26 Dec 2008

Bittersweet Japan

Well, what can I say about the trip, I think the title says it all. Some part I will cherish forever and some part…well… better erase from my memories. Well me and the gang has been disscussing about this like non-stop, where to go, where to shop and where to eat and other preparations. I can say now, only some of US stick to the plan, the others well….

Pre-Japan’s Trip

I was soooo excited in the limo taxi while on the way to go to the airport. When we reach day some of the delegates already arrived. The travel agency asked us to gather the passport and ticket at the counter. Well, I should see the first bad sign, we all waiting like more than 1 hour to get our passport back…even those who handed the passport later, get it fast than us….I quite “BARA” of course. Then when everything is done, it is time for us check-in and waiting for the plane.

In the plane
Well, what I can say that it is cramp and unfortunately, I was sitting beside my colleaque who needs to to go bathroom every hour. She was sitting in the middle, so, it is quite troublesome and of course I can’t sleep at all. I try to watched the”The Mummy 3”movie but I found it quite boring so , I just watched Mamma Mia again, just the song part over and over until all the songs stuck in my head. When I have like a small moment that I can close my eyes, there’s come the food. Well, like malays said” rezeki jangan ditolak” so of course I wake up and eat. So many times.

When we reach at the airport around 7am, everybody went to the ladies room and while waiting for them, it’s picture time.
When we went outside for the bus, it was soooo codl and I didn’t have my winter jacket on as I thought that the bus was parked near our terminal, but I was soooo wrong. Well at least I can feel what was the natural cold all about.

On the way to the hotel, the scenery was beautiful, at first we see like the kampung scenery then change to industrial area. Then come this big yellow building that was beautiful and one of my colleaque say maybe it was a mosque and I said to myself even in Malaysia the mosque was not this big. It turns out to be Disneyland Resort, well my heart was jumping and I really want to go there.

After we reach to the hotel, we planned out to go out as quickly as possible. Although I was on duty to take care some of instructors, but the manual said it started on the next day, so no work for today. I was quite late as I need to get a handphone from the desk for the communication with the management. Yeah only 3G handphone can be use in Japan. The handphone was really cool. Too bad I can’t take it home with me.

It’s about 15 of us when out and our first destination is Shibuya. Why I want to go there? Because the place look is one of busiest streets in the world. It’s look like Times Square in New York. Then we separate into 3 groups and went to our own way and try to come back 1 hour later. Actually there is nothing new for the place, just more on shooping places.
After lepak there waiting for another group, we went to Asakusa. This place is to buy like Japanese cultural thingi like Central Market. The journey is quite long because it was the end of Ginza Line. Some of us took this opportunity to sleep. When we reach there, the weather was great. It’s a beautiful places but the prices my god, it is sooo expensive. I only bought a Japanese handwriiten cap for my brother. It took me like one hour to finally to brave myself to buy the cap because I can’t find the cap cheaper than that. I use my Japanese words like” Ikura des ka?” (How much it is?) for the first time.
We are supposed to meet at the entrance after 2 hours and when to Akihibara after that. Gues what, after 2 ½ hours some of us not even there. I feel pity to one of the instructor, because she needs to wait for them sitting near the entrance with people looking at us. Then the last 2 person finally come and without saying sorry to use and has the nerve to say they did not want to go to Disneyland. What the hell, if they doesn’t want to go , whay didn’t said earlier, we’ve wouldn’t wait there like orang bodoh and can go there earlier. I was so furious that I didn’t talk to them the whole trip in the Japan. One of them knows how much Disneyland Trip meant to me as I was cannot stop talking about it since the day we found out we all can go to Japan together. Well I guess, it doesn’t mean anything to her about my dreams then. Until now they did n’t said sorry to me. I still mad at them.

