22 Apr 2009

Talent or not? That is the question...

Susan Boyle

I've just watch Susan Boyle's youtube video from Britain's Got Talent show. Wow seriously she can sing and it was a beautiful voice.So far around 100 million people already watch the video and now she is an instant celebrity.

Seriously looking at her appearance you will never thought that she can sing amazingly That show talents come in many different faces and physical. I know a friend who has a little bit of weight but can play sepak takraw and still can do the split on the air, seriously.

What is my hidden talent? So far I can't quite figure out yet, but let me tell you what I can't do:s

1. I can't draw - art and engineering drawing. The highest score for my art is C+. We need to draw "Gotong-royong di sekolah" and I drew this guy stiffly holding a broom and looking at the audience wearing hat. One of my friend commented that is one of the best picture I ever produce. Meaning that I never draw something pretty before. I took Engineering technical drawing in Form 4 & Form 5, I have no choice actually, whether you take engineering subject or accountancy and biology, of course i don't want to surgery with frog. During SPM I lost hope for the subject, and I though whatever happen, happen but thank god that I passed the subject.

2. I can't see 3-D picture - for some reason I'm not able to see 3-d pictures. One of my friends used to have a 3-D book and everybody take turn to borrow the book. When it it is my turn, I can't see a thing, they said there is a pirate ship and all I can see is the pattern. I tried everything like put the book right in front of my eyes and slowly bring it away from my face, not working. Open my eyes as big as I can, na'ah..so I just give-up. I still occasionally try to figure out on how to see the hidden picture still not avail, any tips anyone?

That are some of things that I can't do. I think I'm a average cook, I can cook spaghetti start from scratch not the sous comes from the can. I mean I can start from the minced meat to do the source with the tomatoes. I like to try new recipes but the problem is I'm lazy to cook as it cost more and take sometime too do it than just tapau from the gerai.

I'm good with the machine, paper stuck in the copy machines,both I'm the man, I mean the girl. Anything about Excel, I can do the most of the formulas. I'm an avid map reader. If you are looking for a team mate for Amazing Race, call me plus I can drive manual. But don't ask me how to go back to the previous place as I can arrive the new place based on the printed Google map but sometimes I lost on the way
back from the place. Last time, I went to visit centre in Klang and on the way back I lost and almost reach West Port, I thought there will be a U-turn as I go along but noooo. I only one stop away reaching to the seaside.

I do sing in karaoke as with my student card, I do have to pay less than normal charges. Yes, I'm abusing my student card although I'm not a very good student as my exam is less than 6 days away but I'm happily writing my blog. I should stop now.


ILi Izyani said...

Yaaaa...nasib ko sedar yang ko la the master of excel...ira..thank you banyak2..if not because of ko jd sifoo aku...sudah tentu susah keje aku kat kumon & sekarang aku sudah jadi sifoo excel kat sekolah aku..thanks ira..

errr...pasal baiki mesin tu pun betuii..asai sangkut je aku cari ko...

saerah80 said...

Haha...thanks Ili dia atas segala pujian ko kat aku...kembang hidung ni hehehe

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