21 May 2009

Ke Langkawi pula

Well, I've already packs my things and ready to go. Although been to the island for I don't know how many times already but still excited. I'm looking forward for Island hopping on the second day. We will go to Pulau Beras Basah as well as Pulau Dayang Bunting. Well, my dad say to go swimming in the tasik, well will see about that.

I still remember my first company trip is Langkawi and that also is the first time I took a ride in plane. We did stay in th same hotel though for this trip.

Well will update about the trip after coming back and hopefully it will be enjoyable one!

P/S: Yeah my choice won american Idol....wohooo

20 May 2009

Adam vs. Kris

Again, like before I will recap on the American Idol finale for this season. My choice is one of the finale, no...not Adam Lambert, Kris Allen of course. He is like the underdog for this season, I never thought that he will go through till the end, actually. I also never thought Adam will be in the finale also. Again, I think my choice will be a second place, I guess, same like last year prediction. Adam has massive fans even from celebrities. 

For me Kris can be a singer such as James Morrison and James Blunt, and I love both of them especailally James Morrison. You know, kind of folksy stuff while Adam more rocker screamy stuff such as Aerosmith and Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. For today's show, a lot of celebrities coming to see them even Suri Cruise and her mother, Katie Holmes. 

First sessions, both singing the songs of their choices from the season. Adam starts first singing "Mad World" from Tears for Fears(famoust song "Shout"). I like him wearing the long coat and the fog effect. It is ok and he did not over sang the song. Then Kris sang "Ain't no sunshine" by Bill Withers. Actually I'm not so hot for the song, I like when he sang "To make you feel my love" by Garth Brooks in Top 11 as that is when I though he is good. All judges love it even Simon said Kris won the firts session.

Then they need to sing song choice from the creator of the show Simon Fuller.  Adam sang "A Change Is Gonna Come" by Sam Cooke while Kris sang "What's going On" by Marvin Gaye. I think Adam doing a great job while Kris sing ok and really being true to himself. Well the judges love Adam.

third round, they sang song produced by one of the judges, Kara "No Boundaries". I don't think it is a great song. When Adam sing it, I thought this song is great for Adam's voice because the song have a lot high notes, but when he sang it like the words jumble out. For me so-so only. When Kris sang it, I like it but unfortunately he cannot sang the high not so greatly. I wish they they created two different songs that compatible with their voices. 

Truthfully, I don't know who will win tomorrow. My prediction is Adam but of course I want Kris to win. Come to think of it, my choice will always be runner-up such as David Archuletta, Blake Lewis and of course Clay Aiken. So, we wait and see for tomorrowla!

5 May 2009

Terengganu kite!

Well, what can I say, finally here is the update from my trip to Terengganu which is 3 days before my final Statistics paper. We went ther on Friday morning, stay one night and when to ka Pah's wedding at Dungun on the next day. Well it was an interesting trip indeed.

It started at 9.30am as again, kak Zubaidah is late. We're supposed to meet at Bangsar at 9am. Everybody quite worried whether I'm joining the trip or not as yesterday I was asked to go home as I had a fever which the doctor didn't give me an MC but still I was asked to go home. Dame the swine flu! Well, I just go home as instructed an sleep hehe.

So, around 9.45am our journey begin, five of us in green lime Myvi or should I say Myvious. Our first stop is at the Petronas station after Genting Sempah because we didn't have breakfast yet. Then the journey continue as we become lost after Kuantan to Cherating as kakAin was wondering why the sea at our left instead of our right side. It took us like 10 minutes to figure out that we actually on the opposite direction.

As expected, the queen of sleeping in the car, Shila manages to do her job although I give her credit that she didn't start to sleep after Cherating. Then we stop at Paka as we took picture of the "loji Petronas" where you can see the fire coming out from one of the "cerobong". 

The scenery was great as you can see the coconut trees, beautiful villages and bluest sea I've ever seen. It was so calming to live there, I guess. We see a lot of stalls selling "keropok lekor" but we didn't manage to stop as we want to arrived to Kuala Terenganu fast. 