Then only four of us went there. When we get to Tokyo station , it sooo big, bigger than KL sentral. To go to Keiyo line is quite far and when we get there, we have to wait some more. Until one hour the train still not arrive. My feet cannot hold on anymore so me and Kak Naz decided to sit in the line while other Japanese looking at us. We didn’t care although we wondering why they can still standing after one hour even the old one. We feel no shame in ourselves. Then we heard this annoucement in Japanese and suddenly all the people went to wait other side, we of courde joined them without knowing what is all about. It’s quite funny when thinking about it.

Finally after two haours waiting the train is here. Unfortunately we cannot get a seat so for almost 40 minutes, we stand in the train. As this train doesn’t have English translation, so we must really hear which station is it. Then we arrived at Maihama station near 6.30pm but it’s already dark like 8pm or something. The first thing we do of course to find a place to sit as our feet are killing us. Although it is quite rainy and it is sooo coool beyond anything I ever feel, we still smiling when we saw the disneyland signage.

The ticket suppose to me 5200 yen but at 6.30pm it becomes 3100. Well, more money to spend on shopping. When we get there, of course the picture time. Then we take the “Cup ride” it soooo fun and only 4 of us screaming like crazy girls that we are. Then we went around the Adventureland and we saw all the people sitting on the grass. We said why they have picnic in the middle of the road then we found out there’s a parade then we quickly find ourselves a place to sit.

The parade was everything that I’ve dream of. It was magical and exciting. I really feel like want to cry , like my inner child long dreams were fulfilled eventhough it was not Disneyland in Florida. We scream a lot especially when the prince charming carousel comes in. It was the best thing ever happen to me and it worth it waiting for the train for so long.

Then we went to shopping. Of course it was not cheap either. I think I spend more than 3000 yen at the giftshop. Of couse you have come a long way to go here, must buy something for souvier. If not like you never ever been here at all. Then in the middle of shopping, there’s a fireworks show outside so we when out left our basket inside the giftshops to see it. After it’s complete come back or shop again.

That’s is one of my favourite memories that I will not forget forever. At least one of my dreams come true!

2nd and 3rd day… to be continue….

2 Dec 2008

About me...lately

If have been too long since I wrote my blog. Is not that there is no intersting things happen to me, well maybe but mostly because when I try to write, I stucked and just forget about it.
There are so much things that bugging my mind now. The first one, which place I want to continue study, my alma mater, Uitm or UTM? Of course with Uitm the class is once a month and mostly study from the internet. UTM classes are on weekends. I mean every weekend. Do I have the will power to go to the class? Even during my diploma year I plan carefully my absents to the class. But the course in UTM, Software engineering is much more fascinating than Uitm. Still cannot make-up my mind.

This week also one of my dreams will come true, we are going to Japan baby….Tokyo…here I come. Eventhough I go there as “work requirement” but who cares, like my father says to me “Makan tanggung, b***k tampung”. Everything is free and just bring pocket money. I really hope that I can go to Disneyland. Eventhough I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to the one in Florida, Disneyland Japan is not a bad choice. Later my Friendster and Facebook will got a lot of picture of us looking like “Winter Sonata” and having fun. I hope there will be snow although it will be fat chance to get it.
But I’m soooo excited right now to go to Japan, there I said it.

But I think the most important thing that why I decided to blog today as I need get it out from my mind and from my chest. It happens since 3 days ago. I keep dreaming day and night of it and I need to let it out or I will never be restless until I let it out.

So here it comes, be ready………………………………………………………………..

Oh my god Edward Cullen in Twilight movie is sooooooooooo hoooooooootttttttttt and I think I would die………………………oh my god….oh my god…..he is sooooooooooooooo romantic and Bella Swan is a very, very lucky girl. I even change my wallpaper to the movie wallpaper. Everytime I looked at it, it brings back all the memory while watching the movie and get me excited again. Hmm maybe I should change my wallpaper. But whatever, when I watch the movie I men wow……….. I wanted to see the movie since E-Channel promoted it like 2 months ago. I mean I’ve seen the trailer and wow….. it’s like I can’t hardly wait to see it. Actually it is 80% as I expected but the other 120% it is because Rob Pattison. Actually I like him more as Edward Cullen than the real person, come on I mean he said in the interview, he didn’t wash his hair, how gross is that?

