28 May 2012

Social Vocab 101 - Part 2

Well, I promised you part so here it is....

Swagger - the way one carries their self. Like how they walk or behave in a very confident and typically arrogant or aggressive way: "he swaggered along the corridor". Perhaps the video above might explain a little bit about swagger. I learn the word from it, stumbled when searching for The X Factor 10 (One Direction)

Friendzone - A metaphorical place that two people are in when there is no possibility of romance between them. It is like having all the responsibilities of a boyfriend with none of the benefits.

Mike had a crush on Kelly for years, but being in the friend zone prevented him from getting anywhere with her.

In verb mean to inform another person that they're such a good friend that there is no possibility of romance.

She friend zoned me.

Get to know the word from MTV's Friendzone

Fit - British slang for a person who's incredibly attractive without necessarily being "fit", as in healthy and/or muscular. Unknown to US culture who say "Hot" rather than "fit"

Omg!! That dude is soooo fit!

Got to know the word from this video. It is so sweet and cute and they really can dance. Wait until the end of the video.

Google tic - The uncontrollable urge to conduct a Google search on any and every question, thought, concept, word or name that comes to mind, including new acquaintances, products and companies.

You haven't Googled him, but you went out with him?! I could never get in someone's car without Googling their name, but then again, I have a Google tic.

Well it is me, I google everything, everything!

Instagram - Every hipster's favorite way to make it look like they take really classy pictures when really they are still using their phones. Yeah, you might look really cute/old school/vintage/retro, but it's still a cell phone picture.

Photographer: Hey man, look at this picture I took with my Canon 5D Mark II camera and edited in photoshop! 
Hipster: No way man, look at this picture that I took on my phone with instagram! It's even better! 
Photgrapher: *FACEPALM*

Just learn about Instagram last week. It is still new for me though.

iPause - 1. The period of time between when the light turns green and the driver in the front of the line of cars looks up from his iPod or iPhone and pulls away from the light. This is usually preceded by the person behind them honking their horn.
            2. Verb- The act of having to pause ones portable music player to enable them to hear what another is saying to them.

Derek- "So, mike was trying to talk to me while I had my headphones in." 
Justin- "Oh, thats the worst." 
Derek- "Yeah, I had to iPause... I was pissed." 
Justin- "Yeah, I bet... I hate when someone interrupts my music!

Well, for my case it is looking at Google (again) map during traffic stop and before toll. But I can't find the slang yet.

toiletgirl - a girl a guy just uses for sex when he can't find any girls he's actually interested in dating. She usually doesn't realize she's a 'toilet girl' and often has a crush on him and truly believes he's into her when in fact he is not.- she's a 'toilet girl' because he is just using her to ejaculate into like a toilet.

A: Wow! Is Andy finally dating someone?
B: No, that's just another one of his toilet girls. He'll move on when he finds someone he really likes.

Harry Styles make a trend for it in his twitter. The rest is history.

Reference: Urban Dictionary & Google Image

26 May 2012

Social Vocab 101 - Part 1

I've been busy, mostly with my study and getting to know myself. I really found out about me that I never realized before this week and I'm getting to overcome it. Hope my dreams come true.

Well, since I've joined the world of twitter, first reason is to get to know traffic from @plustrafik and @kltrafficupdate, then come One Direction, of course to stalk them (why don't they reply my tweets ಠ_ಠ). I also got three followers. Who knows, right?

So I found out there's a lot of words that youngsters nowadays spoken of and some I'm sure what they mean, so for those who are the same boat as me, I introduce you Social Vocab 101. Here is the list of the words:

Fangirling: . 1. the reaction a fangirl has to any mention or sighting of the object of her "affection". These reactions include shortness of breath, fainting, highpitched noises, shaking, fierce head shaking as if in the midst of a seizure, wet panties, endless blog posts, etc. 

Obviously, if you read my post about One Direction, I do mentioned this word. Well, remember the day of BSB and NSYNC for me Westlife, we bought the Galaxie magazine for the posters, Smash Hits for the gossips and searching the net for the best wallpaper for your desktop? That is all fangirling all about. Last time during my school year, we are listening to "Pilihan Bersama" on Radio Muzik and turn it out loud when KRU songs were playing. It apply to all generations from The Beatles to K-Pop. So, it will never go away.

