5 May 2008

Peninsular Malaysia - conquered already!

Well, last week I went to Johor. That is the first time I went there, profesionally and personally. Well, that trip conclude that I've visited all the states in the peninsu;ar Malaysia. I already went to Sibu, Serawak, well I don't if that count that I've been to Serawak or not. So they only sate I haven't visited is Sabah.

Let's explore my journey, shall we. Start from the north:

Perlis - I visited Gua Kelam like 3 times I guess, Kilang Gula at Chuping(I know how the sugar was made), and visited my aunty house at Arau.

Kedah - Are you kidding me, I lived there almost my whole life eventhough I wasn't born there. My cildhood in Sik(the famous writer, Shahnon Ahmad was born here. He wrote political satire novel"SHIT"). It was like a small cowboy town but I was very happy there. then we moved to Sungai Petani, fortunately, I was studying in the boarding school at Sungai Petani. I remembered last time I went back during weekends in the Ramadhan month just because to watch "The Cave of Golden Roses" and too skip terawih.( I admit I was not a goody two shoes girl) then we moved to Alor Setar before settling in Sungai Petani again. So, I'm a SP girl.

Penang - Hello, from my house to the Penang bridge on 45 minutes, ok. Of course I've been to Penang. I still remember when there was a break during SPM, some of my friends Rokhmah, Anita, Nurul and I can't remember others when sneak out to Penang. We went for the whole day. I think that is the first adventurous and spontanious thing I ever done. Last year, me and my siblings when to Pesta Pulau Penang.

Perak - Again, hello. This is the state where I was born. My mak long and pak long lives in Temoh. They are like my second family. I went to Ipoh, Tapah( like everyday when I was visited my family here), Kampar, Taiping.

Selangor - I am an UITM shah alam alumni. I lives in shah alam for 3 years before moving to Kelana Jaya. I think Shah Alam is a very suitable place to race a family. But I guess I can't afford to buy house there.

Kuala Lumpur - I become Bangsarian when my office moved to the current location. Well you see, my motto is" I will follow wherever my office goes" because I'm not so good on waking-up early. From my house to my office only takes about 10-15 minutes. I never have to complain about traffic jam when i come to office and back. If I was late, because I woke-up late, but still manage to come to the office on time. Bangsar is so convinience for me because it is situated between KL and PJ. It also near to Plus Highway, Mid Valley and if i want to go to Subang Pyramid, I can use NPE. Well, it's like what people said, "it's all about location, location, location, people!"

Negeri Sembilan - Well, I went to Seremban for my assigment, here also got for me the most delicious cup cake in the world. Jusco seremban, Bahau, Tampin, Kuala Pilah twice(both for weddings) and i even visited Istana Sri Menanti. I always want to visit there since I saw the building in History text book. What special about the castle is that it was built without using any nails. Interesting right?

Malacca - this is the state that I wanted to visit the most. I always fascinated the history of Malaca. Just wondering what will happen if the Portugese never invaded Malacca, I think our country will be the most powerful country in the world. First time I visited because of university assigment. I was a spontanious action also. We went to get information on how to breed lobster(well I've got B for the assignment). But we manage to visit Mahkota parade, A Famosa. then again I went on the work requirement for HAC at A Famosa Resort, twice. I also visited Jonker street. It is quite expensive there. I still want to visit Malacca, maybe take leaves and become a tourist there or I just follow Jocelyn on her centre vist trips but no centre visit for me, if you know what I mean.

Johor - Just went there last week. Manage to see the airport, the branch office, ulu tiram area and the hotel. I like to go to Mersing someday.

Pahang - I went to pick-up my brother in Kuantan, although I was lost, but my driving instint manage to "drive" me to the UIA campus. But to get Kuantan, I think it was the longest journey I ever been although It tooks 3 hours because of the road. I was so scared and praying for my life when my small cute car was in the middle of the 2 big lorries slowly going-up the hill. Do I want to go to Pahang again? Not sure.

Terengganu - Of course just went there for vacation at Pulau Perhentian which was the most fun/sad (my phones) I ever had. We reach Kuala Besut around 4am and got nothing to do but just sit there and waitng for the stall to open so we can have breakfast at 6.30am in the morning. Before that, I went together with my married friends and their sister to the weddings then out of the blue they asked me if i want to go to their relative's wedding in Terengganu. So being spontanious as i am, I agree. With just a clothes on my back we went there and sleep at their relative's house which was a stanger to me. We when to Pasar Payang in Kuala Terengganu and I manage to spend a fortune on the silk for my mother and others clothes. It was fun because we drove on the highway which is by the sea, then we stop to have keropok lekor near the beach.

Kelantan - I went there before when I was little girl because my uncle got married with Kelantanese. Then after our trip to Pulau Perhentian, we decided to take a bus from Kota Bharu at 9pm. So as we have some time to kill, we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah. I went crazy shopping likes there is no tomorrow. I bought all the stuff for my families such as tudungs, kain telekung and a lot of clothes. I did embarassed my groups when I asked the mak cik if i can swipe my credit card there. Then, we though to eat something kelantanese exotic food but intead we just eat rice at KB mall foodcourt. Yeah Linda, the Kelantanese brought us there. What a shame!.

So, I'm happy that I manage to travel around peninsular Malaysia before 30. Now, I need to save money o travel to Sabah, maybe to hike Gunung Kinabalu. I need to start training from now!

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