26 Nov 2012

C'mon C'mon Take Me Home...

To quote Michael Corleone in The Godfather 2, Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in....that is what I feel with One Direction. I thought I was over with boyband and wanted to listen songs around my age which is ummm No Doubt or at least Coldplay but I guess once you are directioner, you will always be one.

So, I bought their album, the yearbook version. At first I was thinking to download the songs online so I search high and low for android apps but nothing avail even the amazon cloud player because apparently it is still not open to my country (Malaysia, if no one knew). I even download itunes to my laptop but I just scare that it won;t play in my samsung tab, so I guess, I need to but the album then.

So, there I was to the mall with a mission, to buy the album and to mend my broken heart (that is another story) and I found it in one of the music store, bunch of them and I was looking at the price RM 59.90, not bad for colourful yearbook and a cd.

Being a woman, I just go to another music store, you know in case there's cheaper one and after spend the whole day in the mall watching Pitch Perfect and eat, I bought the album, 2 actually as one of my colleagues's 12 years old daughter is a directioner too, yes 12 years old and how old I am?

So, how do I find the album? Love it and love the yearbook as it is easy for me to introduce to my college who is rumoured to dating Taylor Swift and Demi Lovate and which one is Zayn.

Here are some of my favourite songs so far and some of my amateur comments(I love music but I'm not a musician):

C'mon C'mon - I must admit because of this song that I bought this album, and maybe because of the video below which is so hilarious. The chorus is so hook and I just can picture if they making music video it will be in a club or something. I love Harry voice in this song although just one verse, I don't know why.....

                                                                C'mon C'mon 

I Would - This song was composed by McFly, also, one of my favourite band. It has a story in it and I love the playful whistle in the second verse of the song. I love the rocking guitar in 0:53 in the song as it makes want to jump out my car and dance. Well, I'm happy to hear Loius voice in fact in this album he did sing quite some songs and before his parts there's a part of Liam(based on youtube) sing "Go Tomo Go'. You can hear it at 1:22 of the song. The video for the song should be a story based and maybe Robbie Williams can play the boyfriend with 27 tattoos. Haha

I Would 

Nobody Compares - This is a second last song from the album. It just easy going fun song and the chorus is hook like hell. It just something you can hum while typing, in fact I'm humming it now. Again, love Harry's voice and for the first time Liam didn't has a verse but just for one song, right Liam? I imagine the video for this song should be the guys performing in the prom or something.

 Nobody Compares

Heart Attack - It just a song that makes you smile especially when Niall shouted "Ow" (again based in youtube comments). love to lip sync in the car. This is Harry's favourite track in the album.

                                                                Heart Attacks

Loved You First- According to MTV's interview, this is Liam favourite song. Mine too. I love the 80's feeling especially in the chorus. It is like the ontinuous of " I Wish" from the previous album.

                                                            Loved You First

Still The One- Ok this song is started growing on me, and I think the song is quite different from the songs that they did composed it. In the chorus is just got Jamaican/Rihanna vibe for it. I don't know, maybe it just me.

                                                              Still The One

So, these are the songs that I keep repeating so far and I know I will love more songs as the time goes by. I do like "Last First Kiss" and "They Don't Know About Us" but not as much as songs above.

So here are my two cents, love the album and proud of the boys!

P/s: Love to here comments from other directioners. Tell me what do you think of the album.

22 Nov 2012

Pitch Perfect, so perfect

I've been wanting to see the movie since I saw the trailer in the youtube. This film follows Beca (Anna Kendrick), who does not fit into any of the cliques at her college. She wanted to become a DJ and already mash ups some songs to realize her ambition. As he promised her fater, she needs to join a group to show that she tried her best to fit in the college. She joined The Bellas – an a capella all girl group in fictional Barden University. The way how Chloe, one of Bella found her in the bathroom is quite funny and awkward.

But, she finds she is not the only one that different. The group consists of all types of girl, – mean girls, sweet girls, and just plain weird girls but they all sing good together. Their main rival, The Treblemakers are a all male group Capella that has great recognition and at the top of their games.

(This is could be spoiler part, please stop here if you want to see the movie)
This film is based on the book Pitch Perfect written by Mickey Rapkin. I would say of course the plot might be predictable but the story was good. I don't know that Anna Kendrick can sing and she can sing good too. However, the best character I would say "Fat Amy" by Rebel Wilson. It was not slapstick joke (ok maybe the vomit part) but the way she said it, it just so funny. I love every scene she was in and she also can sing well.

The music was good I mean like glee mash ups but better, I guess. I love hoe The Treblemakers sang "Round Round" as seen in below clips, it was so sexy and great. Their song for the final "Magic" by B.O.B is fun and make me want to dance.I love the "riff-off" part as seen in below video.

                               Round Round by The Treblemakers


Of course in the end, The Bella won the competition but I might just a little disappointed with the ending, it just end like that. I would give 7/10 stars for this movie and would like to watch it again. 

18 Nov 2012

A family affair...

Wow, it was quite a while ha? It just I've been busy with my work, study and family wedding. Yes, my youngest brother got wed last week and I'm so happy for him.

Actually, I think I've been his sort of "best man" as we did go buy engagement and wedding ring together and I'm sort of the "ring bearer". Imagine to my surprise during the wedding day, I have to go to Proton service centre to service my car and then to Kerinchi to get "hantaran" for my brother and then straight away to Ampang to meet up my famileis that come from Kedah for the wedding. It was quite a jam especially at MRR2 to Ampang . So when I reach to the homestay, I was playing with my niece and suddenly my brother asked whether I bring the ring or not, I WAS NOT. OMG, how could I forget about one of the most important thing in the wedding? I was quickly drove back to Bangsar and get ready because after this we are going to meet up at the mosque for the solemnization ceremony. I was worried if I could make it on time as the traffic is quite bad but I just pray and drove as fast as I could. I mean where else I can use my 1.6 CamPro engine and it was not there for nothing, right.

Finally, manage to reach on time and even my families were not at the mosque yet. There were 2 more weddings at the mosque and I was not surprised as the date is quite unique (10.11.12) and perhaps it is better for grooms to remember their anniversary? hehe

Overall, I would say it was a great family events, and I'm no losing  a brother but gaining another sister. Yep, my youngest sister already married, then my youngest brother, so yes, in our family the youngest married first .I did asked my young brother below me please get marry soon so after that it would be my turn. I wish!
Me and my bro before he come somebody's husband.
Welcome our newly family member!

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...