7 Jun 2015

British Isles Road Trip: Preparation 1

Looks who is coming back? Yap, it's me again. I know some of you might fed-up with me appearing like chipsmore, "sekejap ada, sekejap takde" I'm so sorry. I just lost it. Sorry!

But now I pumped up already yeah...after some Skyping and televideo through Hangout, it is already set, I'm going to road trip together with my brother around British Isles. For your info, my brother and his family is in Nottingham since last year as he is continuing his study for Phd. I plan to visit them next year because I miss them and especially my niece so much. Then I told them I might want to visit Scotland (yeah because of Outlander) and they said they want to come to...so wohooo road trip!

So what is British Isles? It just covers England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. See, my brother would like to go Snowdonia, Wales so we include that and I really want to go to Isle of Skye, Cornwall and The Dark Hedges. So after some calculation, it looks like we will cover up to 2000km. Yep, I'm planning to cover for petrol expenses and try to find out how much is the petrol cost in UK.

So far we just try to plan which place we would like to cover and how much it will cost. I try to play with Google Map and find out what our journey will be like.

If we cover all British Isles

If we didn't cover Ireland, ten it will become UK road trip
So far everything is still under planning and I will try to find more info for the trip. We plan to to do it in the month of May next year as the day is longer and before fasting month.

So, if you have feedback and info regarding this trip, feel free to comment. I welcome any ideas and tips.

Ok, bye for now!. I promise I will be back soon!

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