2 Apr 2009

My trip to KK

Well, it has been so long since I updated my blog. Why? Maybe because I'm quite busy nowadays since I better write reports than updating blogs if you know what I mean.

So I've been offered to travel to KK to support new centre, well, at first I quite hesitate as I'm really don't want to give PO to public as I'm quite shy or I would say, "pemalu orangnya" but since this is the only state I've in Malaysia I've never been, I'm thinking what the heck.

Since I'm going alone, I though it would be a great adventures, nevertheless it is. I arrived at KK airport around 10pm and waiting for my luggage for almost 20 minutes. I'm quite worried as it is quite late and I'm a girl and alone. The CSI effect comes to me.

The taxi driver was driving very fast. Seriously, he never stop at the roundabout to peek or something just go through like nobody business. I'm glad I get to the hotel safely.

My hotel situated near the shopping mall and the room is soooooo cold, seriously. It is 22 celcious and it is still cold like in the freezer. My hands felt almost numb as I keep playing solitire on the company laptop which somehow can't connect to the internet. 

The staff there quite sweet trying to figure out what is wrong with the connection. He tried to change the network wire, plug-in and plug-out and even take off the connection plug out of the wall and inspected. They never suspect that actually it is the laptop problem which is really frustrating.

I didn't manage to anywhere except to work as I don't know where to go. I did go around the shopping mall, and I would say it is more standard than midvalley and a little bit lower class than The Garden. They do have a free bus to the town and when I tried to register, it is full already. Luckily, because that afternoon it was raining like cats and dogs and for sure I unable to comeback to hotel before going to work.

Overall, it was quite interesting journey. I manage to buy some brooches for my sister, my umi and myself at Pasar Filipino.  The crystal there is quite cheap and I wasn't thinking when I purchased the things because they all beautiful although when I get there, no electricity at that place. But it is ok, so I know which crystal that bling the most without the help from the lamp.

I would definetely comes here again to go around town and snorkeling at Sipadan Island. Just need to find a right time and right partner as nowadays everybody save their money for weddinglah or too busy datinglah and all sort of excuse they can thing of.

So, I guess I will updating my blog frequently as I already purchased a new laptop with celcom broadband. I think it is a need as I'm a student now and I can't rely for office to do my assigment (which I never did, honestly).

My laptop
My laptop

So, keep on blogging.

P/S: I was quite sad that one of my favourite AI, Megan contestant was out today. She is sooo beautiful and quite unique.


Ija1202 said...

wahh...best yer ko yer ira gi KK..bulan 7 pun nk pegi lg.
aku pun nk gi pulau sipan ler..jom!
btw...ko dah daftar ke dgn berukband celcom tu?? kasar bhs aku...sbb service ada masanye lmbt nk mampus...last month aku decided msk line streamyx.. wah!!..laju cam kat opis..puas ati aku!!
up date sll yer..

ILi Izyani said...

Kalau tak rajin update lagi...memang sajer la ko ira..ira...rindu kat ko..jom jom gi sipadan..ajak la aku...

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