30 Dec 2016

I'm going for adventures in New Zealand Part 2: Lost and Found in Auckland

Salam to all of you. As promised here is my update on Day 1 in Auckland, New Zealand

We arrived at Jucy Snooze Hotel around 4pm. I have booked a room with one bunk bed and one queen size bed. After clean up ourselves, we have we plan to go out for walking around and to get lunch. Then, I just realized that I can't find my NZD pouch. It has more than 500 NZD and I have got no money on me at all. I'll start to panic and open my bag and each compartment one by one. Can you imagine, on the first day itself I already lost my money? I feel like crying.

Then my suggest I call Airport or Malaysia Airlines as I might drop it there as I also realized that I also lost my pashmina in the plane. The feedback was not good for me as the person asked me to go to the airport to make a report and there is possibility the flight has already left. Then, I just trying my luck and called the shuttle coach in case I dropped it there and the representative promise to check and called me back if they found it. Since there is nothing good to do just by waiting inside the hotel, so we continues our plan to go out. In case if there is no reply from the shuttle coach, I plan to go to the airport at night.

We are going to Albert Park as it just nearby to our hotel. While walking around I received call from the shuttle coach, they found me purse. Syukur Alhmadulillah, I was so blessed and the driver will drop it to my hotel and pass it to the reception as I was not around. Then, my friends said that they can see my smile again. Of course, I save my money day and night and it was a lot of moeny. Of course I was worried if I never see it again. I'm so blessed that there are people who are honest and I always have faith in humanity that people are naturally nice. I also blessed that Allah has answered my prayers.

Albert Park is a beautiful park near University of Auckland. It has cute building and there are many people day picnicking and enjoying the scenery. After a while we decided to grap something to eat as we are starving and making our way to the city and we found from Google Maps and Zabihah.com that most of halal restaurants are in the city centre itself.

The city centre is like any other city where there are many shoplots, malls and backpackers hostel. We also saw some of tourists walking around and some beggars or homeless people. Most of the beggars are local native and some of them are Caucasian. Hmmm, even in develop country there are still unfortunate people. It just makes you think, you know.

At the end, we settle at Kebab Time near Sky Tower and my friend who's her chicken rendang has been thrown out at immigration has ordered chicken to satisfy her sad feeling. We saw a lot of people in and out of the restaurant and it seems that even local loves kebab, not only Muslim eating at the restaurant. The price is not bad, you can get kebab and drinks below 10 NZD.

After fulfilling our stomach, so we have energy to walk again so we went to Harbour just to see the sunset. But we are a little bit late as we kinda lost and we only manage to get there after a while. But it just nice to see the luxury yachts / boats and just wonder how nice it would be if I have one. By the way, it was freezing cold as the cold winds keeps blowing and I though because it will be going to summer already it won't be freaking cold. Boy, I was wrong.

Then we headed back to our hotel and of course we lost a little bit. But, I remember thinking, here we are, four of us walking at night in foreign country, lost but still feeling safe. Like there is zero worries at all like we know no matter what, we will be alright. It just a wonderful feeling.

Great shuttle service!

The four of us!

In front of our hotel
Loves the tree with Sky Tower at the background

Sky Tower 
Yachts at the harbour. Next building is Hotel Hilton
Night life in Auckland...so quiet!

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