16 Apr 2009

Bye bye Grissom

Last night, finally in CSI he annouced that he is leaving. I was so shock. I mean I knew he is leaving the show but still…I found it’s hard to believe. This is one of the only show that I never missed a single episode and still exciting after 9 seasons. Last time, I do watch Lost but seriously I’m kind of lost already. Heroes? well becomes zero to me so I just waited for the marathon and watched them in one day. Although I do watch other 2 CSI but so far the original one is the best. Gil Grissom is my favourite character as well as Greg Sanders.

He is the kind of boss that you’re looking for. He has a lot of wisdom, kind of funny and he is kind of mentor to both Greg and Hodges. He is very serious with his work that make him “politically deaf” as he doesn’t care to suck-up to others and just do his own work. He makes working with corpse and bugs seems so cool. If I don’t have a phobia on blood, I bet I want to become a forensic expert like him.

Of course my favourite episodes featuring the miniature killer, which is chilling and you can’t wait to know who is the miniature killer is. His favourite quote is “dead can’t speak for themselves”. I also like his relationship with Sara Sidle. I think they look cute together. He likes to ride rollercoaster (like I am, after being force, of course) and sensitive if the victim is children or teenagers

I can’t wait to see him for the last time next week. But I guess he leaving the show while he was on top to rekindle with Sara. Boy, I’m sure going to miss his witty sense and his bug knnowledge. So, bye Gil Grissom…hope to see you as guest star in CSI again.


Dakjaat™ said...

hai.. salam kenal . dah lame ek blogging.. kenape baru nak aktif balik ? .. ;)

mie said...

haii just tengok2 je

Dakjaat™ said...


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