31 Dec 2013

2014 Resolutions

Salam semua, so how are you? I just finished one of the three final exam and going to have another two on this Saturday and next week Friday. So please wish me luck.

So 2013 has been a good year for me, I have manage to fulfill my longtime dream to visit Europe and until now I'm still pinching myself, like I can't believe I did that already. So, I heard that in order to make your resolutions comes true, you have to write it somewhere, so here I am writing next year resolutions and it must be specific, so I try to.

1. To travel more, planning for next year, Vietnam, Turkey and maybe impromptu travel plans.

2. To find somebody to be my partner for life maybe after my trip to Turkey on September 2014.

3. To lose the weights at least by 20 kg in a year by doing swimming at least once a week and eat healthy food and to reduce fast food, just once a month only.

4. To do more impulsive things such as weekend gateway or to join charity event or join a group or something.

5. Take new hobby of photography, hopefully, you can see more photos here.

So, this is my plan for the year of 2014, I really hope 2014 will be a great year for me! So what is yours?

23 Dec 2013

How I met your father?

I just watched "How I met your mother" just now it is about how Ted bring a wrong girl to the Farhampton's lighthouse and although it has a breathtaking scenery, but with wrong people, you just can't feel it. the next two years, he bring "The Mother" and how the click together and he propose and of course she said yes.
For some reason, I do have connection with Ted, who is for 8 seasons, keep looking for "the one" and sometimes he was tired and give-up and his hope to meet "the one" keeps him alive.

I do love Ted, he is an architect, which I love and he is kind, funny and good with kids. There is one episode where he met his ex-fiance, Stella and Stella just told her to hold on because the mother of his children is running to him as fast as she can. I like to believe the man of my dream is running to me as fast as he can, but what I'm afraid if I was running from him as fast as I can.

Although, I'm old enough but believe or not I never fall in love a day in my life, that is why one of my friend told me that the reason I behave like a child or still not matured enough because my heart is never been broken. I don't know whether it is true or not but I would like to get my heart broken if I can be matured and think like an adult. Then I can do my job better and not doubting myself again and again whetther should I move on or not. But the thing that stop me is I have put shield around me because I don't want to get hurt. I saw people around me crumble when they lost their loves and I just thought I can't do that to myself, I'm not strong enough.

So, here I am still looking and haven't got clue what I want in my life. I know what I want, which is to drop everything and travel the world but I know that is not what people expected of me. People around me would like to see me to have a family, and I know they means well, so that there will be somebody to look after me. To tell the truth it is scare that I don't feel to have family yet when I'm getting old and all inside my mind is where to travel next.  As I mentioned before, I start to travel by myself when I was 27, which is very late and I just wish that I have travel earlier and then I can complete all my dream places and settle down early. Now, my time is short and I have 1001 travel plans that need to be complete. It is like I'm making up for the time that has lost and was in the dark.

Perhaps, that should be my next year resolution, to be brave enough to open my heart to anyone who deserve it. I achieve my dream to go to Europe this year. If I have the courage to go to the foreign places alone, I should have brave enough to accept someone in my life right?

Well, time shall see whether I'm bold enough to do it. I hope like Ted, I will be able to tell my children how I met their father. It won't take 9 years to tell them, I promise. Wish me all the best guys!

15 Dec 2013

Symptoms of Wanderlust and how to cure it...

What is wanderlust?

Wanderlust (also known as ‘itchy feet’) is a mental state of desperately wanting to travel. It has been described as similar to needing to pee, but there is no toilet nearby and the pee feels like it’s going to burst out of you.

What causes wanderlust?

There are many triggers that can lead to wanderlust, however, extended periods of working and not having sufficient funds to go travelling are common causes. Some sufferers have reported that short breaks can increase the intensity of wanderlust symptoms while other experience wanderlust most when reading the National Geographic magazine.

What are the symptoms of wanderlust?

Mild symptoms of wanderlust include:

  • Researching travel destinations and what to do there extensively
  • Learning a language for fun
  • Subscribing to travel blogs and living through the travel bloggers eyes
  • Watching the conversion rates drop and rise on a daily basis

More severe symptoms of wanderlust include:

  • Feeling down when looking at holiday photos posted on Facebook
  • Frequently rethinking careers, hoping to find a job that can makes long term travel financially viable
  • Playing more games to keep mind off travel
  • Reading more books to keep mind off travel
  • Frantically saving money and budgeting everything
  • Frequently checking Groupon getaways
  • Vivid dreams and feeling disappointed when you wake up
  • Feeling down about your current life

What is the treatment for wanderlust?
Once you’you've caught the travel bug, you are infected for life. The only way to treat wanderlust is to relieve the symptoms when wanderlust is really really bad.
The best treatment for wanderlust is a 4-8 week course of travel.
Moving to a country where there is a better life work balance.
If this is not possible then you can:
  • Talk to other travellers who have the wanderlust-moaning and making plans that fall through can help you to feel like you’re doing something small to realise your travel dreams.
  • Find an employer that tolerates sabbaticals.
  • Find more streams of income to support your travel habits.
  • Avoid inspiring photographs, travel stories and good flight deals as they can irritate the wanderlust.

Extreme wanderlust if untreated can cause the death, of the soul. You may also start to lose any curiosity for the world and all the cultures in it and only care about what’s on the telly. Treat it in its early stages where possible.
P/s: I think I have most of the symptoms...yep need to find cure fast...

1 Dec 2013

Going to Middle Earth....

Seriously, this ad makes me want to go to New Zealand so badly.....I hope it will come true next year...skyscanner here I come!

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...