31 Dec 2013

2014 Resolutions

Salam semua, so how are you? I just finished one of the three final exam and going to have another two on this Saturday and next week Friday. So please wish me luck.

So 2013 has been a good year for me, I have manage to fulfill my longtime dream to visit Europe and until now I'm still pinching myself, like I can't believe I did that already. So, I heard that in order to make your resolutions comes true, you have to write it somewhere, so here I am writing next year resolutions and it must be specific, so I try to.

1. To travel more, planning for next year, Vietnam, Turkey and maybe impromptu travel plans.

2. To find somebody to be my partner for life maybe after my trip to Turkey on September 2014.

3. To lose the weights at least by 20 kg in a year by doing swimming at least once a week and eat healthy food and to reduce fast food, just once a month only.

4. To do more impulsive things such as weekend gateway or to join charity event or join a group or something.

5. Take new hobby of photography, hopefully, you can see more photos here.

So, this is my plan for the year of 2014, I really hope 2014 will be a great year for me! So what is yours?

23 Dec 2013

How I met your father?

I just watched "How I met your mother" just now it is about how Ted bring a wrong girl to the Farhampton's lighthouse and although it has a breathtaking scenery, but with wrong people, you just can't feel it. the next two years, he bring "The Mother" and how the click together and he propose and of course she said yes.
For some reason, I do have connection with Ted, who is for 8 seasons, keep looking for "the one" and sometimes he was tired and give-up and his hope to meet "the one" keeps him alive.

I do love Ted, he is an architect, which I love and he is kind, funny and good with kids. There is one episode where he met his ex-fiance, Stella and Stella just told her to hold on because the mother of his children is running to him as fast as she can. I like to believe the man of my dream is running to me as fast as he can, but what I'm afraid if I was running from him as fast as I can.

Although, I'm old enough but believe or not I never fall in love a day in my life, that is why one of my friend told me that the reason I behave like a child or still not matured enough because my heart is never been broken. I don't know whether it is true or not but I would like to get my heart broken if I can be matured and think like an adult. Then I can do my job better and not doubting myself again and again whetther should I move on or not. But the thing that stop me is I have put shield around me because I don't want to get hurt. I saw people around me crumble when they lost their loves and I just thought I can't do that to myself, I'm not strong enough.

So, here I am still looking and haven't got clue what I want in my life. I know what I want, which is to drop everything and travel the world but I know that is not what people expected of me. People around me would like to see me to have a family, and I know they means well, so that there will be somebody to look after me. To tell the truth it is scare that I don't feel to have family yet when I'm getting old and all inside my mind is where to travel next.  As I mentioned before, I start to travel by myself when I was 27, which is very late and I just wish that I have travel earlier and then I can complete all my dream places and settle down early. Now, my time is short and I have 1001 travel plans that need to be complete. It is like I'm making up for the time that has lost and was in the dark.

Perhaps, that should be my next year resolution, to be brave enough to open my heart to anyone who deserve it. I achieve my dream to go to Europe this year. If I have the courage to go to the foreign places alone, I should have brave enough to accept someone in my life right?

Well, time shall see whether I'm bold enough to do it. I hope like Ted, I will be able to tell my children how I met their father. It won't take 9 years to tell them, I promise. Wish me all the best guys!

15 Dec 2013

Symptoms of Wanderlust and how to cure it...

What is wanderlust?

Wanderlust (also known as ‘itchy feet’) is a mental state of desperately wanting to travel. It has been described as similar to needing to pee, but there is no toilet nearby and the pee feels like it’s going to burst out of you.

What causes wanderlust?

There are many triggers that can lead to wanderlust, however, extended periods of working and not having sufficient funds to go travelling are common causes. Some sufferers have reported that short breaks can increase the intensity of wanderlust symptoms while other experience wanderlust most when reading the National Geographic magazine.

What are the symptoms of wanderlust?

