28 Jan 2014

How to save up money for travel?

So, what's up? So is the first month of 2014? It almost end and still I only can catch my breath just starting this week. So, I got a new phone, samsung galaxy note 3 gold rose white and I love it. So enough about me but what I want to talk about is on how to save up money to travel. Seriously, I am puzzle how come people can go travel over and over again, even up to 5 different places in a year. My assumptions would be their salaries are a lot or they just starving themselves to travel. Well, I can't do both, I mean my salary, well I can't complain much but it is worth my job and I love to eat...yeah.

So how come they can travel like nobody cares, so I search out for some tips from blogs, websites and just like to share it with you. So here are my findings:

1. Change lifestyle - Change for the better, cut loose unnecessary spending. For myself, if I look closely, I do spend a lot on food and window shopping. I love to dine in the mall, and sometimes watch movies. I swear I didn't do a lot of shopping, I just go for groceries or toiletries but sometimes, when you do it during weekends, so it add up especially extra cost for parkings and knick knacks. I also like to have manicure&pedicure So I just need to find another alternatives to have fun with less budget.

2. Get part-time job - To get the extra income.. Hmmm I think I can work part time on weekends, but sometimes I need to work on weekends also so, still figuring out.

3. Meet new friends and get together with old friends- Yeah, I know it is kind of sneaky, to be friendly for a place to stay but it works. However, you also must do the same to them, it just like CouchSurfing method. Believe it or not, an of my cheapskate friend do this when he was travelling to Australia for a week. He stays with his friends and he just spend total RM 800 for the trip...seriously...he is cheap...

4. Start a savings account strictly for travel expenses - Set a goal plan and pledge not to touch it until you start traveling. The savings plan details how you’ll accomplish your goals. This could be removing unnecessary expenses and  setting a strict spending budget or adding additional income to meet your goals.

5. Really save money - Cut cost of everything such as caffeine, bring lunch to work or sell your clothes or magazine. You also can borrow books from library or buy groceries using coupon and subscribe to Groupon deals or something. Save spare change in a jar and find good deals online. I think I can do this, Yeah I have to be thrift now.

So,  first and foremost. just remember why you’re doing this and to remind yourself every day. Put a picture on your wall, or a map with pins and strings, or your rally monkey, for constant revalidation. Saving money is a slog, but you can do it if you set your mind to it. All the best to me!

19 Jan 2014

Counting Cars

Ha, Yap I already completed my degree study last 10 January. Yeah, I'm proud of sticking it out for 5 years. Since I've got more time in the hand now, so, I should be writing more updates for the blog, right? Wrong, I've been diagnosed with "Lazy Syndrome"...yep, I'm just so lazy to do anything nowadays. Plus with my workload is getting higher so when I got home I just want to lay on the bed and do lazy thing. Perhaps that is why I'm not married yet, because seriously I can't do that when I have a family. What would my mother in law say?

Last week, my 11 years old 14' TV that I've bought with my first paycheck has broken, so I bought a new 32' TV. So everything look so big. My TV obsession right now is Counting Car. It is part of the family in History Channel such as Pawn Stars, King of Restorations and The Pickers. Sometimes, they cross-in each other series. Counting Car is about custom-made car whether people will send to them, or they will find the old car and make it new and shiny. I never thought that I love cars but when I see the show, I really love it especially when they come out as shiny with chrome and all that. I love Ford Mustang it is my kind of car and of course, the price is less than my car now, seriously!

So, that is one story which touch my heart when a"little person" send them a motorcycle and he wanted them to accustomed to his height so he can ride motorcycle for the first time. Of course they managed to do it in his favourite coulour, purple and he looks good on it. It bring tears to his eyes and mine.

Sometimes, I think that If I able to bring a Ford Mustang here, I think it will be more cheaper than buying car here. So better save up now, I guess...

1965 Ford Mustang...nice huh?

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...