24 Oct 2010

My life is too short for "what if"

That's it. I'm tired to living my life with "what if" it is time consuming and wearing my energy. I just want to live my life the way I like. No more "when I'm going to get married?" "What if I'm not married?". I'm sure there must be a good reason why I'm not married yet, perhaps I will getting the best like they said, "good things happen for those who waits".

 I just will leave my life freely from now on. Like I said I'm going to Europe next year, but there is slight of detour, the Europe plan is still on but postpone to 2012. I'm still going travel next year, starting with KK (yeah again) but this time not for business just to really embrace the islands and people in Kota Belud. Well plan RM 200 e-voucher from Air Asia.

April to Padang, again, Indonesia is the cheapest ticket we could find so why not? that is the for fist half of the year and there will be another two trips, I'm planning...destination? to be confirmed hehe.

2012 another big trip and perhaps I really to save budget for it and it will be the most important trip ever. Wow finally I have plan more than 6 months.

More travel plans to come and wow after watching The Amazing Race, Kurina in Sweden looks like very interesting place to visit.


Cikgu ILi said...

Lamanya ko dah tak tulis blog.
Sapa lagi terlibat dalam projek travel ko ni?

JJay said...

iyer saya ni dok kelas kenanga dulu..anak cikgu aishah..
awak satu kelas dengan saya??

JJay said...

aku usha smpai belakang hg punya blog baru aku tau sapa la saerah ni...hg kat mana yer skang?

saerah80 said...

Ili, aku sorang ja kot plus kawan dari forum...diorang sibuk nak beli keretala..nak beli rumah la..nak kawinla...

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