21 May 2009

Ke Langkawi pula

Well, I've already packs my things and ready to go. Although been to the island for I don't know how many times already but still excited. I'm looking forward for Island hopping on the second day. We will go to Pulau Beras Basah as well as Pulau Dayang Bunting. Well, my dad say to go swimming in the tasik, well will see about that.

I still remember my first company trip is Langkawi and that also is the first time I took a ride in plane. We did stay in th same hotel though for this trip.

Well will update about the trip after coming back and hopefully it will be enjoyable one!

P/S: Yeah my choice won american Idol....wohooo

1 comment:

Mrs. Zuki said...

Banyak kali pi pun tak pe..tiap kali p Langkawi mesti ade perubahan..bestnye island hopping...syok..

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