17 Aug 2007


Memang betul seperti apa yang orang tua-tua cakap, " Mata pena lebih tajam daripada mata pedang" . Sometimes words that coming out of the mouth, although we did not mean it or we did or nid not realized they will hurt or make somebody. They will change your life temporarily or forever.

Here are the example of them:

1. "Maybe depa nak kami lebih bersemangat sikit" - I've said to one of my close friend when she said that the volleyball team is still looking for player for PPM ( Piala Perdana Menteri). actually I have been chosen for the team. I didn't mean what I've said but she feel hurt that means that she did not good enough to join the team

2. "Dua-dua pun boleh fail?"- I failed my first driving license exam. yep both "bukit" and "jalan raya". Yeah I already feel bad about it then this "orang tua" mana tah like suoervisor said like that to me when I went to him to take my slip. I almost cry because yes, I failed both but you don't have to say it.

3. " Ala.. tak semua orang lulus sekali ambik ja" - well luckily this words come out of my father mouth after that. You don't know how good does it feels when my father said that. Although I'm still hurt,embaressed and angry, but stills I'm feel at least someone who understand me. ( although it took me one month to recover myself and took another test, which I passed, wohooo.)

4. "Dah ada kereta kelisa, nak tengok ke?" - Well that evening i went to my ex-colleagues second hand car dealer( actually his brothers') because i did said to him that I'm THINKING I want to buy a car. I'm THINKING only, I'm not that serious. But what the hell I just went they to see it. But when the first time I lay my eyes on that gold kelisa, I did fell in love. I don't know what it is but it seems right and don't want to let go it. I said yes already althought at the back of my mind I'm thinking, how the hell I'm going to pay for it. Luckily Imanage to get full loan, and the car is mine. I named it"Chi·qui·ta"

a female given name: from a Spanish word meaning “small.”

Well , I think after that my luck begin to change where I finally began to do more and more outside job and finally become of what I'm doing now. My car is like my main "sumber rezeki". ( that's why I'm pissed of when my aut crash my car, but that is another story). Syukur that until now, there is no major "kerosakan" although it is a second hand car. I love you chiquita.

5. " You look beautiful" - Ok this happen recently in my trip to Seremban. this most cutest, beautiful 6 years old girl 9 mix parentage his father is Australian and mother is Chinese) said that to me. At first I didn't hear it, then I said ha? then she said it again. Well, I did expert to hear it from other counterpart but I did not expect to hear it from the most cutest girl I've seen. I mean it supposed to be me saying that to her. well kid did say the darnest things, aren't they?

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