just stay, I mean to wake up to the beautiful English village and having scorn and English Tea would be lovely. I love to walk in the village and see how people live. Then, of course thanks to Mr. Google, I manage to get some tours and it is expensive, like 169 pound for 2 days (~RM900) and for day tour is around 79 pound which is around RM 400. I should take tour guide package as I don't know how and where to go and how to take the public transportation. However, there is something in my heart feeling that I should do this on my own. I love to wondering around and take time as much as I want to without any restrictions. I love to soak the environment and take pretty pictures of the village and scenery surrounding the area. 

For some reason, I found to go around Cotswold might be more difficult than to go to Fussen on my own even though there will be language barrier in Fussen compared to Cotswold. That is why I keep researching for Cotswold rather than Fussen. Another dilemma would be should my arrival destination to be Munich or London? If I arrived Munich, then I can go Fussen immediately and travel back to Munich, then London by train. If not, I should arrive in London, then take train to Munich, Fussen then back to London again. What I'm worried the most is about the luggage, you know to go around with big luggage and if I left in the storage in London train station it would be around RM 50 per day. I'm not sure about the low budget flight because of the strict baggage requirements.

So now, I have rough idea where I want to go and now I need to plan the budget part, which is quite stressful. I just wish I save something this year but now at all. I really hope that I can afford this trip and I don't want to postpone as I already told everyone and I really really want to make it happen. 

16 Dec 2012

Wreck-It-Ralph & Paperman

Just watched Wreck-It-Ralph today and it was not disappointing. During the last scenes in the movie, it bring tears to my eyes. It just touch my heart so much and it doesn't need a handsome hero to make your eyes glue to the screen. 

The story is about the titular arcade game villain of Fix-It Felix, Jr, Ralph who rebels against his role and dreams of becoming a hero. In order for everybody to like him, and to change his destiny, he travels between games in the arcade, to get medal and to prove that he is not a bad guy. First he met, Sergeant Calhoun (who really looks like the voice actor, Jane Lynch aka Coach Sue) in Hero's Duty game, then he manage to get the medal before some thing happen and he was somehow transferred to Sugar Rush game. Here he met Vanellope von Schweetz, a glitchy character who makes off with the medal, planning to use it to buy entry into an after-hours race. King Candy, the leader of the Sugar Rush realm, and the other racers refuse to let Vanellope participate, claiming that she is not really part of the game. Realizing that Vanellope winning a race is the only way he can get his medal back, Ralph helps Vanellope build a kart and teaches her to drive. At her home, Diet Cola Mountain, he discovers that she is a natural racer. Meanwhile, Felix is set to find Ralph because if not, the game will be unplugged and they will be shutdown. So he met Sergeant Calhoun which he fall in love with her. So sweet and funny. So, I need to stop here if not it will spoil somebody who wants to watch the movie. 

I guess the story is about, wanting to do something for yourself and just not accepting your fate just like that, yes, Ralph is a bad guy in the game but that is not all what he is. Yes, he is good in wrecking things but perhaps it is hard to love you job when everybody hates you. But, if you good in wrecking things perhaps you can make it to your advantage, so make it your strength. That is what I learn from the movie.So, although perhaps I was the only adult without children in the cinema but I will still recommended and I give 6.5/10 star.

Before the movie start, there is a short movie title Paperman. It is a black and white movie and it is great. It is a guy meet a girl in the train station and sparks fly and before anything, the girl leave for her train. The guy arrives at work, despondent over the fact that he will never see the woman again. That is, until, he looks out his window and sees the woman at the building across the street. After failing to get her attention by waving his arms, the man uses a stack of contracts to get her attention by turning them into paper airplanes and throwing them into her open window despite repeated warnings from his boss. Unfortunately, his efforts are met with only varying levels of failure. 

But in the end, the guy meet the girl again, how? then you should find out. I try to find it in youtube but no avail. It just a heartwarming and romantic.

Again, the same learning, go get what you want and I will try it this year. I'm going to my dream trip and I can't wait for next year to come. I hope I'm ready.




9 Dec 2012

Recap for the week...

Morning in KK
Yeah, I know. It has been a long week and that is why I'm not post any entry. I have been busy with my study where I need to prepare 2 group assignments and 3 individual assignments all due today. So, go figure.   Oh, that's not including things happen in my work place, yeah I got to travel to Sabah again, plus Kedah so I will be travel a lot. A lot. I need to upgrade my credit card's limits, I guess.

So let me recap what happen to me last week. 1 Dec, I managed to watch football live for the first time, thanks to free tickets sponsored by my company. It is AFF Suzuki Cup, Malaysia vs Indonesia. I got 12 tickets, thanks to colleagues who cannot make it and I ask by brother to offer to his friends and we managed to use up all the tickets. Actually, I really don't know the rule of the game, just each team need to score goal and boy, I do scream when we score. To feel the spirit of 1Malaysia, it was worth it even though when we were going back using LRT, it was quite hell as so many people want to get into LRT station at the same time. It was so crammed and luckily, there were some people who still value women and children and let us go in first. It was an experience, especially with my colleague as we whole each other hand as we are afraid to be lost in the sea of people.

