28 Mar 2012

10 years and counting

Well, finally got my 10 years service awards and my first quarter award for no MC and lateness. Actually, I do try hard not to take MC and coming to office late. Although it just Jusco Voucher, but I do feel appreciated hehe.

I already blog about on how I got my current job previously on my 5 Years Service Awards (gosh how many years gone by and I'm still single?) Here's the link http://whatever-lahno.blogspot.com/2008/01/my-5-year-service-award.html.

Wow, 10 years, when people come and go but some still stay as good friends...Will there be another 5 years of me in here? Only time will tell.

21 Mar 2012

Give your heart a break

I've been busy, still outstation and only will be coming back Saturday. So perhaps this will be a short entry for me. Last Wednesday, I've watched American Idol and saw Demi Lovato sang her next single, "Give Your Heart A Break" and what catches me the most is this lyrics:

 There's just one life to live
And there's no time to waste, to waste
So let me give your heart a breakGive your heart a breakLet me give your heart a break
Your heart a breakThere's just so much you can takeGive your heart a break

That caught me, sometimes we never give our heart a break. We will always constantly worrying about something and no wonder we almost have heart attack, literally!

For me, 60% I would say, I would think with my heart rather with my brain that is why sometimes the thing that I've done was unthinkable. For example, I always jump into the action before I can think whether it is necessary or not. It affected my judgement and sometimes my actions. After I've got my first bonus, I bought this Mini Compo that can only played VCD Music and cassette for RM 450. When I got back, I was thinking it is too expensive and it can't play movie VCD for heaven sake. Every time I saw that radio, it reminds me that I've make a stupid mistake as I'm eager to spend my first bonus. 

As I grow older, I'm still feel that I not matured enough, but I learnt my lessons so for everything that I do, I will try to pause for moment to think with my head instead of my heart. My mind always said, "leave while you still can" in order to save me to buy things I would regret later.

I also always think about people around me, my family, friends and colleagues. I used to worry what people think about me, why I'm still not married (but they never asked, perhaps afraid of offending me, I guess) but I learned that we can ask people to stop bothering you, I mean they have genuine feeling but I can only control how I react to them. 

That is why sometimes I feel, I rather do bungee jump from the bridge rather to call people through phone (I can't be a good telemarketer) because, at least I can decide whether I want to jump or not rather to anticipate what the other people on the line want to say.

So now, I'm giving my heart a break, I just don't want to bother about things that can get me down and just like to live in the moment. I will worry when the time comes, before that just make myself comfortable in my own little world!

P/s: Ok, this is not the short version of post that I hope so...

16 Mar 2012

Fell in love with boy....band...again!

Darn it! Sorry for my curse but I think that that is something I can do. I fell in love with a boyband again, I mean come on, I'm 32 goddamnit, it should happen. I suppose to be mature and love mature song, you know like Adele or even Bruce Springteen, but no I fell in love with the cutest and talented boys, 5 of them, One Direction

They are a British-Irish boy band consisting of members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson. They were formed on the seventh series of British television show The X Factor. Their album, Up All Night is a massive hits and become the fastest selling album in UK in 2011. 

Well, I knew them because, well every Friday I will browser Billboard and UK Top 40 websites, you know just to know who is number 1. Well I think in late September, I found out that What Makes You Beautiful is number one in UK Top 40 chart. Well, never heard of One Direction so I thought I google it and found the band. Well, I thought they are cute and the song is great.

Not until, I heard the song again in the radio that I started to pay attention to them. What Makes You Beautiful has become my favourite song or in the Top played list in Winamp (yeah I love Winamp!). But still doesn't make full impact to me at all. Ok, they great and they cute but that's it. Then, this year in February, while browsing youtube, found out they got another single, One Thing (hmmm, I think the song is ok but still download it to my tabby). I forgot about that song until again, I saw it in MTV, and I listened to it again and instantly I love it so much. 

I played before I sleep, in my car, while checking report and the video was short in town of London itself, and they are so handsome. I kmean with Zayn in his suit and Louis in suspender. Love Harry hair and Niall blonde look and Liam is soooo cool. Yeah I probably sound like teenager back there. They have good voices especially Zayn (he is muslim) and others can sing too. 

I started to browse youtube for their auditions for X Factor, I think Harry, Zayn and Liam have impressive auditions. I just somehow buffled how Simon Cowell can think to group them together and become more successful than the winner of that season itself, which is I am not sure who it is and frankly, I don't care, not even to google it.

