19 Mar 2017

I'm going for adventures in New Zealand Part 5: Inland Scenic Route 77

My laptop is ok, so now without further due, here is the update. By the way, Hi Letchumy(^_^)

Inland Scenic Route 77

Around 8.30am, we are ready to check out and make our way to Mount Cook using Inland Scenic Route 77 Actually, I know about this road when I read in my facebook post in travellers' forum. It is not usual road that Malaysian always use, the from the blogs and internet research, most of Malaysian will use road where they will pass Ashburton and Ealing. So, since I'm the navigator, I decided to give it a try.

The weather is gloomy and I'm actually quite frustrated as we might not able to see beautiful scenery along the way and it is cold as it is around 10'c. However, we still our hope is still high as we are hoping as it is only in he morning, perhaps the weather will be in the afternoon.

Along the way, although the weather is still gloomy, but we do enjoy the scenery, especially went we passed through cows and sheeps cattle. We just like crazy people like screaming sheep...and cows like w have never saw cows and sheeps before. But honestly, i've never seen black and white spots cow before except in New Zealand's milk ad when I was little. So one bucket dream is checked.

Our first stop would be Rakaia Gorge where where can see turquoise river. The beautiful Rakaia Gorge is located on the Rakaia River, in inland Canterbury. You will find the scenery is stunning even in the gloomy weather. I saw he photo when the weather is nice and it is superb.Rakaia Gorge combined with places of historical and geological interest. The popular Rakaia Gorge Walkway is a 10.4 kilometre return track along the top of the Rakaia Gorge, to the ferryman's track. You can do boating, salmon and trout fishing and even explore the area by walking in the track.

We stopped here to take the photo even though it is quite cold and light raining. I mean, we can't miss to take photo, is that the travelling all about? I'm quite afraid to go near the riverbank because the stream is strong and the is the sign warning not to be there when there is flood. However, curiosity killed the cat so yes, the water is freaking cold.

After sometime, I mean when we cannot bear the cold already, we decided to continue our journey. Our next stop is somewhere which I can't remember but it has a place to stop and the scenery of white open green field and it just so beautiful. Of course we took a lot of photos and we are not alone on this. There are other tourist do the same thing, hehe.
Along the scenic route is like you are going to the countryside and the road is much more smaller with less car.

By noon, our prayers has been answered and the weather is getting better as we almost reaching Lake Tekapo. From afar, we can see the snow on the top of Mount Cook and it was breathtakingly stunning. Of course, again, we need to stop to take photos and we met a couple from Korea doing the same thing. We even took selfie together with them.

Along the road you will see  a lot of tourist car or van stopped to take photos, I even jumping with joy when I saw lupins there.One of my friends said, even the weeds here are beautiful.
After about an hour, as we are hungry already, we decided to have lunch picnic at Lake Tekapo. So, that will e in the next update hehe.

To make up my long absent, here more photos for you to 'cuci mata'......

Selfie for the long journey

Yep...that cow is just wondering why do I took their photo?

Turquoise Rakaia river....

Rakaia Bridge

Although you can't see it, but it is freezing cold!

Anyone who wants to make a reference...

The warning sign
As you can see, no cars at all...

At lookout point somewhere along the road...

Trees as the wall...


I bet the scenery would be much better with blue sky...

Like a big storm is coming in...

Yellow and green....
Weeds never look so beautiful...

Wide open grassland...

Trying to look cool....
Can you see Mount Cook?
Photo session!

5 Mar 2017

Laptop problem....

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15 Feb 2017

I'm going for adventures in New Zealand Part 4: Christchurch

Salam...I've been busy lately so not able to update for sometime. But, here I am. So enjoy

It is a good day for us as we are going to fly to South Island today by Jetstar at 10.30am. We have already book a shuttle to bring us to the airport. We have not done any shopping as we wouldn't want to have excess baggage, because we only bought 20kg per person only to save cost(^_^)

The shuttle will pick us up around 8.30am and it arrived sharply. At first, I'm quite worry because it will stop to pick other passengers but at the end we manage to arrive at the airport around 9.30am.
After checking-in we manage to get to the plane and arrive safely at Christchurch at 11.55am.