Get our tickets

No one shall pass

Malaysia Boleh!

We won!

What else, yeah of course preparing for assignments which could be confuse especially for group where there are a-lo- of-who-says-what-to-do-what and to edit videos for my Mandarin presentation. But I guess, all that finished today but still there is final exam coming out in January. Still a lot to prepare.

So that is story so far for the week. I dis some research for Europe Trip and hasn't make-up my mind yet where to enter Europe. Hopefully, I can make it up soon as I need to buy flight ticket already.

26 Nov 2012

C'mon C'mon Take Me Home...

To quote Michael Corleone in The Godfather 2, Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in....that is what I feel with One Direction. I thought I was over with boyband and wanted to listen songs around my age which is ummm No Doubt or at least Coldplay but I guess once you are directioner, you will always be one.

So, I bought their album, the yearbook version. At first I was thinking to download the songs online so I search high and low for android apps but nothing avail even the amazon cloud player because apparently it is still not open to my country (Malaysia, if no one knew). I even download itunes to my laptop but I just scare that it won;t play in my samsung tab, so I guess, I need to but the album then.

So, there I was to the mall with a mission, to buy the album and to mend my broken heart (that is another story) and I found it in one of the music store, bunch of them and I was looking at the price RM 59.90, not bad for colourful yearbook and a cd.

Being a woman, I just go to another music store, you know in case there's cheaper one and after spend the whole day in the mall watching Pitch Perfect and eat, I bought the album, 2 actually as one of my colleagues's 12 years old daughter is a directioner too, yes 12 years old and how old I am?

So, how do I find the album? Love it and love the yearbook as it is easy for me to introduce to my college who is rumoured to dating Taylor Swift and Demi Lovate and which one is Zayn.

Here are some of my favourite songs so far and some of my amateur comments(I love music but I'm not a musician):

C'mon C'mon - I must admit because of this song that I bought this album, and maybe because of the video below which is so hilarious. The chorus is so hook and I just can picture if they making music video it will be in a club or something. I love Harry voice in this song although just one verse, I don't know why.....

                                                                C'mon C'mon 

I Would - This song was composed by McFly, also, one of my favourite band. It has a story in it and I love the playful whistle in the second verse of the song. I love the rocking guitar in 0:53 in the song as it makes want to jump out my car and dance. Well, I'm happy to hear Loius voice in fact in this album he did sing quite some songs and before his parts there's a part of Liam(based on youtube) sing "Go Tomo Go'. You can hear it at 1:22 of the song. The video for the song should be a story based and maybe Robbie Williams can play the boyfriend with 27 tattoos. Haha

I Would 

Nobody Compares - This is a second last song from the album. It just easy going fun song and the chorus is hook like hell. It just something you can hum while typing, in fact I'm humming it now. Again, love Harry's voice and for the first time Liam didn't has a verse but just for one song, right Liam? I imagine the video for this song should be the guys performing in the prom or something.

 Nobody Compares

Heart Attack - It just a song that makes you smile especially when Niall shouted "Ow" (again based in youtube comments). love to lip sync in the car. This is Harry's favourite track in the album.

                                                                Heart Attacks

Loved You First- According to MTV's interview, this is Liam favourite song. Mine too. I love the 80's feeling especially in the chorus. It is like the ontinuous of " I Wish" from the previous album.

                                                            Loved You First

Still The One- Ok this song is started growing on me, and I think the song is quite different from the songs that they did composed it. In the chorus is just got Jamaican/Rihanna vibe for it. I don't know, maybe it just me.

                                                              Still The One

So, these are the songs that I keep repeating so far and I know I will love more songs as the time goes by. I do like "Last First Kiss" and "They Don't Know About Us" but not as much as songs above.

So here are my two cents, love the album and proud of the boys!

P/s: Love to here comments from other directioners. Tell me what do you think of the album.

22 Nov 2012

Pitch Perfect, so perfect

I've been wanting to see the movie since I saw the trailer in the youtube. This film follows Beca (Anna Kendrick), who does not fit into any of the cliques at her college. She wanted to become a DJ and already mash ups some songs to realize her ambition. As he promised her fater, she needs to join a group to show that she tried her best to fit in the college. She joined The Bellas – an a capella all girl group in fictional Barden University. The way how Chloe, one of Bella found her in the bathroom is quite funny and awkward.

But, she finds she is not the only one that different. The group consists of all types of girl, – mean girls, sweet girls, and just plain weird girls but they all sing good together. Their main rival, The Treblemakers are a all male group Capella that has great recognition and at the top of their games.

(This is could be spoiler part, please stop here if you want to see the movie)
This film is based on the book Pitch Perfect written by Mickey Rapkin. I would say of course the plot might be predictable but the story was good. I don't know that Anna Kendrick can sing and she can sing good too. However, the best character I would say "Fat Amy" by Rebel Wilson. It was not slapstick joke (ok maybe the vomit part) but the way she said it, it just so funny. I love every scene she was in and she also can sing well.