Directioner: No, it is not a person who gives direction. It is bigger than that. IT IS someone who stands by the band One Direction no matter what. Who would be there to support the boys 100%. Whether it's acting, singing, dancing, anything... they'll be there for it all. Even when the band grows up and goes on with their lives, these girls that call themselves "directioners" will NEVER forget the happiness and the joy that Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik brought to them for so many years!
"Directioners have to stick together!"  "They call us.. Directioners."

Only Directioners understand what they are talking about for example Carrot, No, Jimmy protested!, Get out of my kitchen, Vas happening, Kevin and sadly I knew everything about those words. Yes, I'm a Directioner!

#Hashtag: If you have been on Twitter, you may have seen a "hashtag." To put it simply, a hash tag is simply a way for people to search for tweets that have a common topic and to begin a conversation. For example, if you search on #LOST (or #Lost or #lost, because it's not case-sensitive), you'll get a list of tweets related to the TV show. What you won't get are tweets that say "I lost my wallet yesterday" because "lost" isn't preceded by the hash tag.
Well, I just learn this in twitter but never use it. Please don't put #hashtag in Facebook. It doesn't work that way.

Trending Topics: A word, phrase or topic that is tagged at a greater rate than other tags is said to be a trending topic. Trending topics become popular either through a concerted effort by users or because of an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic.These topics help Twitter and their users to understand what is happening in the world.

Trending topics are sometimes the result of concerted efforts by fans of certain celebrities or cultural phenomena, particularly Lady Gaga (known as Monsters), Justin Bieber (Beliebers) and the Twilight and Harry Potter novels. Twitter have altered the trend algorithm in the past to prevent manipulation of this type.

Twitter's March 30, 2010 blog post announced that the hottest Twitter trending topics will scroll across the Twitter homepage.Users will also be able to find out how a specific topic became a trending topic.
What is the trending topics as of now?

Worldwide trends 

· Change

tumblr(www.tumblr.com/) : Tumblelogs are miniblogs — a fast way to share links, photos, and videos without the bells and whistles of a regular blog. Unlike blogs, tumblelogs are frequently used to share the author's creations, discoveries, or experiences while providing little or no commentary. A website for interesting yet random people, where you can express yourself without being judged. You can post whatever you like, whenever you like. Not everyone understands tumblr, so don't worry about idiots from school/work/anywhere to be joining. If blogs are journals, tumblr is a scrapbook. If blogs are journals, tumblr is a scrapbook.

Facebook person: I think I'll join tumblr. 

So this is the part 1 of the series and Part 2 will be coming soon. Enjoy!
Reference: Wikipedia & Urban Dictionary

17 May 2012

Castle in the air

No, I can't wait any longer, as I'm not getting any younger
My dreams has been delayed,as a lot of reasons has been played

No, it is not I have a lot of cash, I just pursuing my castle in the air
Fantasize Tulips in Spring and the joy they will bring

No, I don't want to wait anymore, there's an open door,
Being alone with nobody, what more I am waiting for?

No, I don't understand, why do you think my vision is bland?
I've done my sacrifice, I've done my part, I have nothing to spare

No, if you don't want to go, please don't
I can handle regardless, is not making me less

No, I can't hold back, there's no turning back
Until I find someone, let me be the one

No, please don't say more words, they make me hurt
To let go my ambition, I won't take action

No, I just don't care, what people would say
It's my life we are talking here, and my decision is here to stay

The heart wants what the heart desire
With God willing, I will never retire

-Original compose-

13 May 2012

Sad week...

Something shocking and sad happened to my best friend this week, her husband passed away leaving her and her you 8 months daughter. When I found out the news, I was so shocked, sad and cried thinking what will happen to my friend. Only the day before we talked about 'jodoh' how we teased each other how I should learn from her on how to flirt because it took her one year to meet and married her husband.

We talked about if it mean to be each other, it will be quick because my other friend also got boyfriend but still has not tying the knot yet. That was on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning, I found out that her husband was in hospital, so I just text her for any news then, my friend told me that suddenly her husband passed away...I was so upset but I can't go anywhere because we have a big seminar on that day. I really can't concentrate on the presentation because all I can think off about her and her 8 months daughter. The fact that I have another two of my friends that their husbands died with young children also bothering me.