Mild symptoms of wanderlust include:

  • Researching travel destinations and what to do there extensively
  • Learning a language for fun
  • Subscribing to travel blogs and living through the travel bloggers eyes
  • Watching the conversion rates drop and rise on a daily basis

More severe symptoms of wanderlust include:

  • Feeling down when looking at holiday photos posted on Facebook
  • Frequently rethinking careers, hoping to find a job that can makes long term travel financially viable
  • Playing more games to keep mind off travel
  • Reading more books to keep mind off travel
  • Frantically saving money and budgeting everything
  • Frequently checking Groupon getaways
  • Vivid dreams and feeling disappointed when you wake up
  • Feeling down about your current life

What is the treatment for wanderlust?
Once you’you've caught the travel bug, you are infected for life. The only way to treat wanderlust is to relieve the symptoms when wanderlust is really really bad.
The best treatment for wanderlust is a 4-8 week course of travel.
Moving to a country where there is a better life work balance.
If this is not possible then you can:
  • Talk to other travellers who have the wanderlust-moaning and making plans that fall through can help you to feel like you’re doing something small to realise your travel dreams.
  • Find an employer that tolerates sabbaticals.
  • Find more streams of income to support your travel habits.
  • Avoid inspiring photographs, travel stories and good flight deals as they can irritate the wanderlust.

Extreme wanderlust if untreated can cause the death, of the soul. You may also start to lose any curiosity for the world and all the cultures in it and only care about what’s on the telly. Treat it in its early stages where possible.
P/s: I think I have most of the symptoms...yep need to find cure fast...

1 Dec 2013

Going to Middle Earth....

Seriously, this ad makes me want to go to New Zealand so badly.....I hope it will come true next year...skyscanner here I come!

24 Nov 2013

Cath Kidston First Store to be open in Midvalley, Malaysia

It is almost end of the years....time flies by so fast without even knowing it. So, what's up everyone?

Yesterday went to Midvalley to see my brother's family. They want to go to Baby expo, of course. While waiting for them, I just walk around and to my surprise, Cath Kidston store signage and will be open soon. I just jump for joy. I love Cath Kidston, I love the bags, accessories and all the things. When I went to Europe last time, one of my target is to get to Cath Kidston store and buy something for me. So, I got myself my purse, which I love so much. Cannot go anywhere without my lovely red purse.

Cath Kidston is a British brand that famous for its nostalgic floral pattern, you kind kind like English rose, or the wallpaper of English's bed and breakfast. Yeah, I know it is a little bit girlish, but I'm a girl. Their products ranging for handbags to clothes and home living. Yeah wide range. Last time, I spend around 2 hours inside the store. It just like a candyland for me. But the price...hmmmm quite expensive.

So, can't wait to go to the store later on. I heard they will open on 29 November and my friend a fellow Cath Kidston lover has made a plan to go there after work. Can't wait! Yippeee!

Store in progress!
My purse hehe...
Cool stationary...

Argh..love the handbags...

Cath Kidston herself...

18 Nov 2013

5 places I want to go next....

Hi guys, so have you plan what is your next year resolutions? Mine, still thinking about travelling. Yep, travel bug really bites me. So here are some places that I wish to go next, so the list is not in particular order.

1. To see Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

The northern lights or Aurora Borealis phenomena happen when charged particles discharged by the sun reach earth’s atmosphere on solar winds and then collide with gaseous particles. The different gases produce different colours, usually pale light greens and pinks. Usually, it happens from September to March in Arctic Circle (Sweden, Denmark and Finland) or other North countries such as USA and Scotland. The one I find beautiful is at Kiruna, Sweden (as per below photo) and it becomes my current wallpaper. I hope I can see at Scotland though, because I want to go there also.

