8 Sep 2012

Europe; Project Update

Well, it has been quite long since I updated my plan to Europe. According to my plan, I'm supposed to buy flight ticket tomorrow at Matta Fair but it ain't going to happen yet. No, not because I cancelled or postponed the project simply because I still made up my mind where should I enter the Europe continent.

You see, my little brother who just got engaged last week will go to UK to pursue his Phd with his fiance later wife next year. No, I'm not crashing their honeymoon but since they will be there anywhere, so why don't I took this opportunity to visit them. The problem is, my bro doesn't know when he will be able to get there and where. He got unofficial offer from 3 universities, Leeds, Birmingham and perhaps Edinburgh. Secretly, I wish he choose Scotland then I can visit him there and see the vast landscape and to visit Lochness Monster hehe. The other problem is, he doesn't know when he can get there, I mean it depends on his university and budget from government. But he plan to get there in March 2013.

In addition, as I didn't manage to get travel buddy so I have no choice but to go with Kelana Convoy. Since I will be alone and this is my first time to Europe, I will be more safe and comfortable to travel in group and it is around my budget. Perhaps, it is a good way to know more people who has passion to travel as you do
 ;-). They only just come up with the 2013 tour dates this week and at first I plan to go on March or April but my brother and I has talked it would be better for me to go in May since we are going to have his wedding reception between Feb - Apr 2013 (because of unsure dates to fly).

I choose spring dates as I wanted to visit Keukonhof ( I love Tulips) and choose the tour 'Highlights of Europe' with 9 days to visit 5 countries. The other tour, "Conquest of Europe' is quite exciting, visiting 9 countries in 16 days. However, as I have limited annual leave, I budgeted to travel in 16 days, 9 days with Kelana Convoy and the rest is for me to visit my dream Neuchwanstein castle in Fussen, go to Bath, visiting my brother and shopping till I drop in London. So, I know where is the point I want to get out from Europe, which is London.

I just thinking whether I should enter from Munich and visit the castle then back to London for the tour or I should get in from London, visit my brother and go the Fussen come back and join the tour? To enter from Munich is much more cheaper from London as London airport tax quite expensive but London is the mother of transportation where you can get anywhere from there. I f I enter from London and get out from Europe from Munich, I have to bring a lot of bags to travel with me as I said before I want to shop a lot in London. It will be hassle for me to take train or flight with all shopping items.

I also wanted to stay in London for more days as I plan to visit the usual attractions such as London Eye, Westminister Abbey and also set aside one day to visit a countryside. In my mind it would be whether Bath (I saw Samantha Brown visit here) which is 90 minutes from London, or Oxford or Canterbury which I always dream about, you know seeing their drama such as Downtown Abbey or film such as Pride and Prejudice. I also wanted to see medieval castles so as for now I still do some researching. I wanted to feel the breeze of countryside while sipping English Tea and eat some scorns while looking at the vast greenery lush and white cotton sheep running in the background. Hmmmm

Still I got around 8 months to plan for my dream trip and I hope everything will be real soon. Can't wait!

I wish to see the sunset here
How wonderful is this?

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