I know this is Allah's will and it works mysterious ways and I cannot help thinking how hard is it to start all over again. They have been married for 2 years and 3 months and they have plans, they just bought house together and order Proton Preeve and going to Perhentian Island next week, we only can plan, but only Allah knows what will happen.

I knew her husband because practically, me and friends that bring them together. I was suppose to accompany her when she met her ex, and when her ex bring her soon to be husband. I went all the way to Kelantan on 12 hours train ride to attend her wedding. I was one of the friends visiting her after given birth to her daughter and in the office we are neighbour as we sit next to each other. We shared food, gossips, and every report deadline, we will buy one free one San Francisco Coffee. My heart feel for her and I just can't wait until the work hour is over so I can visit her.

Almost the whole office went out to her in-laws to visit her and from what I found out from HR staff that manage to visit her, she has been crying since morning, and still crying when we saw her. When we asked her, she didn't say anything. I guess she just heartbroken.My heart sank for her. I don't know any comfort word that I can say to her and all I can do is just to hold her hand. Her eyes keep looking at her daughter that seems wondering why there are so many people in the house and sometimes she will look at her husband wallet for his photo on their marriage card and license. It just so sad.

Last Saturday, I did visit her again with another bunch of friends. We stayed for almost for hours and she seem quite ok but her eyes well up when she talks about her  deceased husband. She has to start all over again but I know that she can do it because she is a strong and independent woman and mother. She has gone through a lot of things and I know she can do this. She should know that she would not do this alone as I will be there to help her and Allah give her this hardship because He knows that she can handle it. She just need to know she has friend in me that will love and support her and will be there for her. Stay Strong!

7 May 2012

Suits TV Series

I think it has been so long since I wrote about my favourite show. But I have a new one now and it is on Monday and it is good. I can't wait for Mondays now. The show is called Suits and it is about a genius guy who pulled off as a Lawyer even though he doesn't has any degree in law. Go figure.

I love the way the two characters interact where the mentor is more like corporate and ruthless guy and the mentee is more compassionate and naive guy. They have to cover-up the fact that the mentee is not a graduate lawyer but a genius guy with great memory and can absorb everything that he read. Kinda cool huh!

Here's the summary of the character:

Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) is a brilliant college dropout. Mike's childhood dream of becoming a lawyer was derailed after he was caught selling a math exam to the Dean's daughter. Naturally intelligent and with an eidetic memory, Mike makes a living taking tests for other people, particularly LSATs.He has to take care of her grandma and sometimes his trouble friend Trevor. He is very details and likes his client . I think that is why Harvey likes him.

Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) is one of New York City's top attorneys who has recently been promoted to senior partner at his firm, and is forced by company policy to hire an associate. After an accidental interview with Mike, Harvey is impressed by the younger man's quick wits, his encyclopedic knowledge of the law, and his genuine desire to be an attorney, and hires him. Due to the fact that Mike lacks a law degree, and because the firm prefers Harvard alumni, they both pretend that Mike is a Harvard graduate. He looks so good in suits, seriously, I mean wow! Sometimes he has soft heart that he seldom shows off but I think only Mike knew about it.

Jessica Pearson is Harvey's boss and she can be your good friend or your worst enemy. In Person Harden Firm, she is number one to impress with but she is good in what she is doing and she is a good boss.

At the firm, Mike is continuously hounded by junior partner Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Harvey's jealous rival. He is kind annoying and I love how he is always "kena" with Harvey or even Mike. He is like "a baddy" in this show.

Mike is eventually befriended by Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle), a paralegal, whose test anxiety has prevented her from attending law school, and the two soon develop a mutual attraction. Mike and Harvey often come into conflict over Mike's naiveté and ethical scruples and Harvey's hard charging and seemingly uncaring demeanor.Could be Mike's love interest.

Another interesting character would be Donna Paulsen played by Sarah Raffety. She is Harvey's assistant and close confidant. She will go out of her way to help Harvey, even it means crossing Harvey himself. She has worked with Harvey since his first year as an ADA. She is powerful enough to be able to scare even Louis, having an extensive memory of his former indiscretion. She is funny and outspoken and I love how she interact with Harvey and Mike.