The scene I like the most when Edward save Bella from being cramped with the car, I mean that is sooooooo awesome. Everytime he in the picture he is sooooo amazing. I never have this kind of feeling since I first know of Westlife, I mean I practically stalked them in internet during my younger years. Iwould not probably do it now as I’m kind of mature and somebody in the office might watching me and then I have to go to aquarium and get warning or something.

But I feel better now, I think I let out what I want to say and I hope that I can discontinue this crazines. Maybe not staring at my wallpaper too often. I hope I can stop this craziness for now. At least today…….

5 May 2008

Peninsular Malaysia - conquered already!

Well, last week I went to Johor. That is the first time I went there, profesionally and personally. Well, that trip conclude that I've visited all the states in the peninsu;ar Malaysia. I already went to Sibu, Serawak, well I don't if that count that I've been to Serawak or not. So they only sate I haven't visited is Sabah.

Let's explore my journey, shall we. Start from the north:

Perlis - I visited Gua Kelam like 3 times I guess, Kilang Gula at Chuping(I know how the sugar was made), and visited my aunty house at Arau.

Kedah - Are you kidding me, I lived there almost my whole life eventhough I wasn't born there. My cildhood in Sik(the famous writer, Shahnon Ahmad was born here. He wrote political satire novel"SHIT"). It was like a small cowboy town but I was very happy there. then we moved to Sungai Petani, fortunately, I was studying in the boarding school at Sungai Petani. I remembered last time I went back during weekends in the Ramadhan month just because to watch "The Cave of Golden Roses" and too skip terawih.( I admit I was not a goody two shoes girl) then we moved to Alor Setar before settling in Sungai Petani again. So, I'm a SP girl.

Penang - Hello, from my house to the Penang bridge on 45 minutes, ok. Of course I've been to Penang. I still remember when there was a break during SPM, some of my friends Rokhmah, Anita, Nurul and I can't remember others when sneak out to Penang. We went for the whole day. I think that is the first adventurous and spontanious thing I ever done. Last year, me and my siblings when to Pesta Pulau Penang.

Perak - Again, hello. This is the state where I was born. My mak long and pak long lives in Temoh. They are like my second family. I went to Ipoh, Tapah( like everyday when I was visited my family here), Kampar, Taiping.

Selangor - I am an UITM shah alam alumni. I lives in shah alam for 3 years before moving to Kelana Jaya. I think Shah Alam is a very suitable place to race a family. But I guess I can't afford to buy house there.

Kuala Lumpur - I become Bangsarian when my office moved to the current location. Well you see, my motto is" I will follow wherever my office goes" because I'm not so good on waking-up early. From my house to my office only takes about 10-15 minutes. I never have to complain about traffic jam when i come to office and back. If I was late, because I woke-up late, but still manage to come to the office on time. Bangsar is so convinience for me because it is situated between KL and PJ. It also near to Plus Highway, Mid Valley and if i want to go to Subang Pyramid, I can use NPE. Well, it's like what people said, "it's all about location, location, location, people!"

Negeri Sembilan - Well, I went to Seremban for my assigment, here also got for me the most delicious cup cake in the world. Jusco seremban, Bahau, Tampin, Kuala Pilah twice(both for weddings) and i even visited Istana Sri Menanti. I always want to visit there since I saw the building in History text book. What special about the castle is that it was built without using any nails. Interesting right?

