28 Apr 2009

Today's paper

Well, what can I say about today's Macroeconomy paper? I'm glad I know most of the answer but still got confusion there. My health condition does no help either as I have a slight migraine and "bersin" for the whole 3 hours. 

Well, since I can't study during weekends as I'm working and karaoke night doesn't help either. Well now need to prepare for two more papers where I only can study on Sunday because I'm going to attend Pah's wedding in Terengganu. 

Well I'm quite excited about the trip as I can go shopping at Payang Market. The clothes there are beautiful and just want to get ready for Raya. 

Well, I try to study during this trip, if I can!

Pasar Payang, here I come!


ILi Izyani said...

Ira, jangan wat ayat nak swipe credir card kat pasar payang oteyy?

saerah80 said...

Yela Ili, aku tak akan memalukan diorang semua...

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