7 Jan 2008

2008 and stuff!

2008 and stuff!
Hope that is not too late to write about my new year resolution.

2008 Resolutions

1. Too loose some weights- really , I need to do some drastic measure in food and excercise. Hopefully to lose 1 kg per week.

2. To save a lot of money- seriously I need to be not to spending my money.

Well just some thoughts I gathered during my long holidays.

Britney Spears - falls from grace. I still remember when the first time , I heards her song, (I thought she was black singer). She is so sweet and innocence. Well, I stop pay her attention when she come out with the sexy music video, 'I'm a slave for you". I thought that is not classy enough and too much revealing. Frankly, I'm quite happy when Justin dumoped her. I wonder how can she lived with all the papparazzi following her around.

Video game championship - I flipped the channel and stop at Channel V when I saw the somekind of video game championship. what struck me the most was the was a commentator in the game. They show the players play the game and really like comment that we've heard when watching football. Well, nowadays vplaying video games is a sport, because last time I check , it just for geek. Who knows!

E! Channel - Well, seriously , I hook-up with the this channel now. My favourite segment of course E! News and E! True Hollywood Story( THS). (How else I know about Britney Spears and stuff. She is everyday in the E! News). Yesterday I watched the THS of Will Smith. It tells about his story for early childhood until now.I thought Will is short for William, but his is Williard. He is actualy a great student but choose to become an artist instead. Well, it is not a bad choice.

Extra School fee - I really fed-up about this. It just RM 5 extra get over it. why these parents compplain so much about this. Why can't you pay extra for your own kids education? It is not matter to you when the ciggarettes price become more pricey? ) by the way it's more than RM 5) or to buy more jewellery or arcopal set. It's not enough now you don't have to pay for textbook, you still not want to pay more. It's like Malay says " Dah bagi betis, nak paha" (well that is utara slang anyway).It is worth it if you can pay extra with all the problems that the teachers will face later with your child attidude or from you. My motto is, if you can subscribe to Astro, you can pay the schooll fee.

That's all for now!


Jocelyn Teoh said...

Thanks for your comment ;)

1 KG per week?!! By this rate you'd disappear by the end of the year!! 1 KG per month is more like it ;) Good luck.

Dari Faiza said...

Hahhaaa...cam sama je azam kite..hehhe
Wish all the best...Ira it could be better if...1 kg/month or 3kg/2months.

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