24 Jan 2008

Heath Ledger is dead!

Heath Ledger is dead. I don't why this thing bugging is not that I'm one of the his biggest fan or what. I kind like him in "10 things I hate about you" movie. I only knew when I tune to Channel E! News, and only got a bit part of it. I mean really. But it's not like a big news at all. Then I waited for Daily 10. His death is only at number 10 news. I though a big talented star like him, news about his death should be number 1. And the number 1 story is about Mischa Burton DUI. Like it's a big news at all. This is from channel dedicated the whole 30 minutes news of Britney when she she was taken to hospital. I don't know why it make me sad. Maybe because he is around my age and he has a lot of thing going on. New batman movie, everybody praise him a lot as a Joker. A daughter and ex fiance. I didn't know( or naive me) that he used drugs. I mean like is River Phoenix all over again. A young star died because of drug. What a waste. Maybe it's true. Money and popularity means nothing at all. But I don't have all of that, is that mean I'm not happy? maybe some part of the time, but I guess love from my family and friends push me to live. So, never misjudge the power of nagging father and true friends, will miss them when they not there.

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