The music was good I mean like glee mash ups but better, I guess. I love hoe The Treblemakers sang "Round Round" as seen in below clips, it was so sexy and great. Their song for the final "Magic" by B.O.B is fun and make me want to dance.I love the "riff-off" part as seen in below video.

                               Round Round by The Treblemakers


Of course in the end, The Bella won the competition but I might just a little disappointed with the ending, it just end like that. I would give 7/10 stars for this movie and would like to watch it again. 

18 Nov 2012

A family affair...

Wow, it was quite a while ha? It just I've been busy with my work, study and family wedding. Yes, my youngest brother got wed last week and I'm so happy for him.

Actually, I think I've been his sort of "best man" as we did go buy engagement and wedding ring together and I'm sort of the "ring bearer". Imagine to my surprise during the wedding day, I have to go to Proton service centre to service my car and then to Kerinchi to get "hantaran" for my brother and then straight away to Ampang to meet up my famileis that come from Kedah for the wedding. It was quite a jam especially at MRR2 to Ampang . So when I reach to the homestay, I was playing with my niece and suddenly my brother asked whether I bring the ring or not, I WAS NOT. OMG, how could I forget about one of the most important thing in the wedding? I was quickly drove back to Bangsar and get ready because after this we are going to meet up at the mosque for the solemnization ceremony. I was worried if I could make it on time as the traffic is quite bad but I just pray and drove as fast as I could. I mean where else I can use my 1.6 CamPro engine and it was not there for nothing, right.

Finally, manage to reach on time and even my families were not at the mosque yet. There were 2 more weddings at the mosque and I was not surprised as the date is quite unique (10.11.12) and perhaps it is better for grooms to remember their anniversary? hehe

Overall, I would say it was a great family events, and I'm no losing  a brother but gaining another sister. Yep, my youngest sister already married, then my youngest brother, so yes, in our family the youngest married first .I did asked my young brother below me please get marry soon so after that it would be my turn. I wish!
Me and my bro before he come somebody's husband.
Welcome our newly family member!

27 Oct 2012


I'm hope I'm not too late to wish everyone Happy Eid-al Adha. Eid al-Adha  also called Feast of the Sacrifice, is an important 4-day religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide to honour the willingness of the prophet ʾIbrāhīm to sacrifice his young first-born son Ismā'īl  as an act of submission to God's command and his son's acceptance to being sacrificed, before God intervened to provide Abraham with a ram to sacrifice instead. In the period around Eid al-Adha, many Muslims travel to Mecca and the surrounding area in Saudi Arabia to perform the Hajj pilgrimage. Muslims may plan and save for many years to enable them to take part in this event, which is one of the five pillars of Islam. In Malaysia, we can save our money in Tabung Haji, which is Malaysian hajj pilgrims fund board.  Tabung Haji facilitates savings for the pilgrimage to Makkah through investment in Shariah-compliant vehicles.

This celebration remind me of sacrifice that would not only happen between man and Allah, there are a lot of sacrifices that man do for each other.

Parents sacrifices their relaxing time to coach their children for home work, Children sacrifices their money to  get their parents to perform haj, or even lovers sacrifice their everything to make each other happy.

Sacrifices sometimes can be willingly or with a heavy heart, sometimes for good sakes and sometimes will take a toll on someone's life. I sacrifice my Sunday once in a month to study to get my degree and I will sacrifice my money to get good foods and be able to travel. I will sacrifice anything for my family.

Sacrifice it just something that we do in our life just how much you are willing and able to do it, is another question. Again, wish you all "Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha" and may all the joys of life showered on you.

14 Oct 2012

What I've learned from Taken 2

Just watch Taken 2 with my brother at Alamanda. Well, as I am his "best man" right now so we are so busy for his wedding preparation. Today, I fetch him from UPM to Jalan TAR then to Pandan Indah then to Putrajya before send him to UPM again. I've been mistaken as his fiance by one of his friend, maybe because my youthful look (wek wek ) so I've told hehe

Well, the movie is quite good. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time and once a while watched the movie with one eye or cover both eyes.

But as I watched the movie, I 'learned' something:

1. I learn that the police car in Istanbul is quite old car while the Albanian thugs drove Mercedes

2. I learn that Albanian thugs speak in English to each other, must be educated thugs

3. I learn that Blue Mosque always has always calling for prayer every time the camera shows it

4. Well, the taxi in Istanbul must be tough and durable as even though the taxi running into cars, walls, etc, it remains in virtual perfect condition throughout the entire chase scene.

5. Apparently, the people in Istanbul immune for car chasing with shooting out on the road. Must be it happens everyday.

6. I learn that Albania and Turkey has the same border. Apparently, they are neighbours. Well, there goes my Geography.

7. Police officers are available for car chasing only, not to caught the bad guys, opps, it is the hero's job apparently, I mean to kill them.

8. To avenge your revenge, it doesn't matter how many people will kill, it happen for two sides, thugs and good guy. I will avenge my kitty's dead! He was kill buy a Toyota Corolla. Ajoy, your death will be avenge!!!!!

