18 Nov 2012

A family affair...

Wow, it was quite a while ha? It just I've been busy with my work, study and family wedding. Yes, my youngest brother got wed last week and I'm so happy for him.

Actually, I think I've been his sort of "best man" as we did go buy engagement and wedding ring together and I'm sort of the "ring bearer". Imagine to my surprise during the wedding day, I have to go to Proton service centre to service my car and then to Kerinchi to get "hantaran" for my brother and then straight away to Ampang to meet up my famileis that come from Kedah for the wedding. It was quite a jam especially at MRR2 to Ampang . So when I reach to the homestay, I was playing with my niece and suddenly my brother asked whether I bring the ring or not, I WAS NOT. OMG, how could I forget about one of the most important thing in the wedding? I was quickly drove back to Bangsar and get ready because after this we are going to meet up at the mosque for the solemnization ceremony. I was worried if I could make it on time as the traffic is quite bad but I just pray and drove as fast as I could. I mean where else I can use my 1.6 CamPro engine and it was not there for nothing, right.

Finally, manage to reach on time and even my families were not at the mosque yet. There were 2 more weddings at the mosque and I was not surprised as the date is quite unique (10.11.12) and perhaps it is better for grooms to remember their anniversary? hehe

Overall, I would say it was a great family events, and I'm no losing  a brother but gaining another sister. Yep, my youngest sister already married, then my youngest brother, so yes, in our family the youngest married first .I did asked my young brother below me please get marry soon so after that it would be my turn. I wish!
Me and my bro before he come somebody's husband.
Welcome our newly family member!

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