3 Feb 2013

In the basement pit...

Ok, I learn about the term from "How I Met Your Mother" which is one of my favourite shows. It is about an idea of putting your enemy in the basement pit, the one that you hate down to inside the pit as we torment them  in "Silence of the Lambs" style. Yes, I watched "Silence of the Lambs" when I was little. I just want to know what the hoopla all about. Ok, back to the show, for Ted, it was his Professor Vinick (Peter Gallagher), who proclaimed he will never become an Architect. For Lily and Marshal, it was Wesleyan classmate Creepy Daryl, who has taken to semi stalking them for the last decade. For Robin, it was of course Patrice, for being herself.

I like the one with Ted where the professor said to him that he will never become an architect. So when the GNB that he designed is going to open soon and he sent the professor the invitation card, until the professor rejected the invitation and that get him obsessed and drove back to his old university just to confront the professor. He bought the model of his building to show to the professor but still the professor rejected him. Talking about demotivation. Even Ted is a one of the youngest architect to build a skyscraper in New York but still he needs validation from his old professor. I guess we have someone in our lives that we need to get validation and obsess how is their life. With Facebook, it makes it easier for us to stalk our "enemies"

Of course I have someone that I would like to throw them in pit and to get validation from them but I won't tell who are they. But I'm not sure if somebody would throw me down the pit, because I kind of nice girl haha. But overall, the the idea of the episode is the idea of letting go though. Letting go of those negative thoughts for no reason for as Ted puts it "You can spend a lot of time making a pit for someone in your mind, but the only person in the pit is yourself." By the time we are reaching the end of our young adult lives, we've accumulated a fair amount of relationships. Some of those relationships may be good, and some may be less than good, but in the end, these relationships are what shape who we are. It's when we let those negative relationships define our goals, our goals are no longer our focus. Well said Ted!

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