3 Dec 2007

On Saturday, me and half of the gang went to Cineleisure to watch movie "Enchanted". my first impression? well it is a Disney movie so it good to have a feel good time and laughter. Well this movie blow my mind away, it is what I've predicted but so much more. my favoureite character, It's the princess itself, Giselle and the prince. Amy Adams played the the role amazingly. How perky and innocent she is.She is know one of my favourite actress. The prince, James Marsden, I mean wow, I never know a handsome guy can plyaed such comedic role perfectly, seriously. He played a prince like we always see in the disney cartoon, such heroic and so full of himself. I'm not a fan of "Grey anatomy" but Patrick Dempsey is quite ok.

My favourite moment (without spoiler):

1. How Gisele makes her dress

2. When Prince Edward talks to magic mirror. seriously I can watch this over and over again.

3. Pip the chimpmunk, when he does the pantomine. I mean he is soooo cute.

4. Like Hindustan movie where everybody can sing and dance the same song.

5. When the first time Gisele come out from the hole.

6. When Gisel and her "friends" cleaning up the apartment.

I think that all I have to write, I don't want to spoil for those who want to watch the movie.(^_^)

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