I can't pick up who do like most, like in Westlife I love Kian, Nsync, JC but for One Direction...I can't choose at all. They all cute like buttons and so young, no I'm not a cougar at all....I just wish I was young so that it makes sense.

Well, they are doing well tour in US and I hope that they will be able to have a successful breakthrough in US which Westlife and Take That not able to make it. I think boyband is coming big as The Wanted (more mature and sexy, yes I'm talking about Max) is doing quite well as their Glad You Came singe is number 4 in Billboard 100 Chart. The song is also covered by The Warblers in Glee.

Ok, enjoy the videos of One Direction that I love, below:

                      What Makes You Beautiful

                            One Thing

Save you tonight 

                             I wish

The review of the tracks in Up All Night can be seen here: 

So, good night and feeling like teenager again listening to One Direction before I sleep!

14 Mar 2012

My first step for The Shoestring Project

Well, I will try to documented my preparation for Europe Trip next year aka The Shoestring Project. Well, the budget is RM 8000 including plane ticket which I will be look out from now on. With Air Asia cancelled their flight to London and Paris, I will be looking out for another alternative such as KLM, Etihad or any other airways that I can afford of.

I have not finalized the route yet, still looking out for interesting places to go but the confirmed ones should be Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany and Keukenhof near Amsterdam. Well, I plan to go end of March or April as Keukenhof park only open end of March.

I know that I already talk about going to Europe for almost 2 years now but nothing happen but I will make sure my long time dream will be realize next year, by hook or by crook. I can't wait anymore for a friend to accompany me or to have enough money because face it, people change and we can never have enough money, I mean who will? So, I can't control what others doing or thinking but I can control myself, (I think) , so I'm trying to brave myself to face the fact that I might go to Europe alone.

I already look out for tour such as Kelana Convoy and Perantau Holidays but they didn't suit me. I mean for Kelana Convoy, they separated tour for Keukenhof and Neuschwanstein castle but the plus side is I can meet new people that have the same interest with me and .....(if you know what I mean ; ) while Perantau Holidays is quite expensive but they cover all even the gondola ticket in Venice but unfortunately, they don't have the castle tour, which is the deal breaker.

So, what a girl to do? If I want to go to an expensive trip, I must do it right and my own way because, this is a trip of a lifetime. So, I already taken the first step, bought the Lonely Planet travel book (which hence the title of the post) and this weekend, I will go to MATTA Fair to scout the plane ticket and what they have to offer. I will not buy or commit to anything yet as the money is tight right now and will try to scout again on the next MATTA Fair.

Wish me luck and hope my dreams will come true!

  The Travel Guide (bought with 1Malaysia  book Voucher..I know...


Windmills and Tulips...

My dream castle....

9 Mar 2012

Language that we choose

Some might ask why do I blog in English, well it just came naturally. Sometimes, I do blog in Bahasa depends on   my mood and the subject I guess.

Believe me, I'm not so good in writing, you will see a lot of grammar mistakes while you read this, but for me it is more on how do I express myself. I love Bahasa Melayu and I think it has the best sound in the world but sometimes if I blog in Bahasa, I feel that I can express myself enough as I keep looking for that Malay word and sometimes I feel the word is too "jiwang" haha. But it doesn't mean that I will not blog in Malay, like I mentioned earlier, it depends on mood and subject.

Well, I guess it doesn't matter what language that we use to express ourselves, what important is to get the message across and to let our voice to be heard. It doesn't matter if the reader understand or not but as long as we have something good to say, people will find the way to understand it. I mean that is Google translate for, right?

5 Mar 2012

I'm 32....

Yap, tomorrow I will be 32...wow 32...never thought that I'll be single in this age. Well, just happy I'm still alive, healthy and somewhat happy.

When I'm picture what would I be in 32 when I was a little girl, perhaps married with 2 children a girl and a boy. But I guess Allah has another plan for me and I'll accept it with all my heart.

At first, it kind bothers me when I'm still single when I'm 30 but when you come to my age,you learn to accept that you may be single for quite sometime and it is ok to feel so. The more important thing would be what do you want to do with your life. Marriage and kids are what we all want but it is not ultimate goal of woman's life. Yes,marriage and kids might fulfilling your life, so if you don't have it, it is the end of the world for you?

Don't sweat, love will come and love will go but what stay with us is who we are inside, our essence and our believe. Just take this free time for us to reflect, do what we want and enjoy ourselves as we might not have the time later and we will began to miss the time that we have when we are single and carefree!

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...