18 Nov 2013

5 places I want to go next....

Hi guys, so have you plan what is your next year resolutions? Mine, still thinking about travelling. Yep, travel bug really bites me. So here are some places that I wish to go next, so the list is not in particular order.

1. To see Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)

The northern lights or Aurora Borealis phenomena happen when charged particles discharged by the sun reach earth’s atmosphere on solar winds and then collide with gaseous particles. The different gases produce different colours, usually pale light greens and pinks. Usually, it happens from September to March in Arctic Circle (Sweden, Denmark and Finland) or other North countries such as USA and Scotland. The one I find beautiful is at Kiruna, Sweden (as per below photo) and it becomes my current wallpaper. I hope I can see at Scotland though, because I want to go there also.

2. Scotland/Ireland/Wales/England

I love to visit all these countries and secretly wish that my brother will study in one of the university there, so I can visit him later. There are many places that I want to go such as Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Isle of Skye. Isle of Sky is one of the top locations in Scotland to visit. It is famous for its scenery and landscapes that will take your breath away.The Island has a rich History covering many topics, such as: Dinosaur Fossils, Clan Warfare, Highland Clearances and the infamous ‘Bonnie Prince Charlie’ and the Jacobite Rebellion.
Both Clan MacDonald and Clan MacLeod have their Clan Castle’s on the island. I love to see the highlands (influence by Brave) and also the mystery castle. I also want to see the lights at Shetland or Aberdeenshire and not to forget to visit the Lochness Monster.
Isle of Skye
Ireland has been always on of the places that I wanted to go. Since the Boyzone to Westlife and up till now I always fascinating with the leprechaun, fairies and all the mysteries surrounding the country. I also happen to love their accent. I always wanted to go the the Dark Hedges. it is this road, that looks creepy at night but beautiful in the day.
Dark Hedges

Scotland's Highland
For England, I tell ya, it just beautiful country. I still want to visit Peak District, Cornwall, Brighton and Bath. I hope that I can visit my brother and then I can visit all the places at one go. I might need around 3 weeks to visit all of them. I might need to save my leave from now.
Near Peak District
Brighton Pier
3. New Zealand

Ok, seriously influenced by "Lord of the Rings" trilogy and I mean look at the Hobbits Village. I almost going there before Europe with friends from Cari.com before one of them cancelled the trip. I love to visit Milford Sound and Lake Wakatipu. The scenery it just amazing and the best part is you can drive to go everywhere. I love to go during autumn and see the yellow-orange scenery. I plan to go next year, so hopefully it will comes true.
Hobbits Village

Lake Wakatipu

Milford Sound
4. Maldives

Every time, I'm stressing out, I always picture myself on hammock between two coconut trees and hear the song of Hawaian or the song of the sea. I just find out that Maldives just 4 hours from Malaysia and Air Asia has offered their service to go there.  To see the white sand and clear blue sea, it just so calming and the best part is the country is a Muslim country, so food is not a problem. The problem is it is might be expensive especially if you plan to stay on one of the sea bungalow. It will cost you around RM 800 above per night. The best alternative is to rent the one in the beach and just take the photo in front of someone else bungalow.
How cool to hang out here...
Clear crystal blue water

5. Scandinavian Countries (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland)

Other than seeing Northern Lights, I also want to visit these countries. I love to visit the biggest Ikea in Sweden and maybe Ice Hotel. I heard the countries are so modern and people are living happily. Of course I would like to go to Lapland, where is snow everywhere. Yeah, influence by The Amazing Race.



Ice Castle

A village in Sweden

Hopefully, I manage to visits all the countries soon. Sometimes, I just wish I can drop everything and pack my bag and travel the world but, I just need come to my senses, in reality it could be impossible. So, just start with this dreams first, who knows it will become reality someday.


Time Traveller said...

Semoga berjaya menjejak kan kaki di semua tempat idaman ini :D
Perkampungan Hobbit tu mmg dalam bucket list juga.. hope one da will be there to :D

saerah80 said...

Thanks...we can go together if you want to...

AinulZ said...

Seronok baca cerita saerah gi travel sana sini. Im goin to london n europe juga ikut Kelana convoy trip hujung may nie. InsyaAllah
And those 5 places yg saerah mentioned kat atas juga ada dlm list sy juga ....pokok pangkal nya ongkos kena kumpul hehe....but next target I would love to go to NZ

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