9. All the guns in the world cannot harm Liam Neeson. I mean he is the one who train Batman and Obi Wan as well as Darth Vader. He is Aslan in Narnia as well as Zues in Clash of Titans. Why would you mess with him?

10. Although you doesn't have license and you only learn to drive auto car, but in Istanbul, you can coordinate with you dad with manual gear shift and clutch with awesome tough taxi of course. Man that is so cool.

And out of context I also learn that parents in Alamanda do bring their small kids to watch Taken 2. Seriously, I must be the sissy one with eye covering I guess. But I should not be surprised as these parents also bring their kids to watch midnight movies.  Oh well, who am I to  judge. I probably do the same , I mean to fit well with community.

8 Oct 2012

Full Time vs Part Time Study

My class already started and I'm going to have a major headache soon. Less than 2 weeks I'm going to have tests, quizzes and not to mention oral reading and listening for Mandarin subjects. To top them all out, I'm going to be away in Sabah for work. Although I'm happy to be in Kota Kinabalu again, but still, I need to study.

However, I do feel that I still motivated to study, perhaps because I paid the fee myself. When I was a full time student during my university years, I found out that I have sense of purpose and goal now compared to back then. I'm not a bad and good student either back then. I'm just average. Sometimes I will skip class and sometimes I will sleep in the class but sometime I will eventually learn from my friends. Perhaps maybe it was hassle for me to fight to get into the bus to go to the main campus or perhaps peer pressure that makes me take the learning less likely. But now, I feel that I'm taking the the classes seriously. I never skipped the class and never late although I need to sacrifice my Sunday for at least 5 times for 3 months. Sometimes at night, I will do my homework and try to study. I sacrifice my leave to study for finals.

Maybe when I become a little bit "mature" than before so that is why I took my study seriously. And together with my work experience, I can see the things more clearly and more practical. As a full time student back then, sometimes, I can't relate the subject that I'm studying with the work I don't have. Mind you I was an electrical engineering student. Now, the subjects I am learning is far cry from electrolysis or capacitor. I don't  even remember how to count the power of capacitor but related to my current work.

My current classmate raging from a young single adult to mother and grandmother. We share a lot of stories of our work place and of course the office politics too. We are more willing to spend for books and if we are  broke, we print our assignments in the office. I am amazed of my classmates that comes from far away such as Sabah or Johor to come to KL to study. All the energy and time, money spend to continue their study. Some of them are mothers where they come to KL together with their supported families.

I guess, what I am saying, perhaps it is better for us to get an experience so that what ever we learn, we will be able to relate and practice it. What do you think?

2 Oct 2012

Top 10 Words That Don't Exist... But Should...

Ok, lets wind it up and having fun a little bit. Here I presented to you 10 words that should exist in English language:

1. AQUADEXTROUS (ak wa deks' trus) adj. Possessing the ability to turn the bathtub faucet on and off with your toes.

2. CARPERPETUATION (kar' pur pet u a shun) n. The act, when vacuuming,of running over a string or a piece of lint at least a dozen times, reaching over and picking it up, examining it, then putting it back down to give the vacuum one more chance. (I'm doing this, not with vacuum though but with broom which I try to sweep but it won't move)

3. DISCONFECT (dis kon fekt') v. To sterilize the piece of candy you dropped on the floor by blowing on it, assuming this will somehow remove all the germs. (Yap, guilty. All the time. It is the 5 seconds rule)

4. ELBONICS (el bon' iks) n. The actions of two people maneuvering for one armrest in a movie theater. (Also in the plane especially when reading newspaper)

5. FRUST (frust) n. The small line of debris that refuses to be swept onto the dust pan and keeps backing a person across the room until he finally decides to give up and sweep it under the rug.
(I do that, under "welcome" doormat)

6. LACTOMANGULATION (lak' to man gyu lay' shun) n. Manhandling the "open here" spout on a milk container so badly that one has to resort to the'illegal' side. (Especially with Goodday carton)

7. PEPPIER (pehp ee ay') n. The waiter at a fancy restaurant whose sole purpose seems to be walking around asking diners if they want ground pepper.(Never met yet, perhaps because I never been to a fine dining restaurant hehe)

8. PHONESIA (fo nee' zhuh) n. The affliction of dialing a phone number and forgetting whom you were calling just as they answer. (It happens to me, always)

9. PUPKUS (pup' kus) n. The moist residue left on a window after a dog presses its nose to it.

10. TELECRASTINATION (tel e kras tin ay' shun) n. The act of always letting the phone ring at least twice before you pick it up, even when you're only six inches away. 
(I just want to now who is the caller)

Hope you have good laugh!

23 Sep 2012

Live While We're Young

I feel like cougar for this entry but what the heck. Yes, it is about one Direction  (again!). I love love love their new video Live While We're Young (LWWY) and they never look so hot especially Zayn Malik. He is looking so hot and playful in the video seriously.