When we arrived the first thing we do is to stop at "Masjid Terapung" and take pictures.  The mosque was beautiful and smaller than I thought it was.

Now it is time to find our apartment whicIh our landmark Inter Continental Hotel. It was not far than our apartment though. Well, the apartment waas not as we expected to be. It is quite scary as some windows can't be close safely. The apartment has 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms. No towel or complementary soaps. Just simple apartment only.

It's time for dinner, which we actually don't know where to go. we went to Batu Burok beach as we thought there will be a lot of stalls or seafood restaurants there. Boy, how wrong are we as we can't find decent restaurant. We did found one which we need to wait for 40 minutes because of many people in the restaurant, fine then we want to order, suddenly the waiter said that there was no seafood just chicken and beef. Great, we travel all the way from Kl just to eat chicken and beef? well we did ask her any other restaurant near the beach, she said no..and after we get out from the place there was a restaurant right next to the previous restaurant but unfortunately for us no seafood either.

As we are becomes more hungry, we decided just to look around and there decents arcase stall, which I think quite similar to what we have in KL. So we decided to drive around until we found a signboard has a waterfront on it. We said what a heck just check out what  else is there. 

Our luck suddenly change ad we see there is a decent restaurant there. At first we are afraid to go in as it looks quite expensive. Well, as long as we are here, we might as well go in. We cautiously order the small size meals and only the tom yam is the medium size. 

The meals are worth the money we pay. I still can feel the taste of kerabu mangga which is soooo delicious. Although we ordered the small size meals but still we can't finish all of them so we made a pact as we won't move until we finished up whatever it is on the table. so it turns out that we are the last customers that come out from the restaurant. The waiters are waiting for us to get-out before they can clean-up...sorry.

The first day ends as I find it hard to open my eyes. Some, who had the energy take the opportunity to iron baju kurung for tomorrow wedding.

I was woken-up by annoying voice of Kak Zubaidah and our plan for the morning is to go to Pasar Payang. We arrived there around 8.30am and manages to get a parkinfg space but quite a walk to the pasar. the first thing we do is to have breakfast. I have nasi lemak with fish while kak Ain and Faiza had nasi dagang in the morning. 

I do go quite crazy in the pasar which I admit because all the clothes are beautiful an feel likes want to buy all, and you can actually use credit card here. How crazy is that? Well, I can assure that I'm not swipe my credit card this time but I did manage to use all money with some clothes for raya and some expensive tudungs. But I have to give a respect to Kak Azubaidah and Kak Ain because they stayed in the tudung shop for almost 1 hours as me and Shila manage to "tawaf" the whole pasar like 2-3 times and they still the shops looking and arguing which tudung they would buy. I think the shop girl also quite tired with them but she has to put-uop as they are her biggest customers I would say.

Well, I guess we didn't think much where to put all the things that we bought in the car, so we utilize the space as we could. Lucky for Shila that she doesn't has to be tied up on the roof of the car.

On the way to Dungun, we manage to stop for "keropok lekor" well, I think that should close the deal for our trip to Terengganu. We arrived there around 2pm which the ceremony already end and the bride and group went to the beach for photo session.

Then I have to direct Linda who forgot to bring the invitation card and who wants to go alone with her boyfriend. Of course at the end we manage to meet the bride and the groom together. I think we manage to bring down the house as we speaks loudly like nobody business. At the end it is the time to say goodbye to Kak Pah and Terengganu.

Well all the way back to KL, Shila is sleeping soundly even she bought Nescafe at 7-11 so that she won't sleep but it is not working at all.

I would say that this is one of trip that I will remember forever. Looking back I did not regret the trip although supposedly I should study. That is one of the far places I go for a wedding and hope to go there again.  Now, it is time to find out which place should I go nest for cuti-cuti Malaysia.

Kejap ada .....                                                                              

Kejap habis...

At the beach near the mosque

        Telur penyu...kesian penyu...                                                    

                Me and the bride

Well, they all fit inside myvious!

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