Malacca - this is the state that I wanted to visit the most. I always fascinated the history of Malaca. Just wondering what will happen if the Portugese never invaded Malacca, I think our country will be the most powerful country in the world. First time I visited because of university assigment. I was a spontanious action also. We went to get information on how to breed lobster(well I've got B for the assignment). But we manage to visit Mahkota parade, A Famosa. then again I went on the work requirement for HAC at A Famosa Resort, twice. I also visited Jonker street. It is quite expensive there. I still want to visit Malacca, maybe take leaves and become a tourist there or I just follow Jocelyn on her centre vist trips but no centre visit for me, if you know what I mean.

Johor - Just went there last week. Manage to see the airport, the branch office, ulu tiram area and the hotel. I like to go to Mersing someday.

Pahang - I went to pick-up my brother in Kuantan, although I was lost, but my driving instint manage to "drive" me to the UIA campus. But to get Kuantan, I think it was the longest journey I ever been although It tooks 3 hours because of the road. I was so scared and praying for my life when my small cute car was in the middle of the 2 big lorries slowly going-up the hill. Do I want to go to Pahang again? Not sure.

Terengganu - Of course just went there for vacation at Pulau Perhentian which was the most fun/sad (my phones) I ever had. We reach Kuala Besut around 4am and got nothing to do but just sit there and waitng for the stall to open so we can have breakfast at 6.30am in the morning. Before that, I went together with my married friends and their sister to the weddings then out of the blue they asked me if i want to go to their relative's wedding in Terengganu. So being spontanious as i am, I agree. With just a clothes on my back we went there and sleep at their relative's house which was a stanger to me. We when to Pasar Payang in Kuala Terengganu and I manage to spend a fortune on the silk for my mother and others clothes. It was fun because we drove on the highway which is by the sea, then we stop to have keropok lekor near the beach.

Kelantan - I went there before when I was little girl because my uncle got married with Kelantanese. Then after our trip to Pulau Perhentian, we decided to take a bus from Kota Bharu at 9pm. So as we have some time to kill, we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah. I went crazy shopping likes there is no tomorrow. I bought all the stuff for my families such as tudungs, kain telekung and a lot of clothes. I did embarassed my groups when I asked the mak cik if i can swipe my credit card there. Then, we though to eat something kelantanese exotic food but intead we just eat rice at KB mall foodcourt. Yeah Linda, the Kelantanese brought us there. What a shame!.

So, I'm happy that I manage to travel around peninsular Malaysia before 30. Now, I need to save money o travel to Sabah, maybe to hike Gunung Kinabalu. I need to start training from now!

17 Apr 2008

Where is Dunkin Donut?

Imagine to my suprised when I reached in the morning and plan to buy some bread at "rotiman" and in my horror, the place where Dunkin Donut was, empty. What the hell. I mean where shopuld I get my coffee for report checking day. Dunkin Donut coffee and report checking day was invented by me, as I though I deserved a very creamy and good coffee for that stressing day. I hate San Franciscoo Coffee!. I have a lot of Dunkin Donut coupon that can be used at here only. Why? why? why? . I gonna miss you ice coffee with hazelnut!


You may think I will talk some deep, fulfilling about life but not this time. Life is a TV series that I'm digging now. It is on the Star World every tuesday from 9pm. The trailer intrigue me the most to watch the series. It is about Detective Charlie Crews,who in 2007 was released from Pelican Bay State Prison after he served twelve years of a life sentence. In 1995 he was wrongfully convicted of the triple murder of his business partner and his family. Thanks to the efforts of his lawyer Constance Griffiths, DNA evidence exonerated him of the murders. Having lost his job, his wife, his friends, nearly all contact with the outside world and even his grip on reality for a time while in jail, he has emerged with a head full of Zen (having found a copy of The Path to Zen in the prison yard one day, he read it endlessly), a fixation with fresh fruit (obviously not easy to come by while in prison), and an obsession with solving the murder that nearly cost him his life and exposing the conspiracy that framed him for it. After successfully suing the city of Los Angeles and the LAPD, he has been reinstated to the police force and received an undisclosed but substantial money settlement-taken from Wikipedia. The main character attract me the most. Although he is not one of the best looking person in town, but still he is superb in this character. The actor name is Damien Lewis. He is a British guy who played American guy. His accent is flawless and the way he talked is "zen-ish" and full of meaning. In the first episode, he bought a house, a orange farm together with the tractor and he has obsession with fresh fruits because in the prison, the fruits not so good, I guess. He also doesn't what is "IM" and camera phone. The scene was soooo funny. Although I cannot watch the series today, because 9.30pm is Ugly Betty at 8tv, but I manage to catch the series on Friday. I like the way he communicate with his partner, Dani Reese and his friend, Ted. He is funny and charming. He is my kind of guy.

