6 Sep 2015

Matta Fair 2015

So, i just come back from Matta Fair today and surprise suprise bought something...haha. But I have not bought my flight ticket to Europe yet although the ticket price is screamingly cheap....yes, it is because I didn't finalize the date yet. There have the discussion where my  brother suggest that we go in August instead of May because then hey can get entrance to heritage places for free as the have heritage passes or something. According to the passes, if they stay in UK more than 1 year, they can get into the heritage places such as castles in  England fro free, and if 2 years, they can enter the places in Scotland for free.

Then I was thinking if I go in August, then why not just go in October instead, then I can  watch Autumn leaves fall and who knows Aurora Borealis. Then again, the discussion when back to May. So, now I still try to finalize our itinerary and the budget that we have to fork out. So that s the update for my UK road trip.

So what about today's Matta Fair? There are still a lot of people, believe me especially in Domestic Hall compared to International Hall. But in the International Hall there too a lot of people and I was amazed with Apple's Booth, seriously nice.

So what do I bought from Matta Fair today?

1. Berjaya Redang Island Resort.

Well we manage to get 2 nights stay there for RM 588 for 2 person. It includes snorkeling trips as per attached in photo below.I hope we got a good deal.

Berjaya's Hotel Promotion
2. Dinner Buffet Voucher at Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

We got it for RM 29.95 instead of RM 40 and we were promised with beautiful view at night. They also has promotion of Buffet Lunch for RM 21.25. Cheap right?

So, we are planning to go to Redang in October and I will update you more about the trip. See you soon!
Apple's Booth
Kids playing snow sleigh courtesy of Korea Tourism

All things from Matta Fair!

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