14 Jul 2007

Close encounter with famous people.

Just now when I want to come to office, i met A. Samad Said. Well i guess no suprise there because he lives in my apartment, yes my old building apartment. So, it just makes me to reminisence who's who's I've encountered in my life:

A. Samad Said- always saw him with his wife. Sometimes we are in the lift together. His beard is real man, so white and long. He is quite small, is not that what I've imagine. For me he is famous you know, i mean we did study him and his masterpiece in high school. Some more he is " Sasterawan Negara".

Maidin - the comedian. I met him twice, I think. One occasion when he became the special guest for my father "Jabatan Penerangan Family Day". By the way I won wrist watch for balloon competition. Okay that is another story. The other one when I met him in front of Kamdar at SP. He just smile like he knew that I was suprised to see him there.

Ezlynn - The singer/host. I just went back from visiting Di at SJMC ( she gor gengue, okay that is another story to tell) when we stop by at the mamak' s and somebody said that's Ezlynn because I did not recognize her with that thick, I mean really thick make-up.

Tun Mahathir - Twice.I'm around his presence( I did not meet him face to face) when he visiting some carnival at Perlis, a long time ago. I remembered that he came to the carnival by helicopter that my skirt almost go -up ( ala Marilyn Monroe). Why we are the, I can't remember. the other one, when I'm still studying in UITM that all of us need to go to Shah Alam stadium something about UITM history or gratitute and he was the main speaker. But i did remember the free food we got after that.

Nassier Wahab & Azharina - singers.I saw them when I accompanied my dad to his retirement ceremony. They were the guest singers. I remember he sang his new song and Azharina sang that her famous song. I mean they are quite near to our table and I can see that Nassier Wahab still look likes a young dude. Seriously, his face did not change at all.It's like in 80's. Oh I also in the opreence of MAriamah Tijo and Chuari Selamat. Turns- up Mariamah Tijo ( RTM dj) also retired and Chuari selamat is the MC. He was at my table. I did not recognize him.

DYMM Sultan of Kedah - He came to our school for " Hari Penyampaian Hadiah". I did remember for those who got number 1,2 and 3 for each class need to practice how to "like sembah, ampun tuanku or something." I was standard 2 and I remebered how jealous I was then after that from standard 3 to 6, I was on the stage but they did not invite his majesty again. Instead I've got present from my father ( because he is pengetua PIBG in my school).

Che Wan Azmi Wan Ariffin - He was ADUN of Sik, my kampung. I did my History Project about him( Projek Sejarah in form 3). After that, he was lost the election. I can't imagine that now he is one of my ( bau-bau bacang ) family member. He came to our kampung house on last year hari raya and give me duit raya because he think that I'm 17. That is the best "RM 2" I ever got.By the way, now he is ADUN for daerah Sik. Why did I think he is famous, because everybody in Kedah knew him.

I think I did met quite number of famous people but I can't remember now. So, now I'm going to tagged Bernice & Akmal.

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Faiza said...

A.samad Said mmg insan yg aku sanjung, dan dia telah byk berjasa kpd negara di dlm kesasteraan. Puisi dia terlalui puitis dan sedap utk dibaca/didengari.

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