7 Mar 2011

31 years old

I'm 31 years old and one day today, how do I feel? Nothing changed just add "1" to 30 only. Still not accomplished what I want to accomplish and still single. Not feeling as loser though as I have many things to thank for in my life.

My life is still not as stable as before, with additional workload and trying to grab everything in short time, I feel like a pile of garbage was thrown on me and I'm trying the best way to find my way into "the light". Sometimes I feel can I do this? and why should I do this?

It's not that I'm complaining but I do feel that I can't breath sometimes..and keep reminding myself that I can do this and be patient. I'm trying to focus on positive things and trying to hope that I still can achieve my dreams and to explore what is my capability and why am I here.

I just live my life one day at the time as I refuse to think about the future, actually I am afraid to think about my future because the ability not knowing it scares me a lot.

I just know that Allah has His plan for me and with all my heart I believe in Him.

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