The video is about them having fun in same sort of camp and well, live while they're young. The song is catchy and fun like the summer anthem and the the images are beautiful and vivid. Supposedly, they will lead the video around October but somehow have to show it early as the video leaked online. I do watch the "illegal leaked". Sorry boys.

So far the video has over 14 millions view on YouTube since 2 days ago and I think I do contribute around 10 of the views.

So here is the video, let's go crazy crazy crazy for this video!

P/s: About Zayn cute and hot thing, please go to 1:42, 2:05 and 2:13 of the video

19 Sep 2012

Aren't you to old to watch cartoons? Yes, yes I am

Yes, I love cartoons, even when I became adult and supposed to be somebody's mom. I know I' m not supposed to watch or even like cartoons anymore but just face it, cartoons rocks. That is why I subscribe to Disney, Nickelodeon channels.  So here are three of my favourite cartoons that I love to watch .

1. Phineas and Ferb (Disney Channel, 6pm)

The series follows Phineas Flynn and his English stepbrother Ferb Fletcher on summer vacation. Every day, the boys embark on some grand new project, which annoys their controlling sister, Candace, who frequently tries to reveal their shenanigans to the boys' mother, Linda Flynn-Fletcher, and less frequently to their father, Lawrence Fletcher. Plot almost always features Perry the Platypus working as a spy ("Agent P") for the OWCA (Organization Without a Cool Acronym), to fight an evil scientist named Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. However, Dr. Doofenshmirtz, or Doof as he refers to himself, feels the need to assert his evilness. The two plots intersect at the end to erase all traces of the boys' project just before Candace can show it to their mother. This usually leaves Candace very frustrated.

I love it because the brothers are so creative and can do everything that they wanted to. Phineas will do most of talking while Ferb is man of work. Believe it or not, they have awesome original songs in every episodes. My favourite songs would be "Summer Belongs to You" "Gitchee Gitchee Goo", "You Snuck Your Way Right Into My Heart" "Disco Miniature Golfing Queen" and of course "A-g-l-e-t".  

I think I already watched most of the episodes (3 seasons) as the series kept repeating over and over again but still it is fun to watch. 

                           Disco Minature Golfing Queen (Abba-style song)

2. Spongebob Squarepants (Nickelodeon, 10pm)

Oh come on, seriously, who doesn't like this cartoon. The theme song is catchy and the series is awesome. I like Spongebob because he is the most positive people I know (virtually). His motto "I'm Ready" is a good catchphrase when we are too lazy to wake up to go to work. He loves his job (although with crappy boss) and his friends (Patrick is so adorable) and of course Gary, his pet. One of my favourite episodes would be "Wormy" where Spongebob and Patrick babysit for Sandy's caterpillar that become butterfly. It was just so funny. Another one would be "SpongeBob Meets the Strangler" where SpongeBob tattles on the "Tattle-tale Strangler", a criminal who promises to strangle anyone who reports on him and his crimes. 

For whatever reason, I also loves Plankton although he always fail to steal the crabby patty formula. His determination is to be admired for. Believe it or not, he and Mr. Krabs used to be best friend. I also love the relationship between Spongebob and Patrick. They are BFF for life!

3. Penguin of Madagascar (Nickelodeon, 8pm)

The show has nine characters from animated film Madagascar: The penguins Skipper, Kowalski, Private , and Rico; the lemurs King Julien , Maurice and Mort. The penguins are adorable especially Private. I love how they always have plans and can fight enemies fiercely. Their have paramilitary-like missions to protect their home in the Central Park Zoo and also has to deal with with problems caused, or made worse, by King Julien XIII (a ring-tailed lemur), Maurice (an aye-aye), and Mort (a mouse lemur). And of course, Mort is so cute.

Sometimes when I watch penguins in the zoo, I just wonder whether the leader will said "Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave..."haha

Last time I use to loves Voltron, He-Man, Thundercat and Heatcliff. Until know I still read comic strips in the newspaper and my favourite is NST's Baby Blues. What to say, I'm just young at heart.

8 Sep 2012

Europe; Project Update

Well, it has been quite long since I updated my plan to Europe. According to my plan, I'm supposed to buy flight ticket tomorrow at Matta Fair but it ain't going to happen yet. No, not because I cancelled or postponed the project simply because I still made up my mind where should I enter the Europe continent.

You see, my little brother who just got engaged last week will go to UK to pursue his Phd with his fiance later wife next year. No, I'm not crashing their honeymoon but since they will be there anywhere, so why don't I took this opportunity to visit them. The problem is, my bro doesn't know when he will be able to get there and where. He got unofficial offer from 3 universities, Leeds, Birmingham and perhaps Edinburgh. Secretly, I wish he choose Scotland then I can visit him there and see the vast landscape and to visit Lochness Monster hehe. The other problem is, he doesn't know when he can get there, I mean it depends on his university and budget from government. But he plan to get there in March 2013.