2. Scotland/Ireland/Wales/England

I love to visit all these countries and secretly wish that my brother will study in one of the university there, so I can visit him later. There are many places that I want to go such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Isle of Skye. Isle of Sky is one of the top locations in Scotland to visit. It is famous for its scenery and landscapes that will take your breath away.The Island has a rich History covering many topics, such as: Dinosaur Fossils, Clan Warfare, Highland Clearances and the infamous ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ and the Jacobite Rebellion.
Both Clan MacDonald and Clan MacLeod have their Clan Castle’s on the island. I love to see the highlands (influence by Brave) and also the mystery castle. I also want to see the lights at Shetland or Aberdeenshire and not to forget to visit the Lochness Monster.
Isle of Skye
Ireland has been always on of the places that I wanted to go. Since the Boyzone to Westlife and up till now I always fascinating with the leprechaun, fairies and all the mysteries surrounding the country. I also happen to love their accent. I always wanted to go the the Dark Hedges. it is this road, that looks creepy at night but beautiful in the day.
Dark Hedges

Scotland's Highland
For England, I tell ya, it just beautiful country. I still want to visit Peak District, Cornwall, Brighton and Bath. I hope that I can visit my brother and then I can visit all the places at one go. I might need around 3 weeks to visit all of them. I might need to save my leave from now.
Near Peak District
Brighton Pier
3. New Zealand

Ok, seriously influenced by "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and I mean look at the Hobbits Village. I almost going there before Europe with friends from Cari.com before one of them cancelled the trip. I love to visit Milford Sound and Lake Wakatipu. The scenery it just amazing and the best part is you can drive to go everywhere. I love to go during autumn and see the yellow-orange scenery. I plan to go next year, so hopefully it will comes true.
Hobbits Village

Lake Wakatipu

Milford Sound
4. Maldives

Every time, I'm stressing out, I always picture myself on hammock between two coconut trees and hear the song of Hawaian or the song of the sea. I just find out that Maldives just 4 hours from Malaysia and Air Asia has offered their service to go there.  To see the white sand and clear blue sea, it just so calming and the best part is the country is a Muslim country, so food is not a problem. The problem is it is might be expensive especially if you plan to stay on one of the sea bungalow. It will cost you around RM 800 above per night. The best alternative is to rent the one in the beach and just take the photo in front of someone else bungalow.
How cool to hang out here...
Clear crystal blue water

5. Scandinavian Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland)

Other than seeing Northern Lights, I also want to visit these countries. I love to visit the biggest Ikea in Sweden and maybe Ice Hotel. I heard the countries are so modern and people are living happily. Of course I would like to go to Lapland, where is snow everywhere. Yeah, influence by The Amazing Race.



Ice Castle

A village in Sweden

Hopefully, I manage to visits all the countries soon. Sometimes, I just wish I can drop everything and pack my bag and travel the world but, I just need come to my senses, in reality it could be impossible. So, just start with this dreams first, who knows it will become reality someday.

10 Nov 2013

Postcards from Europe

I'm back...hopefully it will be forever hehe...so now, the last part of my Europe journey, the postcards. So, I sent postcards from most of the countries I've visited. I just wrote how I feel that time and when I read it back, it just brings all the memories.

So let's see them....

Marienlatz, Munich

Yap, it cause me 0.75 Euro...

My beloved, Neuschwanstein Castle
Bought in the castle's souvenier shop

Yap, the King himself...

View from beautiful balcony in the world...

Love the stamp...

Jungfrau, Switzerland

Lauterbrunnen Stamp pad...

Hello, Paris...

Eiffel Tour Stamp pad, only from its' post office...

Houses of Cotswold...

Posted from Northleach Post Office...

Ok, that's all folks, I will be back for more updates on my life later...Peace out....

6 Nov 2013

Just a quick moment...

I am overwhelm with my workloads ...coming back from Office at 11 pm...so bear with me...I will coming back soon...I promise!

20 Oct 2013

Europe Trip Update 20: What have I learned from the trip...Part 2

Salam guys, yeah  I know, it has been so long, but in my defense, I'm just overwhelm with workload, and even I need to do my work during weekends  and not to mention have family function last week so my hands are tied up. So here I am continue with the second part of my updates.

