27 May 2013

Europe Trip Update Part 1: Missing train and get lost in Fussen

Salam all, thanks for your patience with my update of my wonderful Europe trip. I will update part by part according to my journey and it will have several parts. I will try to update the cost and hopefully I still remember them.

So let the journey begin.....

Well I was taking Qatar Airways with a transit stop at Doha. I was seated with a black guy (no racism here) and he took my leg space a little bit when sleeping. It just so not comfortable for 7 hours flight. Then after a 2 hours stop at Doha, the flight to Munich was better and manage to get a good sleep.

Well, I can't believe that I'm in Munich....remember I was so nervous about meeting the immigration, because I don't want them to think that I was part of drug trafficking because I was alone. My strategy is to smile and he asked me bunch of questions and the first question he asked was whether I can speak in English, which I said yes. Luckily, I was not so nervous and manage to answer ok, I guess. After that,

I was still in awe and took some photos and then realized that I need to catch a train. The weather is still cold especially the wind. Then still I wondered whether I need to buy a ticket to the München Hauptbahnhof (Munich Central Station) and let one of the train go. Then I realized, I really need to wake up and just made up my mind fast, and bought a 10.40 euro (around RM 41) and took the 45 minutes train to the central station. I have a gut feeling that I will be missing my booked train to Fussen and it is true. Of course the train there will depart on time, this is not Malaysia. Then, as it is 1 of May, so the ticket counter was closed and only got the ticket machine.

Then I looked at the train schedule to Fussen and there is the next rain but I need to change afterwards and I don't know which station I should change. After some judgement I just bought the 22 euro bayern munich ticket using credit card, as I don't have enough euro with me and wait for the train for an hour.

Then, the train has arrived and I was brave enough to ask the conducted which stop I need to change my train and he was so helpful with trying to speak in English all and he said the stop that I can remember now and so I board the train.

The train ride was beautiful but I can't focus much as I need to look out for every stop, for me to change the train. There were a lot of bicycles riding the train too and the space for them in the train. Then I manage to change the train and feel a little bit better because now I know that the train will go straight to Fussen.

In the train I see the parents who read to their children which I rarely seen in Malaysia. It just feel so good and the children listen attentively to the reading. Then I manage to get someone to take photo of me in the train and that was great. Then from afar I can see small village and a vast of green landscape with yellow flowers which I don't know what are those but they look so lovely.

As the train about to arrive in Fussen, from afar I can see mountains with snow on top of them. I feel excited and can't wait to get into snow in Swiss later. After arrived, there's a bunch of people waiting to get into the train, tourists and I can't even make my way to go out but luckily manage to do it.

Then I just realized, I forgot to print the map to the hotel. I just wondered around the town and seeing some of hotels that I know of from my research and still cannot found it. For some reason, I didn't asked people for direction because I'm being stubborn and I thought I can find it by myself. After all the hotel is very near to the train station, I must be able to find it, right?  I must walk around time for almost hours and feel lost until a woman took pity of me with my confused look and big luggage and asking me what is wrong and I told her about I'm looking for the hotel and she told me where I should go and soon enough, I found it, It is near to the train station it just I took the wrong turn.

So, after the check in with the reception, Mary who was so friendly and check in the room which is so lovely. I took the best shower ever and took 12 hours sleep.

I still can't believe I'm in Europe and will visit my dream castle tomorrow. I just realized, although this is the first time ever I'm in Europe and travel alone, I found myself to be comfortable and seeing good people who help me a lot. I need to learn to ask for direction.

Welcome to Munich Airport

Going to the train station

Train ticket machine

View from the train

Me, in the train

Love the green scenery...

First I thought it looks like mosque, it just a tower clock

Train to Fussen, which you have to push the button to open the door.

Cost of the day

Transportation: 10.40 +22 (Euro) = 32.40 Euro
Food: None

21 May 2013

I'm back and happy!

Salam guys, alhamdulillah I already safely arrived home with beautiful memories and incredible experience. The journey is somehow not as I expected but I won't change anything. It was the best trip I ever had will love to do it all over again someday.

So, I'm not ready to write down the experience yet because they are a lot and need to breakdown little by little. Perhaps I will do it during weekend.

What I can do it to give snippets of my journey and hopefully will be able to write down soon. So enjoy!

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