19 Oct 2017

Family trip to UK

Salam semua....

Ya, I know I have gone for too long. It is all because of my stupid laptop need to be repaired and actually I was away for one month in August to visit my brother and his family and we went to Wales and Scotland.

So, as we are waiting for my laptop to be repaired (I'm using my office laptop now) let enjoy some of the photos. Yes, I will definitely try to complete my NZ first before updating my Paris +UK trip....

I will never bored with Eiffel Tower

Versailles Palace

My father in front of Wollaton Hall aka Batman Manor, Nottingham

First time seeing deer face to face...

Conwy Castle....

The smallest house in Great Britain

I love Wales!

Great Orme Cable Car (Llandudno)

Caernafon Castle, Wales

                                    The Pontycysyllte Aqueduct

Tu Hwnt I'r Bont

Yap, visit Liverpool Stadium

No point going Liverpool if you are not going to see the Beatles, right?

Took MU Stadium Tour

The Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

Dean Village, Edimburgh

Edinburgh Castle
Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

Portree, Isle of Skye

Kilt Rock Waterfall, Isle of Skye

It is confirmed, there is no Loch Ness monster.....

Picking fruits and vegetable at the farm

Gigih panjat nak tengor Hogwarts Express!

Ok guys, see you soon!

30 Apr 2017

I'm going for adventures in New Zealand Part 6: Lake Tekapo and Lake Pukaki

Yeah yeah I know I know, I know. I'm so sorry.......enjoy

The weather is lovely and we are hungry. So, lunch time. We have plan to have a picnic at Lake Tekapo and so we headed there.

Lake Tekapo famously for their Lupins. You will always have pictures of the lake with Lupins and one of the picture also become my wallpaper. Now, I can get my own pictures of the lake with Lupins for my laptop's wallpaper.

We have cold rice again, but with the view, it just worth it. After that, we have some time to spare and photo time begins.I tried to 'slide 'some rocks at the lake but I lack of skill. I even fell after throwing the rock. I have picture to prove it!

After that, we went to the famous Church of the Good Shepherd. It was situated on the other side of the lake. Boy, there are so many people there and more Lupins. It was a small church that was built in 1935, the first church to build around here.

Again, I still cannot tell you how much I adore Lupins, it just becomes my second favourite flower, where the first one is of course Tulips. It is quite hard to have photo sessions by ourselves as tons of people also like Lupins. So we need, to walk around to find a place with less people.

Then, we continue our journey to Mount Cook. At one time, I'm as a navigator and my friend is driver while chitchatting and suddenly we saw the bluest thing as eyes can see.We are just gasp as we saw Lake Pukaki. It just so blue and take our breath away.

Lake Pukaki is the largest lake in New Zealand. Actually, until we almost arrive Mount Cook, the lake is still there, I mean it is huge. And why it is so blue? because it is from glacier. I can just imagine the coldness of the water there.

Of course it is another photo session time. With breathtaking view of snowy Mount Cook and bluest lake, who can resist?

After a while, we continued our journey to Mount Cook and spend a night there. I would update about Mount Cook in my next entry because it is one of my favourite experiences in New Zealand. If you want to know why? Stay tune!

Picnic lunch near the lake

When you try so hard, then you fell...
My current wallpaper...
Church of Good Shepherd

Another side of Church of Good Shepherd!

Lupins...lupins everywhere....

On our way to Mount Cook
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This is the part where we gasp...
Me, try to pose 'cooly'...
Three shades of blue...
Mount Cook, here we come....

19 Mar 2017

I'm going for adventures in New Zealand Part 5: Inland Scenic Route 77

My laptop is ok, so now without further due, here is the update. By the way, Hi Letchumy(^_^)

Inland Scenic Route 77

Around 8.30am, we are ready to check out and make our way to Mount Cook using Inland Scenic Route 77 Actually, I know about this road when I read in my facebook post in travellers' forum. It is not usual road that Malaysian always use, the from the blogs and internet research, most of Malaysian will use road where they will pass Ashburton and Ealing. So, since I'm the navigator, I decided to give it a try.

The weather is gloomy and I'm actually quite frustrated as we might not able to see beautiful scenery along the way and it is cold as it is around 10'c. However, we still our hope is still high as we are hoping as it is only in he morning, perhaps the weather will be in the afternoon.

Along the way, although the weather is still gloomy, but we do enjoy the scenery, especially went we passed through cows and sheeps cattle. We just like crazy people like screaming sheep...and cows like w have never saw cows and sheeps before. But honestly, i've never seen black and white spots cow before except in New Zealand's milk ad when I was little. So one bucket dream is checked.

Our first stop would be Rakaia Gorge where where can see turquoise river. The beautiful Rakaia Gorge is located on the Rakaia River, in inland Canterbury. You will find the scenery is stunning even in the gloomy weather. I saw he photo when the weather is nice and it is superb.Rakaia Gorge combined with places of historical and geological interest. The popular Rakaia Gorge Walkway is a 10.4 kilometre return track along the top of the Rakaia Gorge, to the ferryman's track. You can do boating, salmon and trout fishing and even explore the area by walking in the track.

We stopped here to take the photo even though it is quite cold and light raining. I mean, we can't miss to take photo, is that the travelling all about? I'm quite afraid to go near the riverbank because the stream is strong and the is the sign warning not to be there when there is flood. However, curiosity killed the cat so yes, the water is freaking cold.

After sometime, I mean when we cannot bear the cold already, we decided to continue our journey. Our next stop is somewhere which I can't remember but it has a place to stop and the scenery of white open green field and it just so beautiful. Of course we took a lot of photos and we are not alone on this. There are other tourist do the same thing, hehe.
Along the scenic route is like you are going to the countryside and the road is much more smaller with less car.

By noon, our prayers has been answered and the weather is getting better as we almost reaching Lake Tekapo. From afar, we can see the snow on the top of Mount Cook and it was breathtakingly stunning. Of course, again, we need to stop to take photos and we met a couple from Korea doing the same thing. We even took selfie together with them.

Along the road you will see  a lot of tourist car or van stopped to take photos, I even jumping with joy when I saw lupins there.One of my friends said, even the weeds here are beautiful.
After about an hour, as we are hungry already, we decided to have lunch picnic at Lake Tekapo. So, that will be in the next update hehe.

To make up my long absent, here more photos for you to 'cuci mata'......

Selfie for the long journey

Yep...that cow is just wondering why do I took their photo?

Turquoise Rakaia river....

Rakaia Bridge

Although you can't see it, but it is freezing cold!

Anyone who wants to make a reference...

The warning sign
As you can see, no cars at all...

At lookout point somewhere along the road...

Trees as the wall...


I bet the scenery would be much better with blue sky...

Like a big storm is coming in...

Yellow and green....
Weeds never look so beautiful...

Wide open grassland...

Wefie with Korean couple...
Trying to look cool....

Can you see Mount Cook?
Photo session!

Melbourne - The mountain, the sea and the city Part 2 -Brighton Bathing Boxes and Puffing Billy

Salam all, yep a little bit busy. In fact I have been working in outstation for one month now. So that is why slow updates. So let continue,...