12 Dec 2010

I will miss you, Sabah

It is been a while since I wrote the blog. With all the drama and re-organization in the office, it did takes some time to recover. Well, it is true, I'm no longer will be taking care of Sabah. I'm only took care of them for one year but it is wonderful year.

The thing that I'm going to miss are:

a) The flight - seriously I like taking flight although it is quite taxing sometimes and of course I lie window seat although for some reason it is always blocked by the wing, like you can't see anything down there.I like MAS's nasi lemak and if you taking the connection flight to Japan or KL, will get extra special Ferraro Roche and fruit cake.  I also will miss collecting points for my Enrich.
b) The cities - for me Sandakan is a very quite city and the people there quite modest. KK is more vibrant and full of energy. It is interesting to appreciate the cities as they were and will love to go Sandakan again. (Already got ticket to go to KK again next March)

c) The food - Food glorious food. Sandakan has the cheapest seafood so far and KK not bad. My instructors would say that there is the different taste between Sandakan and KK as the comes ap from different sea, Sulu and South China Sea, to tell the truth, I have not been able to differentiate it at all. Have tried Ocean King Seafood and Kampung Buli Sim-Sim in Sandakan as well as Kampung Salut Seafood in KK. Cheap and tasty.

d) The people- Of course, how not to love the people. I kind like their dialect with "bah" and quite strong pronounciation for letter"R". I can see a lot kind of people and a lot of big cars...I mean really big cars. It is fascinating to see how people live in different area. When I went to Kampung Buli Sim-Sim in Sandakan, on the way to the restaurant, you can see people's house I mean literally when you walked in the small pave, you can see people cooking or just watching television in their living room, (is not like I'm peeping though). All the instructors are great and passionate about their students. I also makes friend with one of the seller in Filipino market, of course got great discount of brooch and bracelets.

e) Filipino Market & surrounding area-  I think it is the place although it is quite scary first. I like to shop for bracelets and brooch, go to the Pasar Masin (of course for my mom and aunties) although my bag will smell like ikan masin after that. The place is near sea and you can see the boats coming up and down from Gaya island as well as fishing boats near the jetty. Jalan coastal is one of beautiful road along the sea and the scenery during sunset is breathtaking.

One of memorable moments from my Sabah trips would be during puasa month where I buka puasa earlier than anyone else as well as bersahur with cold rice and sotong bakar in 3.30 in the morning in hotel room. Then with Sunny and Shell went to Kampung Salut for my first trip with blinking fuel indicator of Viva where with no pump station around, quite scary.
Another one would be my rented car got hit in my second visit to KK as well as learning how to drive auto car for the first time (thanks Boss).

I think I really will miss Sabah and already plan to go to KK again this March for Kota Belud and Islands....
MH 51 to KK
Kampung Buli Sim Sim
The view from hotel room

Fishing boats near Pasar at Sinsuran
One of my favourite photos

Near Jalan Coastal, my favourite photo
Bandar Sandakan, at once glance.
Scenery from the Hotel in 1Borneo
One of favourite restaurant in 1Borneo
Ya, I know, Charles and Keith at RM 15...near Plaza Warisan

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