29 Jul 2012

The Dark Knight Rises -Not!

Yesterday after shopping for my little brother's engagement things (Yeah, he is married first before me. Our youngest sister, is the first one to get married, I guess in my family the younger will get married first before me sob sob) we plan to see the movie. At first I thought want to see it after Ramadan month but thniking it screening will end soon so we decided to see on that. I've check my GSC app (super helpful) and most of the screening is full, or just front seats left, so I've check Alamanda's and thankfully the 9.30pm screening time is still open with a quite good seats in the middle left for us.

I picked up my brother at his university and when to the mall. I told him that probably we didn't have a place to break our fast because all the restaurants will be fully reserved, sure enough it is true. So we decided to go to the Carrefour by some drinks as we are super thirsty from all the shopping in the afternoon and some toiletries for us and get back to the car to store them. After that we went to but Rotibuy and head up to the park to break our fast. After Marghrib prayer in the Surau which is super full (but it means everybody prays) we went to Pizza Hut to eat.

I was super excited to watch the movie because I heard a good review (actually from Loius Tomlinson's twitter) and the movie is box office everywhere. 

SPOILER (Please don't read it if you want to see the movie by yourself, but I will try not to give away the info )

At the beginning it was quite slow and we were introduced to the additional characters slowly. The movie started after 8 years Harvey Dent's death and in the beginning Bruce Wayne looks like hell. Bane character doesn't look like Tom Hardy at all and sometimes I just wonder how he breath in that mask. At first I was confuse why he wanted to take over Gotham City and what beef he had with Batman. But I found my answer in the end and it all makes sense. I didn't see at all the twist plot but when I recap, I should see it. It is in the eyes. I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt was very good and convincing as John Blake and Michael Cane looks old but I think he played Alfred very well. I understand his feelings and his decision. I think Anne Hathaway gives some comic relief in this serious movie. She is believable as a "cat thief" and can punch people quite hard and I was thinking I've just seen "The Princess Diaries 2" in Disney Channel 2 days before.

The plot is quite slow and in the battle scene I was thinking I really think this movie is for guys as I can't feel all the spirit that they wanted me to feel. The police battle scenes supposed to make you fell proud and want to live and I just thinking, whoever was in front line, will die first. I feel the ending is the best scenes and that I feel something and is was kind of hanging like hmmm, is there any additional characters for next movie? I love Helibat or the bat, it was sooo cool and again the bike is to die for. I wish I can have that bike like that.

Overall, I love the The Dark Knight Returns better, as when I after the movie finished, I was thinking to myself, that is the best movie ever! I think the Dark Rises is not a bad follow-up but you know after you have seen the best movie ever, you would anticipate the best from the next movie. The movie is good is just that maybe I have a high expectation. Overall, I would recommend people to watch it but you have to be patience to the climatic scenes as the movie is around two and a half hours long.

If you have seen the movie, please let me know comment and let me know what do you think!

21 Jul 2012

Ramadan - Month of Fasting

Today is the first day of Ramadan, so it means the first day to fast. Although I've been fasting fully since I was 10 but still, the first week of the month quite though. It is not only about not eating and drink from 5.45am to 7.30pm, but also to wake up around 4.45am for sahur and to practice patience and grace as fasting without practicing the good values of Muslim is not worth it. But as the time pass by I able to adapt it well for the rest of the month.

Ramadan is a month of obligatory daily fasting in Islam is the ninth month in the Islamic lunar calendar. Daily fasts begin at dawn and end with sunset. Special nightly prayers called, Taraweeh prayers are held. The entire Quran is recited in these prayers in Mosques all around the world. This month provides an opportunity for Muslims to get closer to God.

In health perspective, a study carried out by scientists in the United States found that the mental focus achieved during Ramadan increases the level of brain-derived neurotrophic factor, which causes the body to produce more brain cells, thus improving brain function. Likewise, a distinct reduction in the amount of the hormone cortisol, produced by the adrenal gland, means that stress levels are greatly reduced both during and after Ramadan.

A team of cardiologists in the UAE found that people observing Ramadan enjoy a positive effect on their lipid profile, which means there is a reduction of cholesterol in the blood. Low cholesterol increases cardiovascular health, greatly reducing the risk of suffering from heart disease, a heart attack, or a stroke. What’s more, if you follow a healthy diet after Ramadan, this newly lowered cholesterol level should be easy to maintain. One of the main problems with extreme fad diets is that any weight lost is often quickly put back on, sometimes even with a little added extra. This isn’t the case with Ramadan. The reduction in food consumed throughout fasting causes your stomach to gradually shrink, meaning you’ll need to eat less food to feel full. If you want to get into the habit of healthy eating then Ramadan is a great time to start. When it’s finished your appetite will be lower than it was before, and you’ll be far less likely to overindulge with your eating.

