23 Mar 2013

Project Europe: Transportation and Accommodation

Well, it is time again to updat about my dream trip. I can't believe it just around the corner already and I've been planning for it since September last year and now about 70% finalized. Here are some finalized items for reference:


Yap, finalized all already from flights to trains to bus. So I already bought from Qatar Airways for KL-Munich-London-KL. Another flight is Easyjet (http://www.easyjet.com/en) from Munich to Gatswick which cost me 70 euro and which is above budget but the only flight that according to my plan. I will travel from Fussen to Munich and has a little time to spend in Munich before boarding the flight. A little time will be a mad dash to Hard Rock Cafe for t-shirts of course and hopefully can spend time at Marienplatz. Trains are quite expensive, I mean seriously for 2 hours journey it was almost RM 200 but what to do, still need to buy it right? So, bought return train from Munich to Fussen for 44 euro and return train from Moreton-in-Marsh for 37 pounds (http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/service/planjourney/search). The DB Bahn train ticket or fahrkarte is in Deutsche so luckily got numbers so I know the time. You can book the train from this site http://www.bahn.com/i/view/GBR/en/index.shtml The cheapest transportation would be transfer bus (http://www.easybus.co.uk/) from Gatswick to London (West Brompton/Earl Courts) for 4.49 pound. So, just left for Oyster card which I will buy in London itself and budgeted around 30 pound. So overall, I have spend around RM 1500 for transportation.


Ok, this is the major budget, remember, my brother can't make it so I can't stay with him and I'm alone and I don't like to share bathroom. So, of course finding hotel rooms with ensuite bathroom and wifi is the major pain not to mentioned so expensive. My criteria from accommodation would be the hotel must be near to public transport, ensuite bathroom and luggage storage. For London, I would I choose Paddington area as my base as the are close to major tube and railways to outside London and not to mentioned has connected train to Heathrow Airport. At first I thought wanted to book Tune Hotel Paddington as I read good reviews from Trip Advisor and within my budget but somehow I just feel it just not right, so I keep searching until recently I found this Hyde Park Rooms Hotel (http://www.hydeparkrooms.com/) which is what I want, near Sussex Garden and near to Paddington station. Read good reviews also and cheaper than Tune Hotel. So, still e-mailing the owner as the respond is quite slow. I book 5 nights for this hotel.

Another hotel that I've book is Palm Tree Cottage, a b&b at Moreton-in-Marsh, Cotswold. (http://www.abodesofoxford.com/bed-and-breakfast-oxford-50495) It is very near to train and bus station and have a very high review from Trip Advisor and other booking side such as Agoda and Booking.com. Actually, this is the first accommodation that I booked because I saw only left one room and although above my budget, I just booked it. Other b&b although cheaper but far from public transportation.

So for Fussen, I booked rated no 2 hotel in Fussen which is Hotel Fantasia (http://www.hotelfantasia.de/en/). It is near to Fussen train station and walkaway to the castles. High reviews and look like fantasy.

So, yeah as I need single rooms ensuite with bathroom, so it was quite hefty prices for all the rooms. Most rooms in London, only got room and shared bathroom. I know, I should get the cheaper one, but for me I bathroom is quite important. I mean, for Kelana Convoy, I do need to share bathroom as we are camping so  I guess I get my experience from there. I'm nervous thinking about it. I like to go bathroom whenever I like and doesn't like to wait. Yeah, I'm frugal like that. But last time when I'm travel to Korea with other colleagues I shared bathroom with them but because I know who they are. I guess I don't like to share with strangers.

So that is the update so far and will update more soon! 

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