My morning sunshine

Starting from April, my morning is complete. I mean in Star World, two of my favourite sitcoms, Scrubs and Friends are playing back to back. It is enough to make me wake-up early than usual in the morning so that I can watch them.

Seriously, I really like the main character in Scrubs, JD and his best friend Turk. For the 25 minutes, I learn about the friendships and the meaning of accepting myself. This morning is regarding is not important what other people think of you but you yourself, you are what your thinking. Well, that is what Dr. Cox, JD mentor's said anyway.

Well, for Friends, I mean really although if they re-run this show a 100 times I still watch them because they are so funny. My favourite friend is Chandler. Well, I do like funny guy. Now is the episode where he and Monico still secretly dating and I can't wait to watch the one with everybody found out about them.

I know I sound pathetic saying these sitcoms are the sunshine of my boring life, but what the heck with others opinion!

Ok I know I wrote this blog while still at working hours but did manage to finish 2 centre visit reports and I deserve a break!

24 Jan 2008

Heath Ledger is dead!

Heath Ledger is dead. I don't why this thing bugging is not that I'm one of the his biggest fan or what. I kind like him in "10 things I hate about you" movie. I only knew when I tune to Channel E! News, and only got a bit part of it. I mean really. But it's not like a big news at all. Then I waited for Daily 10. His death is only at number 10 news. I though a big talented star like him, news about his death should be number 1. And the number 1 story is about Mischa Burton DUI. Like it's a big news at all. This is from channel dedicated the whole 30 minutes news of Britney when she she was taken to hospital. I don't know why it make me sad. Maybe because he is around my age and he has a lot of thing going on. New batman movie, everybody praise him a lot as a Joker. A daughter and ex fiance. I didn't know( or naive me) that he used drugs. I mean like is River Phoenix all over again. A young star died because of drug. What a waste. Maybe it's true. Money and popularity means nothing at all. But I don't have all of that, is that mean I'm not happy? maybe some part of the time, but I guess love from my family and friends push me to live. So, never misjudge the power of nagging father and true friends, will miss them when they not there.

21 Jan 2008

My 5 year service award

Saturday night, the office organized the annual dinner at The Westin. Well, first place the hotel is in the middle of town, and it's sturday noght, well you do the math. Lulily, I'm not driving. Kesian Mek tod, dahla terlepas simpang, kena pusing lagi sekali. The dinner, well, ..............................? the theme is Oscar night. Well I went as a guy, maybe because to save budget and nobody said that I have to dress as a woman. But I'm so looking forward to receive my 5 years service award. It's mean I will get money na the plaque!!!!

How I've got the job

5 years, so what does it mean? I still remember when I apply the job after finish the final exam. Seriously, I don't want to continue study. I bought the star or NST, I can't remember, copy the e-mail address and went to CC near my house and just blindly send my resume. So the day was on Saturday where I already bought my bus ticket to balik kampung( before raya) for tomorrow. I'm on the way to KLCC to watch the first "Harry Potter" movie. I'm in the bus when I've got the call from my friend's phone, that somebody called me regarding job interview. So when I get back, I called the number and it was Ms. Soo asked me to come for interview on Monday. So, I need to burn my bus ticket. The office in Kelana Jaya, but I still can't remeber what positon and worst what company is it. Luckily my housemate knows the building. Went I reached the office, I still can't remember what position I'm apllying so when she asked me to fill the form, I stuck in that column, luckily she said to me it's DAta Entry Clerk. Well the interview went smoothly, I guess ( if not, well I'm not here). When she asked me that the job will be boring because I need to sit in fron of computer all day long, basically I just said fine with it, I love computer. then, went I went back, I have the feelings that I will get the job. Sure enough when I get back home, I recieved the call for second interview. So when I got to my hometown for the Raya that year, I know when I comeback next year, I already have a job. I am greatful because, it's my first interview and I don't have to run all over the town to find a job.