6. Trust your guts - Yep, sometimes when you are alone, there is nothing to trust but your guts, although sometimes your guts make you lost in the middle of the night. I know it takes courage to go to foreign country for the first time and alone, but you got to do what you got to do. You have to believe that you can do it and pray a lot. That's what makes you go through beyond your limit. So, now you can believe that you have good guts and they guide you along the way. To tell the truth, I never feel unsafe during my journey except maybe in Paris but thank god nothing happen. I remember, after getting down from Eiffel Tower, I was alone to go to the village by myself taking the train. I just have to act out like I'm local and on my daily routine to go somewhere. Of course you just watch up for anyone, but I did enjoy the 45 minutes train ride. If you scare to do something, then you can't go anywhere, period. Just trust your guts, trust me.

7.  Take your time - Sometimes, in the rush, you forgot to enjoy the time you have there.  You know, busy taking picture or taking someone's picture and you forget that you are on the Swiss Alps mountain. After all the locomotion, it is good to take time, soak the sun and enjoy the scenery. I really love it when I was on top of Jungfrau. It is the whitest place I've ever seen and I even lay down on the sun to see the sun and fell the coldness of snow on my back. You will never get that feeling ever again. I also love the time in Paris, you can still hear you know the "Paris song" that always playing in the movies or Ratatouille. I do feel romantic there with all the small cafes, sipping coffees, I just wish I can do it again.  Sincerely, the place I miss the most is Fussen. I don't know perhaps with the cold weather and looking at the castle, it just bring a lot of satisfaction, I fulfill my dream. I love walking around the Alpsee and seeing people with camera hang loosely and fell so secure. I really wish to go there again.

8. Learn something new - Like people say, travel is like reading a thousand books. I learn new culture, new language "parlez-vous anglais" and even I learn about "khuf wudhu" and it is taking wudhu and then you wear something like stocking and you no need to take wudhu again, unless, you take off the stockings. This is taught by the Med students from Galway. You can get more info from here: http://www.al-azim.com/masjid/infoislam/ibadat/khuf.htm

I also learn more about people, nurses from Saudi Arabia, who some of them are still young and travel away from the beloved country and family to work in foreign country. I admired them, I don't know if I can do that. I also learn about myself, I can use public toilets, yeah before this, seriously, I think in my previous posts I do mentioned I don't like to use public toilets, except for emergency and there's not so much public toilets that I approved.. But after the trips, I learn to use them and actually, it is not that bad. So, I think my bladder will thanks me a lot.

9. Document everything - Other than taking photos, I also bring travel journal as photos below. It was a gift from colleague of mine. I wrote my feeling for the journey and getting the addresses, postcards to send to and comments from other travel buddies. Every night, after the journey I will took some time to write it. Sometimes, I wrote it in the bus while looking through the window. It is not only help you to write the blog updates, it also captures the true moment of the feeling of that time. Sometimes, when I read the journal, it just bring back all the memories, and you feel like you are there. I also kept all the receipts, tickets and info and planning to do scrapbook, yeah one day.

10.  Enjoy yourself - I mean that is important lesson. You work hard, save your money for the trip and you should enjoy it. I learn that you can budget, but sometimes, you want to try something new, like eat waffles in Belgium, eating fries while shopping in the village outlet or sipping coffee in Paris, yes it will cost a lot, buy you can't buy the experience elsewhere, why not invest for the experiences? That is why you travel for, right? If we are thinking about the budget or fear of someone snatching your camera, you are not able to enjoy yourself. You also need to enjoy the people around you, if you come with friend and just the two of you, then you can get much experience of getting to know someone new. Trust me, I didn't think about my work and even after I came back, I think my IQ has dropped a little bit until my boss said I need to wake up and re-focus. Sorry boss.

So once a travel bug, it always will be. So now I fulfill my dream trip and now what? Seriously, I have a hard time to figure out where to go next. I also have some dilemma like what is my life goal now? Seriously, I don't know. I am a little bit lost on what to do now. Should I wait for my prince charming to come and swept me away or should I go for another adventure to find myself? I still thinking and will update once I got it. So after this more boring updates of my life and hoping you guys still want to read them.

Thank you for taking your times to read my Europe updates and if you have comments please write them and if you want to go for travel, can I follow? I will be good partner, I swear!

My travel journal...

Yep, some notes...

Wrote the travel plan inside...

Postcard for friends

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...