23 Jan 2009

My life as a student

Well let face it, in life we will never stop to learn. Academically or not it continues until we die.
I already started my first degree class on 11 January. I’m still not bonding with my other classmates yet but I think slowly I will. It is great to meet such a middle group of people who wanted to do more for them. Most of my classmates are government worker. Only some work in private sector. For this semester I took 3 subjects with 9 credits. Quite ok I guess but one of the subjects, QMT deals with statistics, it still hard to grab the concept but it is one of my resolutions to get the dean list for my degree. So you will see that I will strive hard for it becomes this study is my choice, I want to do it and it is depends on me, not anybody else. I’m sure I can myself proud. Yay ME!

After that the learning still continues for the whole week with our company project. My company invited the staff from Japan to lecture us about what is my company is all about. In the morning we have briefing, seminars, review and in the afternoon we have centre visit. As my centre is the first centre to be visited, I really don’t know what to expect. I would say it was a little bit disorganized and chaotic with 30 people zooming their cameras on 3 students. Then the next day I was very nervous and try to brave myself, seriously I don’t know what to expect and just try to do the best that I can. When the day progress, you can see that the centre visit becomes more organized and a lot of people understand what they should do know. It was a very tiring week and each morning I prayed that the week will end soon. Is not that I hate it, I do learn a lot during the week and I mean it is for my own good, it just like too much information too handle in a week and I think my brain becomes overload already. But the learning will still continues until May so now I’m I just to face it with open heart and open mind.

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