My first Anuual Dinner

The dinner was held in Bandar Sri Damansara Club. It was Chinese dinner with 13 courses. Well, that time we have lucky draw and I've got a "Steam Iron" which is the one that I need most. I still commute between shah Alam and Kelana Jaya with 1 taxi from my home to the bus stop. 1 bus from the highway to Kelana jaya and 1 feeder bus to the office and I still need to walk and using bridge to the office. When I go home, to save money, I need to take bus until all the way to Klang and wait until 8.30pm to get bus to Section 7, Shah alam. Then in the dinner we play the" scissors and paper game" where all of us( about 15 ) were given RM 10 each and we need to compete with aothers. I f we won't we can take the others money. Well guess what, I've won. I've got RM 150 cash on that night. I don't know that I raelli good in this game or the others sucks. This is my first time also see other people drunks and babling nonsense. I't quite an experience.

I think I've change and grow through all this 5 years ( mentally and physically). From the youngest staff in the office 5 years ago to the not so young staff now. From Data Entry Clerk to FD Admin to FDC.I'm very greatful and happy here. I manage to surround me with all the good people, great friendships, a lot of opportunity to visit other countries whether for business or just for fun. This is my "cheese". Will I stay another 5 years, well time will tell.

7 Jan 2008

2008 and stuff!

2008 and stuff!
Hope that is not too late to write about my new year resolution.

2008 Resolutions

1. Too loose some weights- really , I need to do some drastic measure in food and excercise. Hopefully to lose 1 kg per week.

2. To save a lot of money- seriously I need to be not to spending my money.

Well just some thoughts I gathered during my long holidays.

Britney Spears - falls from grace. I still remember when the first time , I heards her song, (I thought she was black singer). She is so sweet and innocence. Well, I stop pay her attention when she come out with the sexy music video, 'I'm a slave for you". I thought that is not classy enough and too much revealing. Frankly, I'm quite happy when Justin dumoped her. I wonder how can she lived with all the papparazzi following her around.

Video game championship - I flipped the channel and stop at Channel V when I saw the somekind of video game championship. what struck me the most was the was a commentator in the game. They show the players play the game and really like comment that we've heard when watching football. Well, nowadays vplaying video games is a sport, because last time I check , it just for geek. Who knows!

E! Channel - Well, seriously , I hook-up with the this channel now. My favourite segment of course E! News and E! True Hollywood Story( THS). (How else I know about Britney Spears and stuff. She is everyday in the E! News). Yesterday I watched the THS of Will Smith. It tells about his story for early childhood until now.I thought Will is short for William, but his is Williard. He is actualy a great student but choose to become an artist instead. Well, it is not a bad choice.

Extra School fee - I really fed-up about this. It just RM 5 extra get over it. why these parents compplain so much about this. Why can't you pay extra for your own kids education? It is not matter to you when the ciggarettes price become more pricey? ) by the way it's more than RM 5) or to buy more jewellery or arcopal set. It's not enough now you don't have to pay for textbook, you still not want to pay more. It's like Malay says " Dah bagi betis, nak paha" (well that is utara slang anyway).It is worth it if you can pay extra with all the problems that the teachers will face later with your child attidude or from you. My motto is, if you can subscribe to Astro, you can pay the schooll fee.

That's all for now!

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...