In addition, as I didn't manage to get travel buddy so I have no choice but to go with Kelana Convoy. Since I will be alone and this is my first time to Europe, I will be more safe and comfortable to travel in group and it is around my budget. Perhaps, it is a good way to know more people who has passion to travel as you do
 ;-). They only just come up with the 2013 tour dates this week and at first I plan to go on March or April but my brother and I has talked it would be better for me to go in May since we are going to have his wedding reception between Feb - Apr 2013 (because of unsure dates to fly).

I choose spring dates as I wanted to visit Keukonhof ( I love Tulips) and choose the tour 'Highlights of Europe' with 9 days to visit 5 countries. The other tour, "Conquest of Europe' is quite exciting, visiting 9 countries in 16 days. However, as I have limited annual leave, I budgeted to travel in 16 days, 9 days with Kelana Convoy and the rest is for me to visit my dream Neuchwanstein castle in Fussen, go to Bath, visiting my brother and shopping till I drop in London. So, I know where is the point I want to get out from Europe, which is London.

I just thinking whether I should enter from Munich and visit the castle then back to London for the tour or I should get in from London, visit my brother and go the Fussen come back and join the tour? To enter from Munich is much more cheaper from London as London airport tax quite expensive but London is the mother of transportation where you can get anywhere from there. I f I enter from London and get out from Europe from Munich, I have to bring a lot of bags to travel with me as I said before I want to shop a lot in London. It will be hassle for me to take train or flight with all shopping items.

I also wanted to stay in London for more days as I plan to visit the usual attractions such as London Eye, Westminister Abbey and also set aside one day to visit a countryside. In my mind it would be whether Bath (I saw Samantha Brown visit here) which is 90 minutes from London, or Oxford or Canterbury which I always dream about, you know seeing their drama such as Downtown Abbey or film such as Pride and Prejudice. I also wanted to see medieval castles so as for now I still do some researching. I wanted to feel the breeze of countryside while sipping English Tea and eat some scorns while looking at the vast greenery lush and white cotton sheep running in the background. Hmmmm

Still I got around 8 months to plan for my dream trip and I hope everything will be real soon. Can't wait!

I wish to see the sunset here
How wonderful is this?

17 Aug 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!

Hi, I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin. I just wanted to say, please forgive me if I have done something wrong or please drive safely back to your home town.

I might be missing blogging for one week, but I will be back to blog my Raya experiences. I hope.

I will go back to my home town Sungai Petani with my brother ( for the last time before he fly to UK and as a single lad) sob sob. I will drive carefully and attentively ( with the help of Nescafe and Redbull) and please don't be selfish and drive in emergency lane.

Better be safe than sorry!

13 Aug 2012

Breaking In

Ok, I have to blog about my new favourite show, Breaking In. The show is about, Contra Security is a high tech security firm that specializes in breaking in as a way to test security measures. The team members comprise various skills, and even more various personalities. In every episode they have the task for example to steal a luxury car or to protect a school boy from bullies. The half and hour show is shown in Astro Channel 701 (AXN) and usually it will shows 2 episodes back to back.

So, here is summary of the characters:

Bret Harrison as Cameron Price, a slacker-hacker who wanted to spend his life living comfortably in college as a big fish in a small pond after hacking their computers to give himself a full scholarship for life, but was drafted into Contra Security when they found out what he had done and threatened to expose him. He is 28 years old. His birthday is on April 6, 1984. He is skilled in disarming firewalls, password encryption and general troubleshooting.

Alphonso McAuley as Cassius "Cash" Sparks, a 27-year-old fanboy genius and gadget guy who loves pranking and candy bars. He does office pranks, skilled in robotics and nano-technology and is a master of sci-fi, comic book and fanboy trivia. He also freestyle raps and lives in his mother's garage.

Odette Annable as Melanie Garcia  a thrill-seeking lock picker and safe cracker with whom Cameron is infatuated. Melanie was in a relationship with Dutch until he got arrested for selling clean urine to airline pilots for drug tests.

Christian Slater as Ferris "Oz" Oswald Osbourne, a former thief and counterfeiter who now runs Contra Security and is trying to keep on the up-and-up, whose favorite thing to do is order around and manipulate his staff. He begins numerous episodes by saying "Greeting and salutations."

What I like about the show is how all the cast are related and they are funny. Bret Harrison of course, always play the reluctant characters that have to do things that he is not comfortable with but in the end become great with it for example in The Reaper. I always love him in Grounded for Life, That's 70's Show and of course The Reaper.  In here, he has been scouted because he is a tech genius who manage to enroll in the university with scholarship (of course he hacked it). In the beginning, he was reluctant to join the company but as the show progress he become comfortable and even become a good leader. He is in love with Melanie who has a boyfriend who is attentive to him.

I also loves Christian Slater in this show. The man knew everything and everything to know about. He manages to "manipulate' his team to do the work, even to break in to his ex-wife house.

However, for some reason the show is cancelled after the second season. What a waste. I really love the show and can't wait every Sunday night at 9pm to watch them. I guess, I just enjoy the while it lasts!

Reference: Wikipedia

7 Aug 2012

Introducing Red...

