3 Oct 2010

Europe, here I come...

Yup, after much thinking I've decided to travel to Europe next year. I plan to go with Kelana Convoy (www.kelanaconvoy.uk) where I will take the Conquest Europe for 15 days probably in September.

I'm not sure this is a great idea or not as it involves a lot of money and need to apply leave which I'm don't have, both of them.

But I just though, I'm already in my 30s..no husband, no kids, and regrettably, no life. I do have social life, I love my friends and love to spend my time with my family but somehow I feel that it is time for me to do something for myself.

The first trigger would be when I saw the raya photos in local newspaper with the snow background and see how happy they were...it is still killing me after all this years...you see I have a dream to study overseas when I was young and thanks to my grade and financially, the dream become a dream. For over the years, I can't read or see the story of overseas student espcially in Majalah Remaja as I was full of envy...until now

The second trigger would be Disney movie "UP" where the dreams of the main character, Carl Fredriksen is fulfilling his and his late wife wish to go to Paradise Falls and they have the adventure spirits that never ends. They have save up money many times and when it comes for them to go his wife died and leave him bitterly. Although he finally he is able to have his own adventure when he is quite old but I've just thinking what if I can fulfilled my dreams to visit Europe? Of course if there something bad happen to me, I can't go. that's it. But what if I got married with somewhat who doesn't like to travel? What if he likes to travel but we didn't got to do it as we are so busy with our married life and kids...of course I would be so happy to be married and have kids, but I couldn't help to wondering whether my dream to travel the world (half of it) will come true.....

The third trigger would be when I saw one of my friends photos while she's travelling to Europe last month, the photo of windmills and tulips kinda killing me inside.

Of course it would be great if my friends has the same dream like me so that we can go together but since, they don't, I might have to go alone. One of my classmate said she would likes to go with me and I'm praying that her mother would let her be, so I can have a company, but I tried to brave myself if I have to go alone.

I do have some doubts as do I able to do this alone, and would my parents let me go, I have time to save money and the most important thing, do I have leave to be applied. I have rough calculations that I need to spend around 2 weeks leave, and that's mean that I could take any leave unless it was necessary.

Of course the other major thing that I need to do is to save up my money...some of my friends said that the budget RM8000 is too expensive, I do agree with them but if your heart into, you will find the way...meaning no new phone, I might start to home cook again and it is actually good for my diet...

I really hope that I can realise this dream as I need to move on, if not I will keep thinking when would it happen and someone told me the reason that I still haven't found the one yet because there is something holding me back, then I remember when I was young, I always said that I will travel around the world before getting married, maybe that is the hold up...who knows..

So, from now, I will try to realise this dream and pray that Air Asia will have sale soon and who knows perhaps i will meet my knight during this trip....cheerios!

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