As well as being great for spiritually cleansing yourself, Ramadan acts as a fantastic detox for your body. By not eating or drinking throughout the day your body will be offered the rare chance to detoxify your digestive system throughout the month. When your body starts eating into fat reserves to create energy, it will also burn away any harmful toxins that might be present in fat deposits. This body cleanse will leave a healthy blank slate behind, and is the perfect stepping stone to a consistently healthy lifestyle.

By not eating throughout the day during Ramadan you’ll find that your metabolism becomes more efficient, meaning the amount of nutrients you absorb from food improves. This is because of an increase in a hormone called adiponectin, which is produced by a combination of fasting and eating late at night, and allows your muscles to absorb more nutrients. This will lead to health benefits all around the body, as various areas are able to better absorb and make use of the nutrients they need to function

In Malaysia, Ramadan is celebrate and becomes a festival of food. In the evening, there will be a lot of Bazaar Ramadan selling all kind of foods and sometimes I can't choose and can't figure out what to eat to break the fast. Most of women will take this opportunity to diet, (less eating) and will gain it back during the 3 days after Ramadan. Ok, maybe that just me!

So, just want to wish Happy Ramadan to hope Allah will gives us patience and peace in this Holy Month!

17 Jul 2012

Goodbye Chikita!

This entry is for my lovely ex-car Chikita. He was the best car anyone can wish for and I wish him the best with his new owner, my cousin. I never thought that I will part with you this soon, I never imagine at all until the last two weeks. I'm glad that we have smooth adventure to Kedah this time and I will always cherish the time we spend together.

I will never forget, the first time I lay my eyes on you in December 2004, I never thought to buy a car but the opportunity reveal upon itself. It was a love at the first sight. I still remember Linda who is the one drive Chikita home as I'm still afraid to drive a car after 2 years taking the test. I still remember I didn't go back to my hometown during Chinese New Year because I'm still not sure how to drive you back in a long journey.

After a lot of panicking driving especially go up the hill ( I don't like to use handbrake) I began to enjoy driving. I remember the first time I drove Chikita back to Kedah, I stop every two hours because it was recommended in some website that I read. I also still panic especially when going to Jelapang Tol where on the left side is the ravine so deep and for some reason I always follow behind big lorry where I feel safe. 

Another time that broke my heart is when somebody rammed into us near Selayang roundabout. That is the first time I met accident and I was so scared and luckily me feel sad. A month before the incident, another incident happen where, my aunty accidentally reverse her car and rammed into Chikita which makes me angry as she said why did I park behind her? Seriously?. I didn't do anything about the scratch at the time, until this accident which luckily covered by the insurance's of the guy who crashed me. I didn't drive for the whole month.

Chikita and I been ups and down together. We went to adventure together even to the place I've never been before. We lost and found the right way together. I remember the first time I've been to Kuantan to pick-up my brother, (more to bring his thing after he graduated), East Coast Highway is not like North-South Hihgway, I just plain and Kuantan is a small town. All the load of books never bring him down, that is why I always love him. He is reliable!

When I'm on the road, passed by cars that park in emergency lane and I always prayed that Chikita will not let me down as I'm alone and don't know what to do if the car broke down. Luckily Chikita never do that to me. 

I chose to name the car Chikita as it means small in Spanish (the spelling is Chiquita). for sure Chikita as Kelisa is small but powerful. Until now, people is still looking for Kelisa as their favourite car. Although Chikita is still in the family but I still miss him a lot. I know it is weird to named you car and even to talk like he is a living soul but for me he is the best friend I ever had. He never let me down and always be there for me. He is like my gateway car whenever I need to run from someone or something. The journey that we have together will be remembered and you have served me well. I will always love you, ,my friend. You will be miss!

8 Jul 2012

To change or not to change...

My chikita (my 2002 perodua kelisa) and I have been together since 2005. We have been up and down together where being knock out and get scratched together. So far I don't have the plan to buy new car until I travel to Europe which is next year but there's opportunity know knock upon myself when my aunty wanted to buy my chikita for his son. So, I'm not sure whether to take it or not. Hmm

Here are some Pros and Cons to change car or not:

1. I got new car (duh!)
2. I want sedan so it means that I can get more people to travel in my car especially since my family need to travel far this time to for my lil bro's wedding ceremony.
3. It is time to move on
4. I got new car?

1. More debt
2. I love chikita, it will be so sad to part with him although he is still in the family. A lot of memories there.
3. I love chikita?
4. Does it affect my budget plan to Europe?

Oh it is so hard to think but perhaps I need to do some serious thinking and praying. So what would be my new car if I change it , here it is:

Proton FLX 1.6 SE
In exact colour and Auto. Well, since my office has moved to the most jam place in the world, I need to rest my leg a lot. It is around my budget as I don't want to pay more than RM 600 for a car.

Well, I will go back to my hometown next weekend and we should see what the decision is.  Hmmm

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