7 Apr 2009

Feel like kicking my a**

It started on Saturday morning, a day before my last class for this semester. I already my law assignment, just waited to be printed. I'm quite happy with it as I though I've done the best that I can.  So now what I have to do is to print out Macro home test that my instructor just send out by e-mail at 12am and to do Macro assignment.  So, I wondering where do I have to go to pringt both assignmnet and home test? At first I went out to buy my lunch at Bangsar's McDonald. I try to look around there wondering would there a be a printing shop or something but failed. I should have known better as that area is a "bangsar kaya" area not like my place"bangsar mioskin" where you can get a burger for RM 1.50 (used to be RM1) at pasar malam. Of course most people there and laptop and computer with printer. If there "kurang kaya" there will go to Starbucks, buy a cup or two of lattes and use the free wifi. So i thought I just try again at my place. Luckily or( unlucky) for me there's a digital image shop near the 7E that I can print them but it will cost me RM 1 per sheet and mind you it is black and white printing. I though what a heck, I desperate already. 

Unfortunately she can only print the home test as the law assignment I forgot to save in Microsoft Word format. Yes, I used a free software, Open Office as a substitute for microsoft office which i think is very useful and free as to install microsoft office home addition I need to fork-up more money which is I have a little right now. So I thought I will come back around 6pm to print it again.

I went home eat my lunch and busy working with the home test. After a little break, I stop for a while for Hannah Montana. I know what everybody think but seriously the girl can act and the show is very funny. Then I taught I want to continue to do the test and just print the assignment after 6.30pm as I thought the shop usually close at 8pam or something. Imagine to my surpise when the shop closed already and it is only 6.45pm. Where the heck I have to go know. Two choices, Midvalley or KL Sentral. Well I don't want to drive to Midvalley looking for parking and pay RM 3 just to print 2 sheets of paper, so I thought better to go to KL Sentral.

Well, lucky for me, in KL Sentral there is a shop that we can print document and it only cost RM 0.40 per sheet for black and white printing. Then after that, the rain  start to pouring down and I was stuck in KL Sentral. I just mad at my self for not driving as I went there by train. I still haven't complete the home test, assignment and read for the law test tomorrow. So what do I do? Having my dinner day and praying the rain will stop soon as If I just go through the rain, my law assignment will be wet.

The rain stop, finally and come back at home around 8.30pm. I decided to skip the macro assignment as I do have 3 hours in afternoon before the class started. Then I stated to read the law book which occasionally my eyes went to tv wathing Saturday Night Live. The show is funny. Well I though maybe the whole class will plead for the instructor to have open book test, so I just stop and go to sleep.

First class, Law. I found out actually I 've a wrong question and immediately try to do 5 minuted before the class. When the lecturer when in, I went to her to address her my problem and she just look my two pieces of assignment and start to blabbering how some people (meaning me) didn't listen what she has saying in the class. She shows my assignment as "what not to do during the final exam". Some of my classmate actually do the 2 questions assigment in 10 pages front and back with the colourful cover and binds. Then it hit me, what was I thinking, I wasn't thinking as student at all, I'm thinking as a working adult. During my student year last time I did do my assignment my coulourful printing cover and binding. I guess I just forgot. Actually while she is blabbering I was standing in front and actually I didn't feel shame at all, I feel relief that I know this before final exam, imagine if I did the answer during that time?

Then we have a quiz and a test which is without open book. Great, I've said. I'm screwed!. Actually, I can't think anymore as I fell like really want to kick myself for the assignment. Test is one question with 100 marks and Quizzes with 5 questions, 10 marks per question.
After 15 minues watching all the students staring at the questions with blank espression, she said that we can open the text book. Me looking at the questions again doing the mistakes by answering the quiz and being thought the lesson just now, so I elaborate  the answer as long as I can with the example of cases and only manage to aanswer 2 questions only while for the 100 marks question I only manage to answer I think around 10% only as I miscalculated the time given. 

Seriously, I can't imagine what is my carried mark for law, if I can get 20 marks I willl be happy already although I need to study super extra hard for my final. I really feel that I need to score in law paper as a revenge. Then finally, the lecturer gives me a second chance to do the assignment but need to send on that day. Still during my Statistics class I can't really concentrate as I can't let go wht just happen. I knew I could do better in the test and Quiz. 

As fo Macro assignment, still I can't completed for one page as I under underestimate the number of questions. Finally, I submitted without the last page as the class started already the lecturer asking for it already.

On Sunday night, I stayed up to 2am doing the assignment as I was like copying the text books with all the cases and and it is quite hard as I already sleepy. Finally manage to e-mail the assignment after 2.30am and I do thing the laptop and broadband that I've got on tha week are the blessing from god. I don't know what to do if I don't own them.

I know it is quite long but I think the moral of the story is stop lagging the works. All the assignments was given like two weeks ago and I just thought I can do all of them in 2 days. One of my resolution this year is to get dean list as I never been one. I did almost get last time during my student year, so I really need to study hard for the 3 papers. This is one of part of my life that I can control na do domething about it. So wish me luck and especially will power as I really need both of them. 


ILi Izyani said...

Welcome to the tak tdo malam club beb..tp members of the club mesti ade printer :)

Jocelyn Teoh said...

Aww... A series of unfortunate events. Well, at least u know how u could improve in the future. After reading The Secret, I really believe in the power of one's mental power or will. If u really set yr mind to it, I'm sure it will happen for u. Look forward to the Dean list ya.

Psst.. Maybe switching off the TV while studying would be a great idea. Perhaps JPP steps would help hehe.

Dalina @ Ardina said...

huhu teringat masa jwb paper satu subject law ni... open book exam. kesian bila ade yg masuk exam wo book, kena tunggu org lain abis jwb to borrow the book....


salam..suke i baca cite2 u.atleast bertambah ilmu nak pandai omputih...huhuhu.

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