17 Aug 2012

Selamat Hari Raya!

Hi, I would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and Maaf Zahir Batin. I just wanted to say, please forgive me if I have done something wrong or please drive safely back to your home town.

I might be missing blogging for one week, but I will be back to blog my Raya experiences. I hope.

I will go back to my home town Sungai Petani with my brother ( for the last time before he fly to UK and as a single lad) sob sob. I will drive carefully and attentively ( with the help of Nescafe and Redbull) and please don't be selfish and drive in emergency lane.

Better be safe than sorry!

13 Aug 2012

Breaking In

Ok, I have to blog about my new favourite show, Breaking In. The show is about, Contra Security is a high tech security firm that specializes in breaking in as a way to test security measures. The team members comprise various skills, and even more various personalities. In every episode they have the task for example to steal a luxury car or to protect a school boy from bullies. The half and hour show is shown in Astro Channel 701 (AXN) and usually it will shows 2 episodes back to back.

So, here is summary of the characters:

Bret Harrison as Cameron Price, a slacker-hacker who wanted to spend his life living comfortably in college as a big fish in a small pond after hacking their computers to give himself a full scholarship for life, but was drafted into Contra Security when they found out what he had done and threatened to expose him. He is 28 years old. His birthday is on April 6, 1984. He is skilled in disarming firewalls, password encryption and general troubleshooting.

Alphonso McAuley as Cassius "Cash" Sparks, a 27-year-old fanboy genius and gadget guy who loves pranking and candy bars. He does office pranks, skilled in robotics and nano-technology and is a master of sci-fi, comic book and fanboy trivia. He also freestyle raps and lives in his mother's garage.

Odette Annable as Melanie Garcia  a thrill-seeking lock picker and safe cracker with whom Cameron is infatuated. Melanie was in a relationship with Dutch until he got arrested for selling clean urine to airline pilots for drug tests.

Christian Slater as Ferris "Oz" Oswald Osbourne, a former thief and counterfeiter who now runs Contra Security and is trying to keep on the up-and-up, whose favorite thing to do is order around and manipulate his staff. He begins numerous episodes by saying "Greeting and salutations."

What I like about the show is how all the cast are related and they are funny. Bret Harrison of course, always play the reluctant characters that have to do things that he is not comfortable with but in the end become great with it for example in The Reaper. I always love him in Grounded for Life, That's 70's Show and of course The Reaper.  In here, he has been scouted because he is a tech genius who manage to enroll in the university with scholarship (of course he hacked it). In the beginning, he was reluctant to join the company but as the show progress he become comfortable and even become a good leader. He is in love with Melanie who has a boyfriend who is attentive to him.

I also loves Christian Slater in this show. The man knew everything and everything to know about. He manages to "manipulate' his team to do the work, even to break in to his ex-wife house.

However, for some reason the show is cancelled after the second season. What a waste. I really love the show and can't wait every Sunday night at 9pm to watch them. I guess, I just enjoy the while it lasts!

Reference: Wikipedia

7 Aug 2012

Introducing Red...

Finally, I've got to drive my new car already. So far so good and I already achieved 1000km within a week, thanks to travel from my hometown to KL and to my uncle's house in Tapah.

What I love about the car is the steering has the control buttons for the music player. Love it, although I still need to study the manual on how to set-up radio as so far I just listen songs from my pen-drive over and over again.

So here it is and I can't wait to "balik raya" with him soon!

P/s: For some reasons, I still afraid to drive up the hill with Red, I think it was harder than driving manual car. Hmmm still a lot to learn.

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