Finally, I've got to drive my new car already. So far so good and I already achieved 1000km within a week, thanks to travel from my hometown to KL and to my uncle's house in Tapah.

What I love about the car is the steering has the control buttons for the music player. Love it, although I still need to study the manual on how to set-up radio as so far I just listen songs from my pen-drive over and over again.

So here it is and I can't wait to "balik raya" with him soon!

P/s: For some reasons, I still afraid to drive up the hill with Red, I think it was harder than driving manual car. Hmmm still a lot to learn.

29 Jul 2012

The Dark Knight Rises -Not!

Yesterday after shopping for my little brother's engagement things (Yeah, he is married first before me. Our youngest sister, is the first one to get married, I guess in my family the younger will get married first before me sob sob) we plan to see the movie. At first I thought want to see it after Ramadan month but thniking it screening will end soon so we decided to see on that. I've check my GSC app (super helpful) and most of the screening is full, or just front seats left, so I've check Alamanda's and thankfully the 9.30pm screening time is still open with a quite good seats in the middle left for us.

I picked up my brother at his university and when to the mall. I told him that probably we didn't have a place to break our fast because all the restaurants will be fully reserved, sure enough it is true. So we decided to go to the Carrefour by some drinks as we are super thirsty from all the shopping in the afternoon and some toiletries for us and get back to the car to store them. After that we went to but Rotibuy and head up to the park to break our fast. After Marghrib prayer in the Surau which is super full (but it means everybody prays) we went to Pizza Hut to eat.

I was super excited to watch the movie because I heard a good review (actually from Loius Tomlinson's twitter) and the movie is box office everywhere. 

SPOILER (Please don't read it if you want to see the movie by yourself, but I will try not to give away the info )

At the beginning it was quite slow and we were introduced to the additional characters slowly. The movie started after 8 years Harvey Dent's death and in the beginning Bruce Wayne looks like hell. Bane character doesn't look like Tom Hardy at all and sometimes I just wonder how he breath in that mask. At first I was confuse why he wanted to take over Gotham City and what beef he had with Batman. But I found my answer in the end and it all makes sense. I didn't see at all the twist plot but when I recap, I should see it. It is in the eyes. I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt was very good and convincing as John Blake and Michael Cane looks old but I think he played Alfred very well. I understand his feelings and his decision. I think Anne Hathaway gives some comic relief in this serious movie. She is believable as a "cat thief" and can punch people quite hard and I was thinking I've just seen "The Princess Diaries 2" in Disney Channel 2 days before.

The plot is quite slow and in the battle scene I was thinking I really think this movie is for guys as I can't feel all the spirit that they wanted me to feel. The police battle scenes supposed to make you fell proud and want to live and I just thinking, whoever was in front line, will die first. I feel the ending is the best scenes and that I feel something and is was kind of hanging like hmmm, is there any additional characters for next movie? I love Helibat or the bat, it was sooo cool and again the bike is to die for. I wish I can have that bike like that.

Overall, I love the The Dark Knight Returns better, as when I after the movie finished, I was thinking to myself, that is the best movie ever! I think the Dark Rises is not a bad follow-up but you know after you have seen the best movie ever, you would anticipate the best from the next movie. The movie is good is just that maybe I have a high expectation. Overall, I would recommend people to watch it but you have to be patience to the climatic scenes as the movie is around two and a half hours long.

If you have seen the movie, please let me know comment and let me know what do you think!

21 Jul 2012

Ramadan - Month of Fasting

Today is the first day of Ramadan, so it means the first day to fast. Although I've been fasting fully since I was 10 but still, the first week of the month quite though. It is not only about not eating and drink from 5.45am to 7.30pm, but also to wake up around 4.45am for sahur and to practice patience and grace as fasting without practicing the good values of Muslim is not worth it. But as the time pass by I able to adapt it well for the rest of the month.

Ramadan is a month of obligatory daily fasting in Islam is the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar. Daily fasts begin at dawn and end with sunset. Special nightly prayers called, Taraweeh prayers are held. The entire Quran is recited in these prayers in Mosques all around the world. This month provides an opportunity for Muslims to get closer to God.

In health perspective, a study carried out by scientists in the United States found that the mental focus achieved during Ramadan increases the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which causes the body to produce more brain cells, thus improving brain function. Likewise, a distinct reduction in the amount of the hormone cortisol, produced by the adrenal gland, means that stress levels are greatly reduced both during and after Ramadan.

A team of cardiologists in the UAE found that people observing Ramadan enjoy a positive effect on their lipid profile, which means there is a reduction of cholesterol in the blood. Low cholesterol increases cardiovascular health, greatly reducing the risk of suffering from heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke. What’s more, if you follow a healthy diet after Ramadan, this newly lowered cholesterol level should be easy to maintain. One of the main problems with extreme fad diets is that any weight lost is often quickly put back on, sometimes even with a little added extra. This isn’t the case with Ramadan. The reduction in food consumed throughout fasting causes your stomach to gradually shrink, meaning you’ll need to eat less food to feel full. If you want to get into the habit of healthy eating then Ramadan is a great time to start. When it’s finished your appetite will be lower than it was before, and you’ll be far less likely to overindulge with your eating.

