17 Apr 2008

Where is Dunkin Donut?

Imagine to my suprised when I reached in the morning and plan to buy some bread at "rotiman" and in my horror, the place where Dunkin Donut was, empty. What the hell. I mean where shopuld I get my coffee for report checking day. Dunkin Donut coffee and report checking day was invented by me, as I though I deserved a very creamy and good coffee for that stressing day. I hate San Franciscoo Coffee!. I have a lot of Dunkin Donut coupon that can be used at here only. Why? why? why? . I gonna miss you ice coffee with hazelnut!


You may think I will talk some deep, fulfilling about life but not this time. Life is a TV series that I'm digging now. It is on the Star World every tuesday from 9pm. The trailer intrigue me the most to watch the series. It is about Detective Charlie Crews,who in 2007 was released from Pelican Bay State Prison after he served twelve years of a life sentence. In 1995 he was wrongfully convicted of the triple murder of his business partner and his family. Thanks to the efforts of his lawyer Constance Griffiths, DNA evidence exonerated him of the murders. Having lost his job, his wife, his friends, nearly all contact with the outside world and even his grip on reality for a time while in jail, he has emerged with a head full of Zen (having found a copy of The Path to Zen in the prison yard one day, he read it endlessly), a fixation with fresh fruit (obviously not easy to come by while in prison), and an obsession with solving the murder that nearly cost him his life and exposing the conspiracy that framed him for it. After successfully suing the city of Los Angeles and the LAPD, he has been reinstated to the police force and received an undisclosed but substantial money settlement-taken from Wikipedia. The main character attract me the most. Although he is not one of the best looking person in town, but still he is superb in this character. The actor name is Damien Lewis. He is a British guy who played American guy. His accent is flawless and the way he talked is "zen-ish" and full of meaning. In the first episode, he bought a house, a orange farm together with the tractor and he has obsession with fresh fruits because in the prison, the fruits not so good, I guess. He also doesn't what is "IM" and camera phone. The scene was soooo funny. Although I cannot watch the series today, because 9.30pm is Ugly Betty at 8tv, but I manage to catch the series on Friday. I like the way he communicate with his partner, Dani Reese and his friend, Ted. He is funny and charming. He is my kind of guy.

My morning sunshine

Starting from April, my morning is complete. I mean in Star World, two of my favourite sitcoms, Scrubs and Friends are playing back to back. It is enough to make me wake-up early than usual in the morning so that I can watch them.

Seriously, I really like the main character in Scrubs, JD and his best friend Turk. For the 25 minutes, I learn about the friendships and the meaning of accepting myself. This morning is regarding is not important what other people think of you but you yourself, you are what your thinking. Well, that is what Dr. Cox, JD mentor's said anyway.

Well, for Friends, I mean really although if they re-run this show a 100 times I still watch them because they are so funny. My favourite friend is Chandler. Well, I do like funny guy. Now is the episode where he and Monico still secretly dating and I can't wait to watch the one with everybody found out about them.

I know I sound pathetic saying these sitcoms are the sunshine of my boring life, but what the heck with others opinion!

Ok I know I wrote this blog while still at working hours but did manage to finish 2 centre visit reports and I deserve a break!

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