We book our car rental fro Go Rental for both South and North Island later. When we arrived, we give a call to the car rental and they asked us to wait at the car rental area which is very near to the entrance. After a while, we saw the pink Go Rental van that picked us up to the car rental office which around 5 minutes away from the airport.

As I didn't do online check-in so it takes a little time for us to do the registration. So, your Malaysian Driver License can be used in New Zealand. For this trip, we paid for four of us to be the driver and it cost additional 30 NZD. As for the car,  I booked Toyota Corolla with Peace of Mind Insurance of 15 NZD. So total cost for the car rental is 349.20 NZD ( 87.3 NZD per person ~RM 300) for 8 days. Not bad I think. Then comes to the luggage, yap so now we have 5 luggage which 3 of them are big ones and 2 smaller ones. After huffing and puffing for a while, we manage to put all luggage except mine, which is the smallest one in the car boot. So my luggage will seat at the back seat. Then we are ready to go to our hotel.

We arrive at our hotel, John Motels & Holiday Park around 2pm and after getting the keys we just can't wait to eat as we are very hungry. Our first meal in South Island? Of course instant mee hehe.
On the way here there is a major construction work happening and we miss our turns to the motel and have to do another round again. The motel that we booked is spacious with two rooms, living room and kitchen with utensils. After getting full already, comes our major activity, which is sleeping. Yap, we should just call this is our 'sleeping trip'.

Around 5pm, we get ready for shopping in Pak'N Save actually. As we are going for a long journey in South Island, we have plan to do some 'home' cooking to save some budgets. Most of motels that I booked, have kitchen facilities and I make sure it as one of priority for booking.

It was a great experience shopping in Pak'N Save as it has a lot of varieties and affordable. We bought milk, fruits, paper plates and cups and some chocolates of course. Before that, we have already put aside of 50 NZD per person to buy for groceries and one of my friend has been promote as treasurer.

After complete our shopping as the weather is still nice we have decided to driving around a little bit until we saw some parks and decided to have some photo sessions. After that, we took a wrong turn and ends up around some housing areas and it took us a while to go back to the motel. When we arrived it was dark already and we cook some Nasi Goreng Cendawan (Fried rice with mushroom) by Brahim's and get some rest for tomorrow's journey of 324km to Mount Cook.

Ok guys, I promise to try to update frequently after this. See you next week!

Ignore all the things!

Nice kitchen I would say...

Our transportation of 8 days...


Half the trolley 

Hail the chocolates!

We are lost!

21 Jan 2017

I'm going for adventures in New Zealand Part 3: Devonport and Sky Tower

Salam guys, sorry lama tak update. Here you go

The next day, we took a ferry to Devenport and it just a 15 minutes ride form the ferry terminal. The reason we want to go here because it is the cheapest ferry, around NZD 12 returns and we want to see Auckland city from another view.

Before that we went to get a breakfast at one of many halal restaurants in Auckland. However some of the restaurants are not open yet and we were looking around until one guy just tell us there is a Kebab restaurant has open few block from where we are. Of course after getting lost for some time, we manage to find it. Kebab was so big so some of us just eat half of it and keep it for lunch later.

Ferry to Devonport interval every 15 minutes. We got into the ferry and sit outside which is super cold and super windy. After we arrive, we plan to walk to Mount Victoria which is around 20-30 minutes walk up. On the way there, we saw a lot of shoplots and historical building along the way. Although  it is called Mount Victoria, believe me it just like small hill but still quite high.

As we are on the way up, there is car like stop and an old lady asked us whether we need a ride to go up there, and like clueless child, we just agreed. Lucky for us as the walk up is quite long even with a car and luckily for us, she is a very nice lady named Aideen and she is not kidnapping us. Aideen always jokes with us that we are too trusting because she might kidnapped us. But yeah she is just nice lady.