As well as being great for spiritually cleansing yourself, Ramadan acts as a fantastic detox for your body. By not eating or drinking throughout the day your body will be offered the rare chance to detoxify your digestive system throughout the month. When your body starts eating into fat reserves to create energy, it will also burn away any harmful toxins that might be present in fat deposits. This body cleanse will leave a healthy blank slate behind, and is the perfect stepping stone to a consistently healthy lifestyle.

By not eating throughout the day during Ramadan you’ll find that your metabolism becomes more efficient, meaning the amount of nutrients you absorb from food improves. This is because of an increase in a hormone called adiponectin, which is produced by a combination of fasting and eating late at night, and allows your muscles to absorb more nutrients. This will lead to health benefits all around the body, as various areas are able to better absorb and make use of the nutrients they need to function

In Malaysia, Ramadan is celebrate and becomes a festival of food. In the evening, there will be a lot of Bazaar Ramadan selling all kind of foods and sometimes I can't choose and can't figure out what to eat to break the fast. Most of women will take this opportunity to diet, (less eating) and will gain it back during the 3 days after Ramadan. Ok, maybe that just me!

So, just want to wish Happy Ramadan to hope Allah will gives us patience and peace in this Holy Month!

17 Jul 2012

Goodbye Chikita!

This entry is for my lovely ex-car Chikita. He was the best car anyone can wish for and I wish him the best with his new owner, my cousin. I never thought that I will part with you this soon, I never imagine at all until the last two weeks. I'm glad that we have smooth adventure to Kedah this time and I will always cherish the time we spend together.

I will never forget, the first time I lay my eyes on you in December 2004, I never thought to buy a car but the opportunity reveal upon itself. It was a love at the first sight. I still remember Linda who is the one drive Chikita home as I'm still afraid to drive a car after 2 years taking the test. I still remember I didn't go back to my hometown during Chinese New Year because I'm still not sure how to drive you back in a long journey.

After a lot of panicking driving especially go up the hill ( I don't like to use handbrake) I began to enjoy driving. I remember the first time I drove Chikita back to Kedah, I stop every two hours because it was recommended in some website that I read. I also still panic especially when going to Jelapang Tol where on the left side is the ravine so deep and for some reason I always follow behind big lorry where I feel safe. 

Another time that broke my heart is when somebody rammed into us near Selayang roundabout. That is the first time I met accident and I was so scared and luckily me feel sad. A month before the incident, another incident happen where, my aunty accidentally reverse her car and rammed into Chikita which makes me angry as she said why did I park behind her? Seriously?. I didn't do anything about the scratch at the time, until this accident which luckily covered by the insurance's of the guy who crashed me. I didn't drive for the whole month.

Chikita and I been ups and down together. We went to adventure together even to the place I've never been before. We lost and found the right way together. I remember the first time I've been to Kuantan to pick-up my brother, (more to bring his thing after he graduated), East Coast Highway is not like North-South Hihgway, I just plain and Kuantan is a small town. All the load of books never bring him down, that is why I always love him. He is reliable!

When I'm on the road, passed by cars that park in emergency lane and I always prayed that Chikita will not let me down as I'm alone and don't know what to do if the car broke down. Luckily Chikita never do that to me. 

I chose to name the car Chikita as it means small in Spanish (the spelling is Chiquita). for sure Chikita as Kelisa is small but powerful. Until now, people is still looking for Kelisa as their favourite car. Although Chikita is still in the family but I still miss him a lot. I know it is weird to named you car and even to talk like he is a living soul but for me he is the best friend I ever had. He never let me down and always be there for me. He is like my gateway car whenever I need to run from someone or something. The journey that we have together will be remembered and you have served me well. I will always love you, ,my friend. You will be miss!

8 Jul 2012

To change or not to change...

My chikita (my 2002 perodua kelisa) and I have been together since 2005. We have been up and down together where being knock out and get scratched together. So far I don't have the plan to buy new car until I travel to Europe which is next year but there's opportunity know knock upon myself when my aunty wanted to buy my chikita for his son. So, I'm not sure whether to take it or not. Hmm

Here are some Pros and Cons to change car or not:

1. I got new car (duh!)
2. I want sedan so it means that I can get more people to travel in my car especially since my family need to travel far this time to for my lil bro's wedding ceremony.
3. It is time to move on
4. I got new car?

1. More debt
2. I love chikita, it will be so sad to part with him although he is still in the family. A lot of memories there.
3. I love chikita?
4. Does it affect my budget plan to Europe?

Oh it is so hard to think but perhaps I need to do some serious thinking and praying. So what would be my new car if I change it , here it is:

Proton FLX 1.6 SE
In exact colour and Auto. Well, since my office has moved to the most jam place in the world, I need to rest my leg a lot. It is around my budget as I don't want to pay more than RM 600 for a car.

Well, I will go back to my hometown next weekend and we should see what the decision is.  Hmmm

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...