9 Mar 2012

Language that we choose

Some might ask why do I blog in English, well it just came naturally. Sometimes, I do blog in Bahasa depends on   my mood and the subject I guess.

Believe me, I'm not so good in writing, you will see a lot of grammar mistakes while you read this, but for me it is more on how do I express myself. I love Bahasa Melayu and I think it has the best sound in the world but sometimes if I blog in Bahasa, I feel that I can express myself enough as I keep looking for that Malay word and sometimes I feel the word is too "jiwang" haha. But it doesn't mean that I will not blog in Malay, like I mentioned earlier, it depends on mood and subject.

Well, I guess it doesn't matter what language that we use to express ourselves, what important is to get the message across and to let our voice to be heard. It doesn't matter if the reader understand or not but as long as we have something good to say, people will find the way to understand it. I mean that is Google translate for, right?

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