Usually the show start at 10am on Diva @ 702 channel and always clashes with Revenge on Star World (another favourite show). But I think I can't wait for another repeat for this show so that is why I choose to watch it rather than Revenge.

The show has been renewed for a second season and I can't wait to  wait how the story goes. Have to stop now, the show is about to start!

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suits_(TV_series)

3 May 2012

World of Postcards!

Do you know that you can meet people all over the world and see some of their places for only RM 0.50? You don't believe it? Then I should introduce you to Postcrossing ( http://www.postcrossing.com ). It is a website where we can actually get a random postcard from people all around the world. When you send a postcard, you will receive a postcard from random people. I've been a member since 2006 and so far my postcard has travel for over 533, 917km across the world just with a postcard and RM 0.50 stamp.

You know the element of surprise of receiving postcards from different places in the world is quite exciting. There are some countries that so far away that amaze me with a postcard, it feel that I can to get to know them better. In addition they have beautiful and unique stamps a lot of story to tell.

Here are some of my favourites:

 Ok, this is not actually a postcard, but it is like a photos scrapbook. It comes from New Zealand from a mother name Andrea. It also has some sticker photo of Lake Wakatipu. It makes me want to go to New Zealand badly.

 Ok, this is also not actually a postcard, but it is like a real photo itself and it is from Finland. It is the view of his summer cabin. What a view. How great is it to get a view like this every time you wake up. Love it!

What is so special about this postcard? Because it comes from Lithuania, which a country that seldom I heard of. I know it is in Europe but not sure where it is exactly. Apparently it is in Northern Europe and near Baltic sea.  It has modern and medieval look in the town and I really hope that I can visit here someday.

I love this postcard because it has a romantic castle hotel which situated in Limburg, Germany. It also has a beautiful castle stamp as above (sorry not so clear). I love castles. The sender is actually has vacation here and he is actually from a small village in Riepe and he works as tester of cars at the Volkswagen -Passat factory in Emden. How cool it that?


This postcard is from Belgium, the thing I like most other than cute kittens on the front is the small drawing on the postcard itself. I think it is very nice of the sender and it is beautiful. Another summer cabin and love it.

This is a [postcard from Finland. Another beautiful postcard and look at the stamps with unusual form me. It has 0.05 and 0.10 stamp. The shape is also quite different from normal stamp.

Other than getting postcards from Postcrossing, I also sometimes get postcards from my friends or I bought it from myself because postcard would be the cheapest souvenir that I can get. For example:

This postcard I got from Japan of course. I think it is around 100 yen and the famous Mount Fuji on it. The reason I got this because this is one of the cheapest thing I can get for myself and I really want to go Mount Fuji but still not able to go to as I went to Japan for business. Hope to came back here someday, before Air Asia cancel flight to Japan.

This postcard was given to me by one of my Instructor that when to South America for holiday. I told her that I really would like to have a postcard of Machu Picchu and here it is. I always has a dream to go here since I watch documentary on this heritage site. But to travel here is not easy as you need to have oxygen mask and it cost you a fortune to visit South America. Seriously

This postcard was given by my boss who just come back from Europe again, I mean she went last year and again, she went again this year. Actually, she sent me this postcard when she visited Keukenhof and I was so jealous. In the postcard she wrote about how the whole bus just awe and wowing on the way to go there and I just feel that I an't wait to go there next year. Good motivation boss!

Usually what I do is to get a lot of postcard and buy a lot of stamps. Sometimes, I went for outstation, I will buy postcards of the state so I can send to whoever address that I need to send to. Sometimes, I will exchange postcards with my colleague, who I manage to recruit to join the community. I think this is one of my productive hobby so far as I do enjoy to know how people lives and get excited to check my mailbox as it is not only for bills and spam letters. So, if you are interested don't forget to register yourself at Postcrossing!

Another postcard from Finland. Apparently the bear is a famous bear in children TV , Uppu-Nalle

This postcard is from Belarus, another Europe country.

This is from city of Nokia, Finland

Other than castle, I also love light house. This postcard is from  Germany

Another funny stamp and it is from Germany

From Holland, love tulips and the cows

From Edinburgh, Scotland...what a beautiful view

Not only from Europe and US, I also got postcards from Tunisia, Japan and China

From Portugal

From Russia with love.
This is one of castle in Barcelona.

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...