8 Mar 2015

I'm back, well sort of

Salam again to all. Ya, I guess you guys wondering what happen to me? To tell you the truth, nothing actually. It just I've been very lazy, besides I'm not going anywhere.

It's not that I'm quitting travelling but I just nothing to share actually. I can't just ramble about myself for my next posts, who want to read that?

For 2015, I'm not planning to go anywhere because I'm saving up for my next trip next year. Where to? I 'm planning to visit my brother and his family in Nottingham and from there perhaps we can go to Scotland. Scotland is one of country in my bucket list especially after obsessing with Outlander tv series. Seeing the highlanders with their sexy accent makes me want to go there so bad.

I'm still have not enough of England. Anglophile as myself would be content until I seeing cliff at Cornwall, theme park in Brighton and again London. I might throwing Cardiff or Dublin in my next visit. At first, I want to move on and go see The northern lights in Scandinavian country such ass Finland and Sweden, but every time I open my tumblr and see the green grass and old buildings of Cotswold, I just want to be there again. So I guess my quest to see the northern lights have to wait.

So far that is the update of myself. I will try to update my blog as much as I can but just be patient with me ok.

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