6 Sep 2015

Matta Fair 2015

So, i just come back from Matta Fair today and surprise suprise bought something...haha. But I have not bought my flight ticket to Europe yet although the ticket price is screamingly cheap....yes, it is because I didn't finalize the date yet. There have the discussion where my  brother suggest that we go in August instead of May because then hey can get entrance to heritage places for free as the have heritage passes or something. According to the passes, if they stay in UK more than 1 year, they can get into the heritage places such as castles in  England fro free, and if 2 years, they can enter the places in Scotland for free.

Then I was thinking if I go in August, then why not just go in October instead, then I can  watch Autumn leaves fall and who knows Aurora Borealis. Then again, the discussion when back to May. So, now I still try to finalize our itinerary and the budget that we have to fork out. So that s the update for my UK road trip.

So what about today's Matta Fair? There are still a lot of people, believe me especially in Domestic Hall compared to International Hall. But in the International Hall there too a lot of people and I was amazed with Apple's Booth, seriously nice.

So what do I bought from Matta Fair today?

1. Berjaya Redang Island Resort.

Well we manage to get 2 nights stay there for RM 588 for 2 person. It includes snorkeling trips as per attached in photo below.I hope we got a good deal.

Berjaya's Hotel Promotion
2. Dinner Buffet Voucher at Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

We got it for RM 29.95 instead of RM 40 and we were promised with beautiful view at night. They also has promotion of Buffet Lunch for RM 21.25. Cheap right?

So, we are planning to go to Redang in October and I will update you more about the trip. See you soon!
Apple's Booth
Kids playing snow sleigh courtesy of Korea Tourism

All things from Matta Fair!

12 Jul 2015

British Isles Road Trip: Preparation 2

I hope it is not too late to say Happy Ramadan and it is not too early to say Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir Batin. 

So, how is your Raya preparation? For me, I just wear some old clothes that I rarely wear, I mean seriously, Raya is just for newlyweds, children and parents. For single like me, I will go pray in the morning and have nap in the afternoon. Seriously.

I quite pumped up about my road trip even though I just found out that my brother's car has met accident. Nothing serious, just a dent and he needs to pay 50 pound for it while he get more than 500 pound  claimed from the insurance company. Sweet.

So, I just Google and do a lot of digging especially on Tumblr on which places we should go. So here is my top 5 places we should visit while vacationing in British Isles. They ae not in particular order.

1. The Dark Hedges

Seriously, I knew The Dark Hedges, pre Game of Thrones, I always fascinated with the mysterious around it. The Dark Hedges is a unique stretch of the Bregagh Road near Armoy, in Northern Ireland. Hope I can have a picture of me walking from the back. It would be so cool.

2. Tu Hwnt I’r Bont Tearoom, Llanrwst

Tu Hwnt i’r Bont is a traditional Welsh Tea Rooms situated in delightful market town of Llanrwst and the gateway to the beauty of Snowdonia, Wales. The cafe’s roof is covered in Virginia creeper which is quickly changing from green to red as the autumnal colours start to show. I doubt I can see the tearoom as in the picture but it would be thrill to have some traditional tea with with my brother and his family here. My treat!

3. Loch Ness 

Ok seriously, who went to Scotland without going to Loch Ness? Who knew, I might having a selfie with the monster itself?

4. Stanage Edge, Peak District

Large gritstone edges that overlook Hathersage in Peak District, Stanage Edge found fame as the scenic spot where Elizabeth Bennet, played by Keira Knightley, daydreamed of dashing Mr Darcy, , in the 2005 Pride & Prejudice. Me and my sister in law want to re-create this scene...yeah waiting for my own Mr. Darcy....

5. Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye

Fairy Pools, seriously beautifully crystal clear blue pools on the River Brittle. One look and you just feel want to dive in and stay they forever. Seriously, I can't wait to swim in the pool.

So, here are the top 5 places that I wanted to go and hopefully, it will come true!

7 Jun 2015

British Isles Road Trip: Preparation 1

Looks who is coming back? Yap, it's me again. I know some of you might fed-up with me appearing like chipsmore, "sekejap ada, sekejap takde" I'm so sorry. I just lost it. Sorry!

But now I pumped up already yeah...after some Skyping and televideo through Hangout, it is already set, I'm going to road trip together with my brother around British Isles. For your info, my brother and his family is in Nottingham since last year as he is continuing his study for Phd. I plan to visit them next year because I miss them and especially my niece so much. Then I told them I might want to visit Scotland (yeah because of Outlander) and they said they want to come to...so wohooo road trip!

So what is British Isles? It just covers England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. See, my brother would like to go Snowdonia, Wales so we include that and I really want to go to Isle of Skye, Cornwall and The Dark Hedges. So after some calculation, it looks like we will cover up to 2000km. Yep, I'm planning to cover for petrol expenses and try to find out how much is the petrol cost in UK.

So far we just try to plan which place we would like to cover and how much it will cost. I try to play with Google Map and find out what our journey will be like.

If we cover all British Isles

If we didn't cover Ireland, ten it will become UK road trip
So far everything is still under planning and I will try to find more info for the trip. We plan to to do it in the month of May next year as the day is longer and before fasting month.

So, if you have feedback and info regarding this trip, feel free to comment. I welcome any ideas and tips.

Ok, bye for now!. I promise I will be back soon!

8 Mar 2015

I'm back, well sort of

Salam again to all. Ya, I guess you guys wondering what happen to me? To tell you the truth, nothing actually. It just I've been very lazy, besides I'm not going anywhere.

It's not that I'm quitting travelling but I just nothing to share actually. I can't just ramble about myself for my next posts, who want to read that?

For 2015, I'm not planning to go anywhere because I'm saving up for my next trip next year. Where to? I 'm planning to visit my brother and his family in Nottingham and from there perhaps we can go to Scotland. Scotland is one of country in my bucket list especially after obsessing with Outlander tv series. Seeing the highlanders with their sexy accent makes me want to go there so bad.

I'm still have not enough of England. Anglophile as myself would be content until I seeing cliff at Cornwall, theme park in Brighton and again London. I might throwing Cardiff or Dublin in my next visit. At first, I want to move on and go see The northern lights in Scandinavian country such ass Finland and Sweden, but every time I open my tumblr and see the green grass and old buildings of Cotswold, I just want to be there again. So I guess my quest to see the northern lights have to wait.

So far that is the update of myself. I will try to update my blog as much as I can but just be patient with me ok.

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