When we reached at the peak, the views are super nice and we can see Auckland city and all it's glory. Then we take a wefie with kind Aideen wich she insist to wear hijab like us and one of my friend gives her a scarves to wear in the photo. We also meet tourist from Canada which also took photo of us because she said it is something interesting.

After we said goodbye to Aideen, we just hanging around the area taking photos. We can see some of military ships docking at the harbour and there are also and big fake  mushrooms that use as water sprinkler. How creative is that?

After a while, it is getting too hot and we decided to go back. The road on the way down feel easier and as we passed through a school, the kids are really friendly and keeps saying "Hello" to us. First we thought that we wanted to have lunch in Auckland. But as we passed through the shoplots and restaurants, we feeling kinda hungry. We even saw a group of Malaysian in one of fish and chips restaurants. I guess there are students here.

So, as we still have half of the kebabs so we decided to stop at one of the park bench and eat our kebabs. It just peaceful and calm there as there are not a lot of people and cars around. We saw the group of students passing by and we smile and said hello. So far my experience meeting another Malaysian abroad are wonderful. I have never met rude one.

After that we decided to go back at hotel. We have plan to go to Sky Tower near dawn because I think it will be wonderful to see Auckland city from way up there at dawn. As dawn hers is around 8-9pm, so we decided to go there around 6 pm. As we don't have plan to go any where at the mean time and as we are tired from the journey, we sleep in. Yes, we have travel to New Zealand to sleep in the hotel. We plan that we just don't want to go out for the sake of going out. After all, it is called holidays....that is whay we want to do something to enjoy and relax according to our pace.

After a great afternoon nap, we went out to go to the Sky Tower. Yeah, we walked there and although we are on our second day in Auckland, but it feels like we lives there as we walking around knowing where to go. Or perhaps we can see Sky Tower from afar and just walk to it.

It took us a while to know that the entrance is inside the Sky Mall. The cost of the ticket is NZD 29 per person. When we get there, the lift will bring you to level 53 (or 63?) where the observation deck is. So they have this glass floor to walk for those who doesn't have fainted herat and proudly I can say that we have walk, step and even sit on it. But it still a quite scary experience. After that we went to another higher foor were you can see a magnificent 360 view of Auckland city. It just so breathtaking.

We spend quite sometime there as we were waiting for the down. But as we feel hungry, wo we have to come down early a litte bit. Then again, "Where to eat?" is another task to go. After do some Googling, we found out there is a Malaysia Mamak restaurant that we can walk to. It is near the Sky Tower.

As we walked there, it becomes dark and we just not sure where are we going. Google Map is our only hope. Then we found this area where a lot of shops, restaurants and bars and we feel that we are at the wrong place. THere is a restaurant that looks like Arab's restaurant but also they have bar, so we are not sure. We are about to give up and when back to yesterday's Kebab when  we decided to see the shop the the Arab's restaurant and sure enough, we found it.

We are just so happy to find familiar food in just second day of our journey in New Zealand. Yeah, Malaysian and its' food cannot be denied. We ordered teh tarik, noodles and fried rice and they taste like heaven. Seriously, the teh tarik is better than the one in Malaysia. Must be the milk that they use.

After feeling content, it is about time to go back to our hotel and prepare to the airport tomorrow as we are flying to the South Island. We have a great time in Auckland and we will coming back again at the end of the journey. We went to all the places by walking and I would say it was a great exercise and experience. It feel quite save to walk and people here are very nice. Hope to come here again soon!

Stay tune for our journey at South Island where we drive and guide by ourselves. All 4 girls first time driving in the foreign country. Scary or not? To be continue......

Breakfast session...for energy

Ticket and brochure for memories....

Devonport Map

Auckland City from Devonport...

Favourite photo of Auckland

Hide behind giant mushroom...

Another view from Mount Victoria...not sure what island it is

Ferry Terminal....

On the way down to the Sky Tower entrance

Are you scared of heights?

I was scared actually...

Four of us!

Some part of Auckland city...

Overlooking the harbour...

Delicious Mee Goreng Mamak...