21 Jul 2013

Europe Trip Update Part 9: Off to Paris in karaoke bus

So, we have been fasting for 12 days now. Everything so good so far and loving it.

So, it is time for 10 hours bus ride to Paris so in order to fill in the time, the crews had loaded karaoke songs in bus and offered anybody would take the challenge. One of my tent mates did sang some of the song and even one of the crew amused us with his version of Siti Nurhaliza's song, "Purnama Merindu". A lot of people enjoy them, one of the med girls from Galway sang Sixth Sense song and the young couple who is in their third honeymoon sang duet song, I think "Ombak Rindu".

While enjoying that, I opened up a chocolate boxes that I bought from Brussels, it is berry covered chocolate and I offered one to my bus buddy, then I eat the whole up and pulled the stalk and suddenly, i felt this sour weird thing in my mouth I and I was not sure, then I looked at the box, it's written fill in Brandy and I just throw it up in the box, and poor my bus buddy, she also feel it and throw in the box also. I swear, I didn't see the brandy word when I bought it and all the way, I kept apologizing on my bus buddy because  offered her a brandy chocolate. It doesn't taste good at all. so, that is my experience of eating alcohol chocolate., I need to really read carefully for every food that I will buy here.

Then, after that we were showing movies, one is Perfume: The Story of Murderer (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfume:_The_Story_of_a_Murderer_(film)) , which is quite interesting. Apart from some nudity and orgy (I do close eyes at some part), it is about how the perfume industry was begun and how perfume is made. Then we saw, The Dictator (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dictator_(2012_film)) yeah Sasha Sasha Cohen movie and it was so dirty but funny. It less dirty than Borat though. Everyone in the bus is asleep except for a few of us in front of the bus, and in this one part, the Dictator is about to do the flying fox to another building and suddenly he just smack the windows and something happen (I'm not going to tell) and we all scream and woke the the whole bus. It just so funny and yet dirty.

So, in the late evening we arrived at our base camp and were brief on tomorrow's agenda where most of us will go to Disneyland and some of us who are not going, me and others will visit Paris. Yeah, I already went to Disneyland Tokyo, I guess it will be the same. Disneyland Florida, that I will go.

So, the next story will continue on how I walk up stairs in Eiffel Tower and shopping alone at La Vallee Village. Determination!

Cost of the day:

Food and beverage = 20 Euro (yeah, eat a lot cos in the bus)

Karaokeing time...

A long way to go...

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