14 Nov 2010

Man vs Woman. Who is the cooking master?


Ok, maybe I'm writing this while watching Cake Boss on Channel 707. So that is why it comes up. Seriously, the decoration of the cakes are to die for. Not sure about the the taste though. Nowadays I keep watching people making food such as Masterchef, my new "guilty pleasure" reality series.It is about normal people who loves to cook enter the program to see whether they are really good cook like their families, friends or even themselves claimed to be. The food that they cooked will judged by 3 professional judges where one of them is the ever "Hell Kitchen guru" Gordon Ramsay. Everyone from homemaker to construction worker try to cook for the judges.

What impressed me most is how guys taking the competition seriously. I mean there is a guy, literally cried and begging the judges to be pick-up for the next round. Guy literally cried. A construction worker with hardcore tattoo and riding Hurley and could knocked off somebody with just one hand, could cut the tiny carrots and manage to put reddish so particularly on the dishes, I mean that...he got me thinking so is it guys cooked better than us girls? Well a lot to debate off. I know two of my guy friends loves to cook and one at least can "tumbuk sambal belacan".

Overall, I would think that yes, man is a good cook, however I do find them usually practice their skills in the hotels or restaurants. And usually they don't like to cook at home. Those that do cook, often so because they like doing it and tend to be good at what they are doing. Those who can't cook tend to live of takeout and microwave meals, mama or "mamak" when single. Then, tend to rely on their partner when in a relationship. That is why some men would put "pandai masak" as one of the criteria to find wife.

I think it is more common that women learn to cook because of need or the different in gender bringing. I think for woman, cooking means love. You cook for your family and your partner because you love them and you love to do it (or sometimes even if you don't like to cook) .You will feel hurt if there is nobody to eat you food after slaving in the kitchen for one day and even hurt if they criticized your food and worse if they like other women food. Other women do cook maybe because they like to cook or they like to feed people (like me) and sometimes they don't want to cook because of lazy(like me) or when they cook, they will face more critics or harsh comments compared to man who do cook. Imagine as a women you are expected to be mastery in cooking and will facing a master such as your mom and even worst, your in-laws. Yeah you get what I mean. THAT in-LAW

Overall, cooking is just part of our life and  part of art. There are so much to master in cooking business and it will never end. For me food and cooking what makes the world go round!

3 Nov 2010

What a week...

Seriously, seriously, I need to study CSC 208 but I can bring myself to pick up the notes...too lazy but I guess it has to do with this week, what a week even thought it doesn't end yet...

I've already prepared 3 proposals, one evaluation on top of that centre visit reports...a long and overdue reports (hope my boss doesn't read this) plus final exam and my sister's wedding . Thank God I only took 2 papers with exam. So, just to make it clearly I would declare this is one of busiest month of my life.

On Tuesday, I forgot to bring laptop to office, then had to go to home and pick-up seriously when you are busy you also becomes forgetful.

Another sad news are I already maximize my leave day, all gone and need to be working on weekends to get OIL and as for relaxing massage, I'm kinda save money for travelling next year.

Some of my friends did ask why don't I buy a house or change my car? Honestly, I never really think about it. Like in my previous post, I just want to travel, that is what I like to do, I mean some people spend their money to buy the latest gadgets, change car, or follow the trends of designer clothes and decorate their house with Ikea stuff like to but for me, at least for now,  I love to collect experience, to see how other people lives and of course to capture the image so that I won't forget it.

So, so next year would be a busy year for me, to travel and to live my life stress free. After that, who knows I buy a house and decorate it with Ikea stuff or settle down!

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