2 Dec 2008

About me...lately

If have been too long since I wrote my blog. Is not that there is no intersting things happen to me, well maybe but mostly because when I try to write, I stucked and just forget about it.
There are so much things that bugging my mind now. The first one, which place I want to continue study, my alma mater, Uitm or UTM? Of course with Uitm the class is once a month and mostly study from the internet. UTM classes are on weekends. I mean every weekend. Do I have the will power to go to the class? Even during my diploma year I plan carefully my absents to the class. But the course in UTM, Software engineering is much more fascinating than Uitm. Still cannot make-up my mind.

This week also one of my dreams will come true, we are going to Japan baby….Tokyo…here I come. Eventhough I go there as “work requirement” but who cares, like my father says to me “Makan tanggung, b***k tampung”. Everything is free and just bring pocket money. I really hope that I can go to Disneyland. Eventhough I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to the one in Florida, Disneyland Japan is not a bad choice. Later my Friendster and Facebook will got a lot of picture of us looking like “Winter Sonata” and having fun. I hope there will be snow although it will be fat chance to get it.
But I’m soooo excited right now to go to Japan, there I said it.

But I think the most important thing that why I decided to blog today as I need get it out from my mind and from my chest. It happens since 3 days ago. I keep dreaming day and night of it and I need to let it out or I will never be restless until I let it out.

So here it comes, be ready………………………………………………………………..

Oh my god Edward Cullen in Twilight movie is sooooooooooo hoooooooootttttttttt and I think I would die………………………oh my god….oh my god…..he is sooooooooooooooo romantic and Bella Swan is a very, very lucky girl. I even change my wallpaper to the movie wallpaper. Everytime I looked at it, it brings back all the memory while watching the movie and get me excited again. Hmm maybe I should change my wallpaper. But whatever, when I watch the movie I men wow……….. I wanted to see the movie since E-Channel promoted it like 2 months ago. I mean I’ve seen the trailer and wow….. it’s like I can’t hardly wait to see it. Actually it is 80% as I expected but the other 120% it is because Rob Pattison. Actually I like him more as Edward Cullen than the real person, come on I mean he said in the interview, he didn’t wash his hair, how gross is that?

The scene I like the most when Edward save Bella from being cramped with the car, I mean that is sooooooo awesome. Everytime he in the picture he is sooooo amazing. I never have this kind of feeling since I first know of Westlife, I mean I practically stalked them in internet during my younger years. Iwould not probably do it now as I’m kind of mature and somebody in the office might watching me and then I have to go to aquarium and get warning or something.

But I feel better now, I think I let out what I want to say and I hope that I can discontinue this crazines. Maybe not staring at my wallpaper too often. I hope I can stop this craziness for now. At least today…….


Ija said...

Caiyok ra...

ILi Izyani said...

Mana gambar2 winter sonata ko?
ceess sengaja menjeleskan aku!

Mrs. Zuki said...

Ira..hehe akhirnya baru aku tau penangan twilight..

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