30 Apr 2013

Let the adventure begins...

Well, just finish packing and ready to go...all my hopes and my dreams are about to come true. I just can't believe I'm about to have one of greatest journey of all time and I just can't stop smiling. All the research, the pain of seeing others realizing their dreams the hope that I will be there someday are going to go away in three weeks.

I'm nervous, especially thinking about the immigration, I don't want to forget how to speak in English. I'm nervous because I will be alone there and I'm excited but try not to bring my hope high because I don't want to be easily disappointed  I need to expect the unexpected and don't let my guard down regarding my security. May Allah bless me during the journey....

After I come back, I will read back all my posts regarding this journey and try to remember that desperate feeling of wanting something so bad, so I can apply them to my next goal. Of course, I will also upload some photos and blogging about the journey.

So, wish me luck and wish me safely home. Keep calm and vote and just remember, we only have one country. All the best!

27 Apr 2013

Final preparation....I can't stop smiling....

I'm supposed to do some works instead of blogging. Yeah I know. I hope my boss doesn't read my this post. I'm going to continue my work after this, I promise.

Next Monday will be the last day of work before going off to my dream vacation and that is why I need to finish off my work. If not, I can't enjoy my vacation. So, far 2 reports and not to mention my study assignments to finish off in 3 days. I also need to do some laundry and to buy small towel and blankets for the camping.

As for money, I need to change around 300 pound and that's all. Now, I need to figure out how to stash the money safely, like should I put them in the luggage or bring it over the plane? I just find out that my flight from Doha to KL has been cancelled and I have two choices whether to take the same flight from Heathrow to Doha and wait for 8 hours before continuing to KL or take night flight from Heathrow and arrived KL at 9 at night? So, of course I took the later one, give the time to shop but I need to take leave the next day.

Now, I still need to photocopy my passports and all the itineraries as well to to get train information in London. Other than that I might need to finalize the trips in London where I can't figure out if Tower of London is worth for visit or not.

I haven't pack yet, maybe tonight so tomorrow I can't still do last minute shopping for things that I need (why I need a lot of stuff?). When I'm thinking about the adventure and realizing my dreams in few days, I just can't stop smiling and I jus can't believe it is going to happen, with Allah permission of course. I just can't believe that I'm that type of person, when I want it, I make it happen, if only I can stick to my diet!

So, I will write again before going off and hopefully I don't forget to pack all the things I need.

P/s: Visitor from Doncaster, England...are you Louis Tomlinson?

19 Apr 2013

Buzz Buzz

Sorry, busy busy busy...11 days to Europe and still a lot of thing to do especially finish up my work and school work. Might be missing for a while but will surely to update the final preparation by next week.

Roger and out!

4 Apr 2013

Preparing for Everything...

Well according to my countdown, as of today, 26 more days before going off to Europe. And what a coincidence, this month would be the busiest month for me. Other than attend classes every weeks, not to mention with assignments and tests before need to finish before going off, I also need to go outstation to Sabah and Kedah. And just today, I found out I need to prepare some training that messes up my work schedule that I need to redone again.

I also need to do some shopping for example to buy travel adapter, extra memory card for the camera and some clothes ( I just want to look cute in the photo haha) and I only got 2 more Saturdays and another Saturday was reserved for company event. Not to mention to save at least one of Saturday to prepare assignments and to study for tests.

In addition, I need to keep fit, you know to walk around (just bought travel shoe, the most expensive shoe I ever have) and to stay healthy because I don't want to become sick when travelling. However, in my Office right now, some staff got sick because of the weather and I hope that I won't catch the virus. Ok maybe now should be ok but not the last week of the month, uh uh, I need to be strong, eat my virgin coconut oil and hope nothing bad happen to me.

It just, I've been waiting so long for this dream trip to happen and I just want it to be perfect, like the one I always dream of and as expected. Although people said, expect the unexpected. I will prepare that one too...

So, now I just need to be focus and solve all the tasks one by one with my mind still intact. Although it is hard to focus because I just keep picturing Eiffel Tower, Lauterbrunnen and Cotswold in my mind. I just can't wait but I know I need to prepare and settle everything so that I can have piece of minds and enjoy my dream holiday. Wish me luck!

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

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