28 Jan 2013

Project Europe: Camera

Agh, it is almost the end of the first month of 2013. Time moves so fast and even though I can't wait for my trip in May and it also means that it will be almost half of the year gone by.

So far, I still can't wrap up my mind on my work yet, seriously. Lot of public holidays for this month and next  month are not helping either. Yep, I'm still in cloud nine regarding my dream trip. I can't stop thinking about it. Now, I'm going to finalize camera that I'm going to buy for the trip. Of course you need a great camera to capture beautiful moments during the trip. So I've been browsing the internet as well as camera shops to find out what is the best camera. I want a compact camera with DSLR quality. I mean DSLR is great but it is quite bulky and expensive. My budget would be RM 1400 and below.

Canon SX40 HS -RM 1295-1500

Canon S100 -RM 1100-1300
So far above are the camera that I've been interested and the prices are around my budget. Both look stylish. So below is the the comparison and it looks like S100 is winning but Canon SX40 looks "professional". Haha, I don't know. Anything I will update later.

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