8 May 2007

Get tagged again....

Since i've got tagged by bernice, so please allow me to write-up in english. Please mind the grammatical and spelling error as I did not get A1 in my SPM for English.

5 things found in your bag:

1. Of course my new purse ( by at Sogo last weekends) with all my important cards (IC, Driver license, ATM Cards, credit card, insurance card) and others ( Jusco, Sogo, Mesra, Kurnia, Enrich cards) so now I cannot closed my purse properly.
2. My phones - Of course, although not many people called me though
3. Medicine- I have my own pharmacy in my bag with paracetamol, flu pills and lotion.
4. Company camera- Like Bernice, for leisure and business
5. Keys- House and car keys

5 things found on your wallet:

1. Of course the cards like I mentioned above
2. Credit card & ATM receipts
3. A little money ...... I save for Vietnam trip maaa...
4. Name cards - Clinic, frame store
5. My old P license.

5 favourite things in your room:

1. My TV /Astro /DVD/CD player - Like irama dan lagu , cannot be seperate.
2. My balance ball - Sometimes, when i feel energetic enough, I do my sit-up on the ball.
3. My bed and 5 pillows- Believe me i need those pillows.
4. Make-up counter and big mirror- It's not for make-up actually but for my toner, lotion all that stuff
5. Books and magazines collection - Seriously , I have to get rid some of the stuff.

5 things you always wanted to do:

1. Trip to Ireland - Visit to castles as well as to catch leprachaun
2. To go to Westlife concert ( before they split)
3. Lose my weights - Please -please let me lose my weights
4. Get married and have kids
5. Bring family to Mecca

5 things you are currently into:

1. Blogging - Laugh and get to know more about my friends
2. Hanging out with my friends - Especially at makan time
3. Stealing mp3's from other websites using google- I'm so sorry....
4. Thinking and planning how to improved and help all my instructors so that they can be happy?
5. Ugly Betty,ANTM, Bleach,TAR,American Idol,E! Channel, 30 Rock,Ned Declassified, Life with Derek,Spongebob Squarepants, CSI.

Well I think Bernice already tag the person I know, So I tag faizala.

Ok that's all folks.

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