13 Dec 2016

I'm back baby.....for real!

Salam All,

Yeah it looks like that I abandoned this blog, which I did.....sorry. But I'm really-really back this time. I promise.

So as a teaser, here are some photos to prove you why I'm here and please guess where have I've been recently?

So, I just can't wait to update my journey and hope that you guys are still there.

See you soon!


Irwandy said...

Salam Saerah,

Nice blog! Very envy bila tengok u dah gi Turkey, europe tour and round British Isles! Anyway thanks for visiting my blog. Can't wait for your next post on your NZ trip. Care to share your trip duration and places you visited?

saerah80 said...

Salam Irwandy

Thank for visiting my blog. British Isles I tak pergi lagi memang sepatutunya pergi tahun ni tapi postpone next year, Insya Allah.

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